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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #03-02: Dave Hohe & Deb Rust New American Funding: Four benefits of an updated home

June 10, 2017

Bryan Vogt: Welcome back to Ready Set Sold. I am your host Bryan Vogt. I want to introduce, we have some special guests. They were here last week and they did such a great job. I wanted to have them come back again, and that is Dave Hohe and Deb Rust of New American Funding. Hey, welcome guys.
Deb: Thank you.
Dave: Thank you. Great to be back.
Bryan Vogt: Yeah. Have a good week?
Deb: Absolutely.
Dave: Amazing. Very busy. We’re very, very happy.
Bryan Vogt: That’s good, that’s good. Briefly, I kinda had an interesting week. We’ve had a lot of things going on. One note I want to say is the market is still, especially Matrix is still doing very, very well and is continuing that direction. So, if you’re looking to get your house on the market, if you’re looking to put it on now, again, I’ll go back, get the book. My goodness, you don’t have to use me, I don’t care. Go to, not dot com,, not dot com, get the book. It’ll be mailed out to you. With that said, I have an interesting story.
I’m on Facebook like most people are. I think Deb and Dave, I know we’re friends on Facebook. What happened, and this is prerecorded just so you know, This is a Wednesday and this is airing Saturday. Yesterday I had a bird, but I later found out it was a parrot, that kinda shows you what I know about birds and parrots. What happened was that it landed on my deck and I looked at it and I took a picture of it, and then I realized it had a tag on it.
So I shared it on Facebook. Little did I know, I’m neutral on birds, I don’t dislike, I don’t like, I think we talked about that earlier kinda the same ways, maybe Dave’s a little more partial to birds if you’d like to admit. And that’s okay, that’s all good, that’s all good.
Basically what happened was it went to … I won’t say viral, we had like about 155 shares and things just went … And people [inaudible 00:02:12] and a person came over, and God bless her, but she came over and she tried to look for … I have woods behind me and so they were out looking for the bird. I decided to call Harry, no particular reason why, but Harry the parrot, just because everybody was contacting me. What happened was is the bird left, but then it came back, and then it left again. But people, I’ll say guilt me into the fact.
Last night I’m at Chinook buying bird seed for a bird that I little don’t know. Anyway, I put birdseed in water and the problem, which I didn’t realize, and I actually haven’t told people on Facebook yet but I guess they’ll eventually find out, is that I forgot I had a raccoon.
Deb: Oh no.
Bryan Vogt: I put the food out and next morning I’m thinking maybe I’ll hear “tweet, tweet” from Harry, but the food’s all gone, looks like the water was dranken. So I don’t think Harry the parrot was able to move. Having said that, I really appreciate people’s interest and moving forward with that, but I also throw it out there too that I’m sure Harry is back at home, having a good life, telling his life adventures to maybe his other bird friends. That’s a story at least I’ll like to have. I do like to thank people for their interest and it’s great that they shared it and I appreciate that.
So we left you with, “what’s the solution?” And I mentioned one, two, three as far as getting updates done. Briefly what we talked about is that solution is not to do the updates, it just costs so much money, takes so much spirit on a seller. They just don’t realize what they’re gonna be getting into. So what’s the answer? It breaks down to one, two, three and that is painting, is number one, and not in any particular order but painting would be one of those. Two, it’s flooring. Number three is kitchens and bathrooms. Here’s the good news. Think neutral. Think neutral, neutral, neutral.
It is so important to understand that neutral sells. Buyers are trying to envision their house and how they would do it, and you have a variety of colors. They could be beautiful colors, but they can’t see themselves in there, and that’s what buyers are trying to do. They’re trying to get their vision and it becomes a [inaudible 00:04:40] thing many times with buyers to be able to see that.
How’s it work? Well, number one, understanding painting. There are four walls to every room, so painting is huge. Neutral colors. Simply look at what you have, three to seven years is a good barometer if you haven’t done those changes, it’s time to do those. Your chance in the market. Make it neutral. Again, you have the four walls, so that’s what people are going to be seeing more than anything, than flooring, ceiling, and everything else. There’s only one of those.
Secondly, the kitchen. Kitchen and bathrooms, and they go hand in hand. They’re just as important. The important thing about that is most of the times they do not necessarily have to be a complete down to the studs. There’s a surry that you have to do that. Rarely does that happen. There can be very price effective ways of being able to do that. So yes, you may have the countertops and some flooring, maybe resurface the kitchen cabinets, change some handles, that can make a huge difference and it’s not costly.
Remember, it’s an investment. It’s an investment in trying to get top dollar. Same thing with bathrooms. There’s a reason why they tell you gold is the new brass. When you hear there’s a lot of brass in that home, that means updates are definitely needed.
The third thing is the flooring. Again, three to seven years is a very, very good way of judging that. It depends on how much wear and tear the flooring has. But knowing that, go ahead and get that changed out. Again, you’re looking to get top dollar and you want to get a fast sale. These three components will get that.
Understand one thing. It doesn’t work without all three. The mansion I [inaudible 00:06:25] put $400,000 house. The $400,000 house had done the flooring, had done the painting, but their new kitchen and bathrooms. And that was their downfall. The same thing with all those other houses I talked about. They had other components. The one that had the carpeting and the painting, guess what, they had a good kitchen and the bathrooms are good, but they didn’t have those other components. So it’s one, two, three. It’s getting the painting done, it’s getting the flooring done, it’s getting those kitchen and bathrooms updated. That’s how you’re gonna get top dollar.
That becomes so, so important. Just knowing that, and here’s the good news, most sellers want to do these things. But unfortunately, sometimes an agent that they got is too inexperienced or maybe doesn’t have the confidence to give that information out, fearful it’s gonna cost some money. We kinda heard what happens when … If you were listening to the first segment, what happens when you don’t. Losing money, my goodness, that’s how you take a bath. That’s how you really, really get beat up with.
Those are the three things. I’m gonna be talking more with about my guests, because what if you have what they call an as-is-house? Maybe you have a house that every seller is a little bit different, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you have a situation where it’s apparent that it’s passed. Or maybe you lived there for years and, look, you just don’t want to go through anything. You just … Time to go. Nothing wrong with that.
So, every seller we found has a different approach, different needs, different wants, your agent should be able to pick that up, but also your lender. You’re gonna find some really interesting information from Dave and Deb from New American Funding. They’ve got some background that is unbelievable. My goodness, forty years of experience combined is amazing. That’s exactly what you’re looking for in a lender all.
With that said, don’t forget. Again, this information plus getting the military coming knocking, pricing your house right the first time, getting top dollar, this is all in the book. So go get the book., not dot com., not dot com. We’ll be back after these messages.

This is Bryan Vogt.