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How can sellers have success listing their house during the COVID-19 pandemic?

April 14, 2020

Hi everyone! Even though we are going thru some tough times there does seem to be more good news heading are way than bad with a pandemic that we are in.

I also know that many agents have decided to shut down their business during this time. Of course, it is there call on what they want to do. It is their business.

However, the state of Illinois along with virtually every state in the Country. Has deemed that real estate agents provide an essential service which I take very seriously. Especially in the times that we are in now. And so, I have continued to develop plans to make sure the safety of everyone is of utmost importance but also servicing my sellers and my buyers

With that said. I am recommending to all of my sellers to strongly consider putting their homes on the market now. And by now, I mean in the next couple of days or at the latest in the next a week. As I said I have developed a plan that even if you are currently living in your home that not only can we keep your exposer to a bare minimum but also get your house sold!

Yes, there have been changes to the buying and selling process from beginning to end. But nothing that I have seen that can’t be overcome to date.

There are numerous reasons why I believe sellers should be putting their house on the market, but I have boiled it down to the top three. I will also go into detail on how they limit their exposure even if they are currently living in their home now.

So, let’s dive into the three top reasons why sellers should be putting their homes on the market.

1. Inventory is at rock bottom. Meaning virtually none! I have never seen this before in close to twenty years as top profession realtor! However, the pandemic will end. And when it does, we will see houses flooding in the market the likes that we have never seen before. And when that happens price will be the first thing to go.

There are buyers out their now! Just a quick story. A doctor that was quarantined in New York City because of the Covid-19 virus. And Was moving to the St. Louis Metro East area and needed to have a home to move too. Luckily a house came on the market and he bought it thru vide alone.

2 With no inventory buyers are more than likely to give sellers a lot of grace on the over all condition. Of their home. Meaning sellers won’t have to worry about painting of any kind. Making sure flooring is perfect or getting new kitchen appliances. Or for that matter doing much of anything when it comes into the overall condition. Of the inside. And the outside being the same. Not worrying if the mulch is down or the deck is stained, or the yard is picture perfect. However, with the flood of

3. Staging will be a snap. Turning the lights on and opening all the interior doors of the house and that’s it.

Understand I don’t have much experience in selling homes in the middle of a pandemic. Having said that I strongly urge you to click on the video above and to get the plan I have laid out for you to have great success in selling!

Who do you know wanting to sell now? Have them call or text my private number at 618-210-2451 today!

Until next time. Make it a great day!

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