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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #04-05: Marla Vogt & Jeremy Thompson: Recap and Preview of Next Week: Pricing your home right the first time

June 17, 2017

Bryan Vogt: Welcome back to Ready, Set, Sold. I am your host Bryan Vogt and wow, did we cover a lot of things today. Just kind of a recap of what we talked about. We talked about what you should be doing and that is trying to add more living space. Instead, improve the living space that you have. We talked about the idea of doing a basement. Don’t go in and spend 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 thousand dollars. We’ve seen too many situations. It happens more times than people know.
They just lose that type of money and that 30, 40 thousand dollars that gone that could be spent for the next house that you’re looking to buy or who know? Maybe this is your life savings and this is the money you’re gonna need to live on. So this is big stuff. Hardwood floors, the same thing is don’t get into that trap of hardwood floors. Again, if your agents are telling you about hardwood floor, you need to get another agent. They just do not have a pay off. It just don’t work that way.
Yes, it will sell the house faster, but, again, the numbers don’t add up. You pay $2000 with total cost a month, maybe it’s your principle and interest, your taxes, your insurance, utilities. When you put HOA, when you put all of that into value and you got a $10,000 bills for hardwood floor. So you sell it in 30 days. You’re more likely then to have an $8000 loss. Look, that’s just not something that any [inaudible 00:01:37] that we know of doesn’t want to do.
The other part of that is kitchens and bathrooms and again, you heard the story about … and if you didn’t, just to recap it, how important that can be is matching what you already have. So the situation was it had a granite countertop. But it was a blue countertop and at one time, maybe that was the color, but by simply making that change and yes, spending some monies.
But again, updates, updates, updates. If you don’t have those updates, you’re gonna be sitting on the market and spending more and more time and spinning your wheel. But they just changed out. They brought the pros in and they got it changed out. Within one day, they got it under contract. Doesn’t mean you’ll have it one day, but I’m telling you right now, if you identify what the situation is, you’ll be amazed how fast things can change.
Seven to ten days is not out of the question when you make a change. It’s just as simple as that, so those are the things we want too. Also, the bathrooms and bedrooms, again, work with what you have. Work with what you have. Don’t be trying to look for extra bedrooms, spaces that you don’t even have or putting things where they don’t belong. You know, just because you can put a bathroom and halfway or a utility room isn’t the way to go, okay? Again, you’re taking half your utility room away. So there’s a loss there too and there’s also the additional cost, so that’s really important.
So again, you want to find more information than just this, go to, get the free book, not .com., not .com. Get the free book. No cost. It’s great information that you can use. Next week on the show, I am really excited about this. I told you that we may be moving steps. We’re gonna be moving to step six, but what that boils down to is getting your house price right the first time to get maximum dollar. That’s a show that you’re not gonna want to miss.
Hey, you know what? Go get the book. It’s in the book. It will even be more extensive., not .com. In the meantime, have a great Saturday and have a fantastic rest of the week.


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