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Ready Set Sold #33-03: Lynn Collins: Importance of having quality flooring

January 13, 2018

Welcome back everyone to Ready Set Sold. I’m your host Bryan Vogt and as I mentioned in the first segment that we were going to have a floating expert onto the show today and I’m super excited that we have link island of cones and Suns in Swansea Illinois what are you there I’m here I’m here are you in Lou I’m good I’m good thanks for putting me on the show today now the problem out of time at all and one of the things that we’re always stressing is to bring experts in their field and my goodness clowns and sons I was talking to win off of the off air and they have my gosh thank you forty-four they’ve been in the flooring business and that was the weather start wasn’t he St. Louis and now they moved into Swanson.
Been here since the 60s so the true pros at what they do and so I wanted to kind of bring Lynne into can maybe give us some insights of what they’re looking for I know some of the issues that we have sometimes when sellers are looking to sell their home but maybe there’s some insights on carpeting or what they should be looking for when they’re selling their home that they probably don’t know and maybe when you can bring some insight to that sure um there’s something I was thinking of and having people think of when they’re in their bedroom like when they walk into their bedroom here what do they see what do they feel you know what are your toes telling you.
Hopefully you missed the Lego that was on the floor that you’re walking across you know that you missed a clean up time but is the carpet the same from when you bought the house you know maybe it’s still the builder-grade from when the house was built and they didn’t plan the budget well to get good carpeting so I think you know your dream bedroom should bring you just a lot of peaceful feelings and help you relax as you think of soft sit carpet on the floor as a treat for your feet as they walk you to your bed and greet you in the morning you know it can be a wall-to-wall carpet or an area rug around your bed your feet’ll thank you so.
A little bit about us is our business is Collins and since Flooring America Tim and I became third generation owners just about three years ago now our mission for the business is simply beautiful so we’ve been working on making the whole process of getting new floors simple trying to simplify what we do so it’s easy for our customers from start to finish the goal is to create beauty in our store and in our whole community one home at a time so the flooring America part is a co-op were part of and that’s a group of over 500 family-owned and operated stores so being part of the co-op helped us get better pricing for our customers and they have the best warranty available so with flooring America and we have our something called a confidence plus warranty that if you come in and you buy a carpet here and it has a rating on it we have a star rating system.
So a star rating of a 4 or 5 star rating you have the opportunity to do a one-time like design oops replacement for free and with a 4 and 5 star even Labor’s included in that so it kind of gives you that peace of mind you know you don’t have to stress out about oh no did I make the wrong color choice or something you know you have that ability which is I was really just a nice thing to help bring you you know a little more ease in the whole process of buying floors there’s a lot of people now replacing carpet with hard surface flooring and there’s a little conversation going on right now among the distributors with carpet and hard surfaces and how it swings and it used to all be carpet and now it’s swinging toward a lot of hard surfaces.
And they’re developing a lot more hard surfaces that are waterproof wood looks all kinds of different textures on it you just want to make sure you buy good quality stuff because the real cheap stuff you’re going to end up with problems you know pretty quickly with it we really try in our store to watch the products that we bring in that if if there’s a product that starts to have some issues we and we just don’t we throw the display out you know but we really think like carpet because it’s soft and it’s comfortable that it’s going to make a comeback and you know you right now it’s really cold out and you go walking on those beautiful hardwood floors and your toes go hey where’s my slippers just it’s now cold and so um you know I think carpet is going to make a comeback again and it’s just the new fibers that they’re making carpet out of is just a lot more cleanable and just even softer and beautiful.
I won carpet that you can even pour bleach on and it won’t hurt the color it’s amazing just how far they’ve come with that so getting good stuff that you can relax and enjoy for years to come is always the best option you know think you pay for quality once you know sure number one if somebody is looking to sell sometimes there have their shoes off and these new buyers are walking into a bedroom or a living room and that feel that is going to get your household you know potentially quicker and it’s going to put your house above the rest and so getting you know quality carpeting with Collins & Sons calling America to be a great way to do it when we are out of time it goes fast but thank you so much for the information we will be back in a few minutes can’t wait for our next item.

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