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Considering For sale by owner in the crazy market? Then this is a MUST watch before you decide!

April 20, 2021

Hi Bryan Vogt, here.
Considering For sale by owner in the crazy market? Then this is a MUST watch episode before you decide!
Bryan Vogt here. In this crazy market were in if you’re considering selling your house on your own. Then make sure you know these 3 things before you decide. And before I go on. I want to let you know about this insane crazy market we’re in. In the upcoming weeks, I plan on doing a series of episodes for buyers and sellers so they can have the success they deserve in the new market! With that said. If you’re considering going it alone! Let talk about the three things you need to know before you decide. Which are Price, Exposure, And Security
Let’s dig deeper into each one, shall we!
#1 Price: How are you going to know what the price is for your house unless you have a professional run a comprehensive CMA? Not only to make sure you’re not pricing your house out of the market but more importantly, you’re not leaving money on the table. And I m not talking about a few thousand dollars I am talking about tens of thousands of dollars left on the table for the new owners to swoop up!
Let me share with you just one quick case study out of many, to make my point! A for sale by owner sold their house for 120,000 in this amazing market! And by all accounts, they were incredibly happy. Until they saw their neighbors Considering selling your own house in this crazy market.? Then this is a MUST watch before you decide!
hire a professional agent that listed their house for 150 thousand dollars and not only sold it fast but got over the asking price! And it wasn’t as nice as their house That is over 30 thousand dollars for sale by owners left on the table. And that’s just one case study! There are case studies out there for even more than that! Especially when we’re talking about for sale by owners selling their executive homes!
#2 Exposure Simply put you if you are selling your house yourself, not enough people are going to know about it. Period. Without having professional agent expertise on marketing and pricing strategies to fully optimize your exposure to the greatest amount of buyers so you can cash in on your home!
#3 Security. If the buyer feels they have been wronged during or after the sale. Guess who there going to go after? YOU However if you have a professional agent in your corner. Who are they going to go after? Them! That’s why agents shoulder the expense of carrying specific insurance for just that reason should it arise! So, you don’t have to!
If you do decide to go it alone, you probably will be able to sell it. However, you have to decide if you’re willing to leave potentially 10’s of thousands of dollars on the table. Bet that you can market better than the professionals, and hope no buyers decide to come after you before or after the sale. Then I wish you all the best. But if you’re not 100 percent sure you want to go it alone for you and your family. Then I highly encourage you to give me a call on my direct line at (618) 210-2451 and let’s just talk about how we can have your cash in with the least amount of hassles in this new market!
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Until the next episode make it a great day!

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