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How can 15 minutes of effort make sellers $1000’s more on their house sale?

February 8, 2022

How can 15 minutes of effort make sellers $1000’s more on their house sale?

Bryan Vogt here. Taking 15 minutes of effort stagging your home for showings can put thousands and thousands of dollars in your pocket and dramatically increase the speed of your sale! It can also eliminate any harsh feedback from potential buyers that you might receive! However, sadly far too many agents are not advising their sellers of the importance of staging. Whether they are new agents on the block or just agents that want to put a sign in the yard since in this crazy market it will still eventually sell. With the homeowners unfortunately none the wiser on how much money they may have left on the table by not being advised on the importance of stagging!
For that reason, here are 7 proven staging tips that will likely add even more money to your bottom line and get your house sold faster. I strongly recommend doing the staging every morning before you leave for work! Even if that’s from your bedroom to your home office!
1. Bathrooms First buy two plastic kid’s sand pales/buckets from either the Dollar Store or Walmart. Now you have a “his” and a “her” bucket to put in all your personal bathroom items! Such as Conditioner, shampoo, razors, toothbrushes, and everything else! After you have showered just put the bucket under the sink, bathroom closet, or even the linen closet! Then just take them out as needed. However, don’t forget to close the lids on all bathrooms too!
2. The Kitchen. Put the dishes in the dishwasher. If they look, they will see what they expect, dishes! And it’s better than finding them in the sink which you should also give a quick rinse too! Then wipe off the countertops and kitchen table. Stainless steel appliances are amazing if you have them! But are like fingerprint magnets, especially the frig, make sure you wipe them too! Last but not least check the trash and when in doubt empty it! Strange odors in the kitchen are the last thing you want buyers to smell!
3. Make the Beds. A neatly made bed does wonder for a bedroom! It can instantly take the feel of a room from messy to neat!
4. Dirty Laundry Any that you have put in the washer if you need more room put it in the dryer, and don’t forget to empty out the clothes hamper too! To prevent any odor issues. If they look, they will see what’s probably in their washer and dryer. Clothes!
5. Take a breath your almost done!
6. Let the light in! First impressions count and a dark, dreary interior isn’t the first impression you want to make to get top dollar! Open the blinds and turn on all the lights and plan on leaving them on for the day! Yes, we understand you might see a slight rise in your power bill. But the offer or offers and the speed of the sale in this crazy market. Should be more than enough to make up for any small increase in your utility bills!!
7. Smile! You did it! Relax! Now you have the peace of mind knowing your house is ready for any showings you will have for the entire day!

If you are looking to make a move or even just thinking about it. And want even more amazing staging tips! I highly encourage you to get a copy of my Amazon bestselling book Read Set Sold. And go to chapter 7 Named. Ten essential staging tips that get your home sold for top dollar! Just click on the link below. Fill out some information and you will receive my free eBook today!
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