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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #27-01: The season isn’t the reason your house doesn’t sell

December 2, 2017

Welcome to Ready Set sold with your host, Bryan Vogt.
Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts? Good thing you found Ready Set Sold and now real estate broker Bryan Vogt.
Welcome to Ready Set sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Thanks so much for joining us this Saturday. Do you believe it’s actually December we’re actually into December? hopefully, you’ve gotten your how they get all bought your trees up the decorations are done if not it’s okay maybe you’re doing it this weekend.
I know Thanksgiving weekend my goodness the weather was so fantastic that a lotof people get a lot of things done and hopefully, you’re in the same situation if not you still have time but hopefully
you were able to wrap it up because I guess one of the things and I think most people with the holidays it’s not something we want to dread it’s something if we can get on top of it and get things done and you know give us time to enjoy it.
So hopefully you that’s what you’re doing this Saturday along with listening to us which we thank you so much for let’s kind of go into what we’re going to be talking about today on the program. We’ve got some special guests we’ve got mayor her brooch found he’s gonna be talking about some of the holidays festivities that they’ve done and they’re doing in the city will Fallon Illinois plus some amazing things I’m sure he’ll share with us about the city itself and the plans that they have since last us talked and we talked about maybe a month or two ago so that would be something you definitely listen to also we have.
Mary Sutter and Mary Center is going to be talking about heart rescue it’s a a program she’s deeply involved with there’s a fantastic job with she’ll be talking in our third segment and the segment after this one is going to be Larry McQueen of copper care plus and he’s going to be talking about the importance of making sure your carpets are clean and that’s really huge when you’re talking about selling your house and of course with the holiday season coming on it’s always a great idea to have your house and the best shape whether or not you’re selling it.
But if you are selling it he’s going to be given some tips on what you should be looking for in that
segment with that I want to kind of go back and we’ve been doing this now my goodness. I think for close to seven months it’s unbelievable and we’ve been having some fantastic success people have been very very kind with their with their words and their messages and thoughts and listening to the program so for that I’m very very thankful for I think the other part of it is just so that if you just started listening to us kind of recap how this all started the program is based on a number one best-selling book I wrote called ladies
has sold I’ll prove the steps to sell your house fast and for top tower and st. Louis metro East.
And one of the reasons why I loaded one of the main reasons why realtor was the simple fact is it just wasn’t anything out there from my two decades almost of being in real estate that gave home sellers steps.
Proven steps that they can use to get top dollar in a fast sale there are all kinds of things on the internet there’s all kinds of things on the table how to sell your home shows, But that’s the East Coast and West Coast and we live here in the Midwest we live here in the heartland so I wanted to make sure that we had a book and some type of a guide that sellers could use whether or not they used me that was okay us your favorite voltar’s.
You know like and trust but they had something as a guideline that they could use to get the results they’re looking for and give them the confidence that they need so that’s why I wrote the book that led to
the radio program that we new station of 38. The answer contacted me and said hey about durable weekly radio programand the rest is history.
I’m offering the book absolutely free no strings attached if you go to ready set so org not calm already set so calm about some brief information.
We’ll send you the book no costs or something about actually having a book in your hands is kind of cool
have a kindle and I use that too but I also like the book form too so hopefully you’ll take advantage of that and with that let’s talk about our main subject that we want to be talking about this this first segment and that is what we hear quite often in Lola sake and I kind of kind of broke it into something very short and sweet.
The season isn’t the reason why your house isn’t selling and I say that because not only do we hear this often from from people that well. It’s the holiday season it’s the winter season it’s the summer or whatever the season in most cases 99% of time is not going to be the reason why your house and so if you have on the market I’m going to go into more in depth about that.
But first it’s important to understand houses that go on to the spring season they don’t always sell in the summer season they don’t always sell in the winter and the fall. The same thing so again it’s not geared towards the season and too many times and this is a professional opinion too many times agents tend to say. Well it’s the holidays and nobody’s looking and it’s that kind of that going to work and getting your house from a market just isn’t a good time. I mean far as I’m concerned if you as a seller don’t want to travel market that’s fine but just in our and our teams. We sold two houses last week we’re putting more houses on the market this coming week and we’re not alone. Okay I mean talk to agents all the time and there’s all kinds of houses there’s not only being sold but coming on to the market so you want to make
sure that that’s not the issue that you’re dealing with are the agents not giving you some what I believe is bad advice so what is going on though if your house isn’t selling well we’re make some assumptions.
Number one assumption is going to be that the marketing program that the agent laid out is something that you agreed with. I thought was going to work and very confident about that secondly we’re going to assume that you did the updates so if updates were required that you did one two three the painting the flooring and also kitchens and bathrooms that you may be updates that we’re needed for that as you heard me talk before. If you listen to the program before bottom line there is um probably that’s that’s almost a non-starter if you don’t have a house with the updates you can start selling or slum and done it doesn’t matter what time of year doesn’t matter the season it’s just it’s not going to work out well so if your house isn’t selling for whatever reasons and it’s been on the market longer than you think and that could be two months I could be three months whatever that amount is.
Hopefully your agent has been talking on a weekly or at least bi-weekly giving you feedback of what’s going on and going on with the market but the simple fact the matter of all those places Imentioned before are in place you probably have a pricing issue and you need to start looking at the pricing of where you’re at and what you need to be done every house is different every situation is different and there could be some reasons if you have a high-end home maybe a half million dollar range or maybe in just in a particular area that for whatever reasons and that many of them that just houses aren’t selling fast and they have a track record not just now but a track record about being able to sell quickly.
Again having an agent that has that experience it can kind of give you that insight be kind of what’s going on but if not then we have a location and we have to find out where that pricing needs to be at for the location that you’re at and this could be various things to look for but again starting with the location what has sold in the past three months and that may be getting back into that market area in that price range what you’re going to need to do but again it’s having a frank conversation if your agent is saying the season I respect we just agree.
Again it doesn’t make sense in some ways right if houses are selling now the question is more so as why isn’t your house selling and then you may have to look at the price if there’s other things maybe that we kind of nailed out 99% of it with the marketing updating and making sure your house is in the location and price for the location so with that said I uh before we go into the next segment I also wantto mention that a lot of people have talked about the radio program they may miss something they may not catch.
Something we’ve got them on podcasts so you can go to google play our items if you want to take one segment maybe that you want to hear again or maybe that you missed you started to program a little
bit late that’s okay and we also have mon youtube and also linkedin so we have a myriad of ways that you can get plugged in because that’s really what the shows about is trying to give people information that can help them in the sale of their house and again i think that’s critical and and useful information and proven information.
That’s so critical when you’re selling your biggest asset and for most people it is so with that said I’m going to also talk about a little bit more get the book you know what even if you’re not going to be selling your home for a year it’s okay go to Ready Set already said so org not come and
pick up a copy of the book it’s absolutely free no strings attached and because everyone does a lot of people already have and get so great reduce.
Again I thank you so much for that with that said when we talking about carpets in the need for making sure those mcarpets are cleaned and when to bring in that may be only in the beginning but
also at the end of the sale the final walkthrough that we’re going to go into more detail about in the next segment with learning McLean and before I forget we are so going to have the tip of the week and that’s going to be two last segment it’s gonna be dealing what we talked about in this first segment so you don’t want to miss it I think you’ll be surprised a lot of people with the tip is going to be and we send out we will see you in a few listen to Ready Set throw with your nose playing though you

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