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Is 2020 Going To Be Great for Sellers in the Metro East?

February 11, 2020
Hi everyone! Thanks for joining me today on my podcast!
So, is 2020 going to be great for sellers? Well I don’t have a crystal ball and I can’t predict the future. But what I can tell you is what’s going on in the right now. In the middle of February market now! As we speak. And the market is on fire! We are seeing sellers that are taking action and putting their house on the market having great success! Getting top dollar and a fast sale. And in some cases, getting multiple offers. And that’s pretty cool! But as I said we don’t know what the future offers but here are 3 factors sellers should consider in why putting your house on the market right now makes so much sense.
1. More Competition
Look, there is simply going to be tons of house coming in the market in the spring. You don’t have to be in real estate to know that. But what most people don’t know is and most top agents do. It is supply and demand. So, it’s about 50/50 if there is going to be enough buyers to meet the demand. Fifty percent our going to have great success. But the fifty percent may not have the success they deserve. Their house may sit on the market a little longer or maybe much longer and that usually means price reductions and they don’t make the money they could have by taking action now.
2. The Economy
Look, it doesn’t matter what side of the isle you’re on. Most people agree we are having a pretty good economy. But those things also change. Whether for the entire year or for years to come. But it also can change in months. And I have seen that being in the business as long as I have. And when that happens it causes problems for sellers. Buyer aren’t’ as motivated and often they want to wait for the economy to pick up before they buy. And that’s cost sellers money whether in time or the price they get for their house.
3. It’s an Election Year
As in over the years I have seen time and time again it tends to bring uncertainty. Especially the closer we get to the election. Instead of looking to buy their dream home. There thinking on whose is going to get elected and what changes my occur. And uncertainty is a bad thing in the housing market. For these three factors. That is why sellers should consider putting their house on the market now!
So that’s what I have today. Hey, I want to be your answer guy. If you have questions about selling or buying or even investing in the Metro East. Please feel free to reach out to me!Until next week.
Have a great day!

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