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Is March a good time to put my home up for sale?

March 3, 2020

Is March a good time to put my home up for sale?

Stay tuned and I will answer that question!

Hi everyone! So, is March a good time to put your home up for sale? The answer is an emphatic YES And let me tell you the biggest reason why!

The military are here Now!

Notice I didn’t say they are coming! Or that they are on their way! I said they are here now! And if your house isn’t on the market. They can’t buy it!

Military buyers get their orders to come to Scott in March!

And understand military buyers are some of the most motivated buyers there are!

They have limited time to buy their home! Two or three days is very common. And that’s what they do! Buy!

Having worked 100’s and 100’s of military buyers in my almost two decades in real estate. Here are just a few of things I have learned about military buyers.

Scott Air Force Base is unique to almost all the bases around the country in how close homes are to the base. In most of the United States. Military bases are 30 or 40 minutes away from any type of city or town where the military can buy. So, much of the Military is already used to making a longer commute.

What that mean to you as a seller in Edwardsville, Glen Carbon, Maryville, Waterloo, Columbia and most of the Metro East. You are on the Military Buyers radar. All those cities I mentioned and more. I have sold houses to the military on numerous occasions!

Advances in technology is changing the way the Military are buying their homes. Let me give you a quick story to explain what I mean.

Not too long ago a seller put their house on the market. Of course, they wanted to put it in the best light for the buyers. So, they had the carpets professionally cleaned. They hired a professional painter or handyman, not sure which, to paint a few rooms and they were ready to go!

They put the house on the market, on I believe a Thursday, to catch the weekend buyers. And on Friday they got their first showing from an agent asking to preview it for some buyers they were working with. The agent also wanted to take a video of the home and more pictures. The sellers said no problem.

The agent came and that Friday evening they received a fantastic offer from that agent. From, you guessed it, a Military buyer stationed on the east coast! I am seeing more and more military buyers taking advantage of technology that’s available to buy their home

So, who do you know that wants to learn even more tips to get the military buyers knocking on your door this March? Maybe even you? Have them call or text my private number at 618-210-2451 and let’s get your house on the market and sold for top dollar in the month of March!

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Until next time. Make it a great day!

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