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Didn’t have success selling the first time? Then this is must watch!

April 13, 2021

Didn’t have success selling the first time? Then this is must watch!
Hi Everyone,
All most everyone has heard about the success sellers are having in this amazing market.
With the historic low-interest rates, coupled with a record-low inventory.
The Sellers I work with and others I have seen can have an open house on a Saturday or Sunday and be reviewing their offers on a Sunday or Monday night! Deciding on which offer to choose from!
But what many sellers that didn’t have success the first, second, or even the third time they tried to sell don’t know. That those sellers that are putting their homes back on the market or hitting it out of the ballpark too! I am talking about sellers from years ago to sellers who couldn’t sell last month are having tremendous success!
I understand many of the sellers that didn’t have success selling unfortunately probably picked the wrong real estate agent that didn’t have the knowledge or systems to properly market the home the first time.
But those sellers that do make a change or having great success! How much success?
Let me give you just a few case studies of the countless sellers that blew it out of the water this time around!
A home in the past that didn’t sell for 100 thousand after being on the market for 6 long months Sold in this market within days and for 120 thousand dollars. You talk about putting more money in the pockets of the sellers.
Another case study a homeowner that didn’t sell at 250 thousand a month ago. Got the proper marketing and they sold for close to 300 thousand a month later! You talk about a happy seller!
Another seller in the 150 thousand range. Reentered the market and got close to 175 thousand in a very short time.
And the case studies go on and on!
If you haven’t had the success you deserved selling in the past. Whether that was years ago or even days ago. You owe it to yourself and your family to get the marketing your house needs. So, you can enjoy the success you deserve!
If you are someone you know didn’t have success in selling in the past. And wants to have the success that they deserve in this new market. Then have them drop me a line. I will be glad to do a free comprehensive CMA so they can see what their home is worth, most sellers are pleasantly surprised. And show them a proven system that gets homes sold that didn’t sell in the past for Top dollar and a fast sale!
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Until the next episode. Make it a great day!