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Hi everyone!
Great news! The market has been great for sellers so for this year but as of right now it is simply on fire! Does that mean we are at the top of the market then? Before I answer that, let’s talk about the single number one reason that is driving this incredible market! A severe, and I do mean severe, lack of inventory of homes coming to the marketplace. Just the other day while looking at the MLS where we would normally have thirty, forty, or even fifty homes come onto the market! Only three came on the market that day! That is what? Ten times or even close to twenty times less than normal this time of year! Of course, buyers are also wanting to take advantage of the historic interest rates, where many buyers can save thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of their loan! As a result. First time home sellers or having phenomenal success! But in my professional opinion, the owners of executive homes are blowing it out of the water! To name a few examples I recently sold an executive home that would have normally sold in the two hundred and eighty thousand price range but instead sold close to the three hundred twenty’ thousand! Another house that would have sold for about two hundred and twenty-five thousand or so earlier this year got close to two hundred and fifty thousand dollars. Of course, they had to have the right marketing to highlight all their house had to offer along with some staging too. But that is some serious money that is going into sellers’ pockets! Another great cost and time benefit that sellers are experiencing with so little competition. Is not having to upgrade their appliances, replace their flooring, or having to do major painting projects which will be likely the case when the spring market starts because of the amount of competition sellers will face.
So, are we at the top of the market? Nothing is 100% but yes, we are at the top of the market. And that is not just my professional opinion! I know of countless sellers, many that I have worked with, who have sold in this amazing market with the plan of renting for six months to a year. Banking on the fact of all the competition that will be out there in the spring and summer markets and buying then at a lower price! Thereby having the best of both worlds. Selling at the very height of the market and buying at a lower price later on!
For these reasons is why now is the time to get top dollar for your house. Give me a call or text on my private number at 618-210-2451. So we can have a conversation on how you can take advantage of this unbelievable market! To avoid missing a single episode Please click on the subscribe button and ring the bell!
Until the next episode! Make it a great day!

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