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Does Your Agent Have a “Cookie Cutter” Approach, When it Comes to Marketing Your Biggest Asset? Your House!!

May 25, 2019

Sadly if you live in the Metro East. The answer is YES! With all the different ways your house could be marketed to get top dollar and a fast sale. Most agents are still stuck in the late 90’s when it comes to marketing houses in our area! Which is crazy! Since I have never met a seller that didn’t think that the agents marketing abilities. Was the most important factor in the successful sale of their house! Here are three questions you should ask your agent about their marketing before you sign on the dotted line!

1. What is there Pre-Marketing Strategy?
Putting your on house on Facebook is fine for pre-marketing. Most agents do.But I’m talking about getting your house on the front page of Google. And a video of it on Youtube to start getting some eyeballs on it before it hits the market. Who knows.You may even be able to sell it  your house before it actually hits the market. And what seller wouldn’t want that?
2. Is my house a good candidate for an open house? And if so, when do you suggest I have one?
For whatever reasons some locations do not do well with open houses.(Especially rural areas) However, if your agent thinks your house would be a good candidate for one. Then they should have a vision for when to have one. 
3. Pictures and videos How many?
. You might be surprised how very few agents do video’s for their sellers. Even though Youtube is the number one search site for millennials! And they love videos! How many quality pictures does your house need? Should they 

These are just the top three questions to ask. Marketing has changed over the years and your agent should be in step with those changes. Are better yet. A head of those changes!

Who do you know that feels their house deserves better than “Cookie Cutter Marketing”? Have them call or text my private number 618-210-2451 today. And I will send them my, best selling book, for FREE! That has helped 100’s of sellers get top dollar and a fast sale!

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