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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #02-01: Dave Hohe & Deb Rust New American Funding: How to choose a Realtor

June 3, 2017

Bryan Vogt: Welcome back. This is Bryan Vogt. I’m here with Dave Hohe and Deb Rust of New American Funding, and we’ve been talking really about how to choose your realtor and the critical things that you need to ask or at least to look for, and also on the lending side. I know as far as on the realtor side, there’s more than just three that you can ask of course and there’s more in the book, but just going with those three, it’s going to give you a really good insight of what you’re looking for, giving you an idea of having that number one track record and knowing that they’ve sold houses in all markets, not just on the hot markets. One of the things that people don’t realize is that when you are selling in a slower market, and they will do that, that there are things you can do to get serious, serious money. Your realtor should be able to do to get you serious money in a hot market more than an average agent or a new agent would even have any idea about, so that’s always a big plus too.
The other part of that too is making sure that they are working with you. They are more of a consultant, they are not sitting there telling you everything and this is how it has to be, or they are no help at all. And the third thing is, is that trust and confidence. Does it say in your stomach, do they come off with a quiet confidence or do you feel comfortable this is going to work out. Remember, this is going to be a 30 day minimum, put the house on the market the next day, or 45 or two months, or whatever. So it’s going to be a period of time that if you don’t have that confidence in them and even likeability, that can be a serious problem.
Deb, maybe you can talk, mention the three points that you want to really want to make sure that we got out as far as lending.
Deb Rust: Oh, as far as lending goes? Um, you know, I think it’s super important and I think we’ve gotten away from it, it’s very important to get pre-approved. As a seller, I see a lot more on contracts, they want to see a pre-approval letter, pre-qualification letter from a lender within 24 hours of the acceptance, that’s huge. If somebody can’t provide that, then you shouldn’t be working with them. Too often you get sellers held up with somebody for 45 days that can’t secure their financing and that’s just poor service all around. So, get pre-approved, ask that your buyers get pre-approved before you even talk to anybody.
Dave Hohe: You know we realize that the person that we are dealing with is making one of the biggest decisions in their life, and it’s just being patient and understanding of their situation, you know, putting yourself in their shoes and just treating them like you ultimately would want to be treated and getting it done like I said as quickly and efficiently and as painlessly as possible. Which is our ultimate goal, is to make everybody happy in the transaction, so.
Bryan Vogt: Awesome, awesome. Hey, we’re ready to wrap up today’s show. Thank you again for joining us, all the listeners and also again, Dave Hohe and Deb Rust of New American Funding. Want to talk to you about next week’s show, really excited about that, and that title is Step Three and that’s Having an Updated House Can Make You or Break You. You do not want to miss this, we’re going to go over what things you need to have and make sure they are updated. The good news is that many sellers already have that, but if you don’t, you really want to tune in.
If you can’t tune in, get the book, go to, not .com, and get the book. It’s free, you’ll be glad you did. Enjoy the book, read the book, use somebody else, I don’t care, talk to any agent that you want to, but just get that information so, so critical. So with that, I’m going to leave you, and wishing everybody a fantastic rest of the weekend and have a fantastic week, everyone.

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