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Frustrated you keep losing out on homes in St Louis? I may have a solution!

February 2, 2021

Frustrated you keep losing out on homes in St Louis? I may have a solution!
Hi Everyone! The market is ablaze for sellers right now thru out the metro-east!
With that said. Talking with top professional agents across the river in St. Louis. Where our market is on fire! Missouri’s housing market has gone nuclear!
Buyers in Missouri are having to make 5 ,6, or 7 offers are more in hopes of buying a home! In one case a family that was rejected over 10 times just gave up!
Buyers’ frustration is reaching a peak. Even full price cash offers are not getting a second look!
I know of one buyer who sold for top dollar in Illinois with the intent of moving to Missouri. But instead have had to rent an apartment for over six months and still haven’t been able to get a home in Missouri!
Many Missouri sellers are receiving 15 to 20 or more offers in a day which is resulting in some cases sellers getting forty or fifty thousand dollars or more over list price. Which is great for the sellers but leaving buyers in the lurch!
Some homes in the St. Louis area selling for as much as one hundred thousand dollars over what the same home would have sold for less than a year ago!
With all that buyers are going up against. Many buyers wanting to buy in Missouri are just throwing in the towel and giving up on any chance of getting a home!
I may have a solution.
Maybe it’s time to check out all the great advantages the Metro East has to offer. As I mentioned we do have a hot market but nowhere near what St. Louis has. And being a native to the area I can tell you we have a lot to offer families in just savings alone. Here are just a few of them!
Home prices or usually 30 to 40 percent less than St. Louis’s. With often times the same builders that built homes in Missouri!
We’re twenty to thirty minutes away from practically anywhere in the St. Louis area!
In fact, I know of a family that moved to O’Fallon Illinois because it was faster to get to downtown St. Louis than living in St. Charles!
We have some amazing subdivisions and towns such as Edwardsville Waterloo and O’Fallon to name a few that compare very well to many of the finest areas across the river!
Look, St. Louis is a fantastic place to live. But maybe it’s time to give the Illinois side a chance and see all the incredible things this area has to offer.
Especially since there appears no site of the nuclear buying wars ending anytime soon in Missouri.
The Metro east could be the perfect choice for you and your family to live! Give me a call and I would love to talk with you to see if the Metro east couldn’t be the perfect solution to your home buying problem!
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Until the next episode! Make it a great day!

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