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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #02-04: Dave Hohe & Deb Rust New American Funding: What you should expect from your Realtor

June 3, 2017

Brian Vogt: Welcome back. Thanks so much for rejoining us. This is Bryan Vogt. I’m the host of Ready Set Sold and with me is Dave Hoy and [00:00:16] of New American Funding. Hope you’re having a great weekend. One thing that we left off with before was the fact of, again, having that knowledge, having that understanding and working with family and friends and how that can be a concerning thing. Not that you don’t want to work with them but the idea that you dub, you’re getting into some personal situations sometimes. You’re getting to that financial thing.
How do you guys handle it? How do you handle it, especially when it is a family member or friend and it gets a little bit, maybe concerning.
Devin Russ: Quite frankly, and this is just how I am in life generally, is you gotta take emotion out of it. Once you start working on feelings or you don’t want to hurt someone’s feelings or anything … I mean, honesty is always the best way to go and just get the deal done. Everybody’s got the same goal and I think people lose that in the process of things. You know, we all have the same goal. We want to get the long close. We want to get the house sold. We want to do that.
Brian Vogt: I think that’s a great point. I think that on the lending side and even on the real estate side, in the end we are results oriented. That is basically how we’re judged. And making every situation and making every home owner as happy and getting top dollar and a fast sale that’s definitely on the real estate side. I think on the lending side it’s making sure that that person is taken care of and making sure that they understand what they’re getting into and they don’t have a bunch of gobbledy gook that they don’t understand.
And sometimes this happens, we’ve had experience … it doesn’t mean that the dot com companies, lenders out there, don’t have some success records. But, on a personal note, many times that is a concern and the concern is if something does, something minor, you know, as simple as something different on the closing statement. Getting that response time versus having the wonder there or having it within a phone call away to get it taken care of can make the difference between closing that day and not closing that day.
And it seems like when those things happen, Friday is the day when the closing doesn’t take place so now everything’s pushed back to Monday and it just is a bad situation.
David Hoy: Right.
Brian Vogt: So, I mean, I think that’s probably one of the benefits that you guys talk about a lot. You know, that’s why working with local lenders becomes so important and I think also the fact because we’re team based.
I have realtors that work with me, transaction coordinators and what-have-you but you guys are team based too and that’s a little unique in the lending. Is that true, Dave?
David Hoy: Yeah. Yeah, absolutely. The team part of our dynamic and also our company is really kind of what makes me most excited about what we do and helping people and how we can go about it. The personal touch, you know.
Speaking about experience again, Devin and I have done it for a really long time and again, that’s not everything in this business but, you know, seeing how things don’t work and how things do work and, kind of, creating that atmosphere, you know, where the client feels completely at-ease with us from start to finish.
We walk them through the process, we meet them in person, we have local processing and underwriting so the decision’s coming quickly, the customer is in the know and knows exactly what to expect on a daily basis. That’s a huge, huge advantage over, you know, your bank or the person that they’re used to dealing with that’s, you know, not gonna return their call for three days, they’re not working on the weekends.
Things move rapidly in our side of things so it’s just good to have a grasp on it and make sure that that client or that person sitting across from you is getting the best service possible.
Devin Russ: When you have dot com people, you know, the problem is they have nothing to lose. You know, so if they have a bad transaction or a transaction that goes south. You know, they’ve got Joe Blow and wherever mad at them, they don’t care whereas we do, you know, it’s gonna get back. You know, we’re local, everybody we work with is local. They’re our family, they’re our work family, you know.
So the last thing you want is to have anybody get a bad experience. Customer service is just one of the things that New American really, really drives home.
Brian Vogt: And I think that’s the same thing too and we talked about his a little bit earlier but one of the things that having an experienced agent that has that background, that’s been doing this steadily for a period of time, seven, ten, 16 years like myself. 20 years like you guys and having a proven track record.
The funny part about it is, is there are bumps in every transaction.
Devin Russ: Absolutely.
Brian Vogt: It just is. If somebody tells you they’re going to sell your home and it’s gonna be a perfect situation, I will tell you they just haven’t sold any houses before, okay? They just haven’t. There are things that come up and same on the lending side and the difference, though, is from the experienced agent … That a non-experienced agent that an experienced agent and experienced lender and a non-experienced lender is, it’s just a bump.
Devin Russ: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Brian Vogt: It’s not the end of the story and on the real estate side, we have seen so many times, inexperienced agents that run these red flags that scare the sellers half to death. They get everything riled up and now everything is, it’s kind of like the “sky is falling” situation and sometimes they have driven home so much that they’ve actually broken up deals.
Devin Russ: Correct.
Brian Vogt: I mean, it’s just crazy you guys, I know. Being on the lending side, you’ve heard some of the stories from the real estate side too. That they really mess things up and so that experience, that understanding, that look, “Let’s take this one thing and we can work around it.” And I think that’s really the thing that’s so important on the lending side because there’s so many different facets that you can go, what’s the best choice? And I think that you probably have a fantastic amount of experience with that.
Devin Russ: Absolutely. There’s a lot of moving parts and I tell people, you know, all the time. It’s not you, it’s not the property, it’s just everything coming together perfectly and you can’t get down about something if there is a bump or there is whatever. You just have to work around it.
Brian Vogt: No, and that’s a good point. Again, that’s the same thing on the real estate side because one of the things is that it is a transaction and on the real estate side, and this is one thing that I love about you guys. That, especially when the Metroisan, Othalanchild, all those areas that we service, Columbia and Waterloo, all those places there is a timeline when you have to have final loan commitment.
David Hoy: Mm-hmm (affirmative).
Brian Vogt: And too many agents, and yes, I’m gonna say too many lenders, ignore it. And that can be a deal-breaker and what that comes down to is 10 days before closing you have to be able to show that you have proof of funds. There’s no other options, no restrictions, and you can close the deal.
And that’s why having that speed that you guys have is so, so important. So, that’s a big thing on the real estate side too. As a seller, hopefully your agent has also told you too. Hey, we’re running out of time on this segment here. We’re gonna be going to our wrap up and be talking about what we’re gonna be talking about next week.
I’m really excited about that. I think it’s gonna be some really interesting stuff. Why don’t we go back to the book and let you know that you can get it absolutely free, no strings attached if you’re just thinking about sales, even thinking two years down the road, you’ve talked about it this morning at breakfast.
Go get the book not .com, not .com. Get the book. You’ll be glad that you did. With that said, we’re gonna recap what we talked about already and also what’s coming on next weeks show and I think you’ll be really interested to hear that.
You’re listening to Brian Vogt at Ready, Set, Sold.

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