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3 musts buyers need to know to succeed in this market!

August 25, 2020

Hi everyone! If 2020 has taught us anything! Things can change fast! And so, can the real estate market! Especially when it comes to buying your dream home! Because home inventories are still very low and interest rates are still at historic lows. The demand for homes is still very strong. Here are three musts every buyer needs to know to have the success they deserve when buying their dream home in today’s market!

1. Proof of funding letter. Without one. Buyers won’t have to worry if they put a strong enough offer in. Because the sellers won’t even look at it! To avoid this frustration. All buyers need to do is contact a top local lender before putting and offer in. And in a very short period of time. Usually with in twenty-four to forty-eight hours buyers will have the proof of funding letter they need to buy the home of their dreams!

2. Take action now! After buyers have narrowed the list of homes down to three. Then go get your home! I cannot tell you how many stories I have heard about fantastic buyers who waited. Only to find out that there dream home was gone not only before they could put an offer in. But before they could even see it. Make sure that’s not you and take action now!

3. Make a strong offer! Just recently I heard of some amazing buyers who had their proof of funding letter, took action! However, even though they both totally loved the home and thought it was priced great. But They decided to offer something like 10 grand less than asking. Just to see what would happen. What happened is their offer was dead on arrival because two other stronger offers were already ahead of them! So, when buyers see a home they want! Put in a strong offer to get it! The good news with those buyers. After they were kind of kicking themselves on not putting in a strong enough offer. They did eventually get a great home that they now enjoy tremendously!!

By using these three tips. You will have amazing success in today’s market! And if you happen know anyone looking to buy. Have them call or text me at 618-210-2451. I would love to help them!

Until next time Make it a great day!

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