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How did St. Clair Mall wind up in Fairview Heights?

October 8, 2021

How did St. Clair Mall wind up in Fairview Heights?

Bryan Vogt here! St Clair Mall has been an iconic symbol in the St. Louis metro-east area for almost 50 years. With a wide variety of shopping and amazing restaurants for everyone to enjoy! However, the story of how the Mall landed in Fairview is what we are going to talk about in this episode!
First, it’s important to understand that in the 70’s all shopping thru out the entire area was done in each cities downtown area. And for the most part, they were all family-owned. So, the idea of a mall that could be stiff competition to local downtowns wasn’t something many city leaders were too keen about.
The first city the mall reached out to was Belleville. After all, it was and still is the largest city south of Springfield. The idea was to locate it near Belleville East high school. But because of the fear, it would have on the downtown merchants. Belleville said no.
After that, the mall went to Swansea Illinois, and wanted to locate it where the Swansea Schnucks is now right off 159. However, they did have one request and that was to straighten out Fullerton Lane. Fullerton lane at the time wasn’t the straight shot it is today! Back then it wasn’t anything close to being straight and was hardly ever used because of it. But Swansea politely said no to the request.
This leads us to the 3rd town the mall went to. O’Fallon Illinois! Being located right by where I 64 would be located. No, I 64 wasn’t there yet either. The mall thought this would be an ideal location for it. However, the city leaders were concerned about being able to supply the necessary water the mall would need and politely said no also.
Which leaves us to Fairview Heights. At the time they had just become a city and they were looking for a business to help grow their community. With that in mind and because of how close they were to I64. Fairview Height and St Clair Mall became the perfect match!
So now you know how St Clair Mall became an Iconic symbol for Fairview Heights!
Speaking a Fairview. I have helped countless clients buy and sell over the years there. In fact, I just sold another home just last week. If you know anyone looking to sell. Please have them contact me. I would love to help them!

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