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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #01-05: Jim Vernier Mayor of Shiloh, IL: Recap and Preview of Next Week: How to Choose a Realtor

May 27, 2017

Bryan Vogt: Welcome back to Ready, Set, Sold! I’m Bryan Vogt. Wow, we’ve had a really busy day. I can’t thank enough the major of Shiloh, Jim Vernier, coming in and talking about the great things that are happening with Shiloh. And not only the great things that have happened, but the great things that are coming. It’s just amazing. So again, kudos to you and your administration for the work that you do. We really do appreciate that.
I may have mentioned, but I might mention again, I am a little biased. I’ve lived in Shiloh for 20 years, so I want to get truth in advertising out. But, either way, whether I live in Shiloh or not, it’s just been impressive to watch. So again, good job.
Jim Vernier: Thank you.
Bryan Vogt: We talked about really the timing of it, that when it comes down to it is, is when it’s time to sell, it’s time to sell. The window isn’t as large as what people think. Two to three months is really what you need to be looking at. This is where you know where the market’s at. It can change in two months, it can change in 30 days, but usually you have a good running time of three months. And the importance of getting your house on the market and not trying to guess the market. Guessing the market, as we heard earlier, is not usually a good way to sell your top asset. I mean, this is what you’re putting your money into. This is what you’re putting your life savings sometimes into. Maybe this is based on your retirement. All these things are so, so, so critical.
So, again, what I’m going to stress upon you again, the book is 12 Proven Steps to Getting Your House Sold for Top Dollar and a Quick Sale. This is not theory, this is not conjecture. This is not [inaudible 00:01:46]. This is not the East Coast or West Coast. None of these things here. This was designed, this book was written specifically for the Metro East and St. Louis market. It’s complimentary.
Go, either now, or right after the show, go to,, not dot com. Get your free, complimentary book, no strings attached. Again, no strings, nothing like that at all. Fill out some information, we’ll send you out the book. Don’t have to use me, don’t have to use us, that’s fine. Just get the book. It’s that important. When people have used it, they’ve had great success. And that’s really what this book was designed for, among other things that we talked about, too.
So, again, this is our first show. I am so pleased for those of you listening to us, I’m very happy that you tuned in. And I want to talk about next week’s show. And that might be maybe the biggest one, maybe the biggest decision that you’re ever going to make, especially on the financial side. And that’s how do you choose the right realtor? In the book, there are seven different things that I talk about, but next week we’re going to talk about the top three, and how critical it is to make sure that you have the person that’s going to do the best job to get you top dollar, to get you a quick sale. And yes, we’ll talk about the stories that maybe worked, but also the things that didn’t work. So you really don’t want to miss this. This is the show, next week again, the top three reasons of how to choose a realtor that you’re going to be getting your house sold for.
So with that said, I want to again thank the mayor for coming. You are actually insightful. There were things I didn’t know that you told me that I thought was great, so I do appreciate that.
Jim Vernier: Well, thank you Bryan. I appreciate it.
Bryan Vogt: And what I want to also leave you with one last time, go to,, not dot com, pick up your complimentary book. Get it, read it, even if it’s two years down the road. Doesn’t matter. This is information that you can use and you can use to build up. And what I mean by that is maybe there’s some things that you’ve been thinking about doing. Well, now you get the best of both worlds. It’s been two years. You make the updates and you get to enjoy the updates. You get to enjoy the carpeting, you get to enjoy the painting. Those things that are necessary to get top dollar for your house.
So, with that said, I’m going to wish everyone a fantastic weekend. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and also a fantastic week. Make it a great one. And we’ll see you next time, next Saturday, 11:00 a.m. This is Bryan Vogt, and you’ve been listening to Ready, Set, Sold!

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