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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #07-03: Kelly Etheridge RE/MAX Preferred #2: Avoid buyers saying”next”

July 8, 2017

Bryan Vogt: Welcome back everyone, I’m your host Bryan Vogt, you’re listening to Ready Set Sold. Thanks so much for joining us again.
We left off the last time, we started talking about not only the back yard, but key issues. Things that maybe sometimes sellers aren’t aware of. On one level, I think most of these things that people are hearing, they kind of know, but we’re always trying to do is we’re trying give you information. Again, these are proven results that we’re talking about in the book that make aware that can actually cost you money. These things become much more important, a key not getting in the door, being able to get in the door, the buyer and the realtor might sound funny initially, but it can have some lingering effects, more so than what people think.
With that said, we’re gonna talk about what is traditionally the man cave on the outside, and that’s the garage. Kelly we were talking during the break and you’ve got some insights as far as when it comes to the garages.
Kelly E.: Garages, all about storage. Storage for your car and storage for your stuff. If your stuff is jam packed in there, and there’s no room for one more Frisbee, your buyer’s gonna see that to and think, oh, there’s not room in here for my stuff. Keep it organized and neat. Shelving is huge, if you have shelving, buyers love that.
Bryan Vogt: That’s a great point. I think one of the things that people don’t understand, and this happens far too often than it should. You have a two car garage with only one car available to park in it, so in the buyers mind, you have a one car garage. You do not have a two car garage. That’s huge, and I love what you said there about the storage aspect of it. One of the things that we see sellers have great success with, if you have those bins, or if nothing else, go get some.
Again, they’re not that expensive. Go ahead and put some storage up, and they can get the metal ones, but leave space in between. It’s a very visual thing, and now they say, okay, well you’ve got plenty of storage. I’ll have more than enough storage. You’re creating an illusion, but again, on that … I’ll go back just to reiterate on that garage. You have a two car garage, then two cars have to visual be able to get in there, otherwise, you have a one car garage. It’s just that simple.
You may have a riding lawn mower, I understand that. Move it off to the side. There’s usually enough room, believe it or not, if you park it right, that you can get that two car illusion at least, to have that done. Worst case scenario is at least get a picture of it showing that two cars can get in when you’re marketing it. I mean look, I understand that, that’s important.
One of the things though I do wanna talk about too, that I think is important, and we’re talking abour staging and how important it is, but on of the things that kind of comes up is, you know what, life gets in the way sometimes. Things don’t go all away, we don’t all have perfect lives. When we’re listing our homes and trying to sell our homes, sometimes you have one of those days and the lights don’t get on and the air conditioning doesn’t get turned down and the dishes are sitting in the sink, and there’s crumbs on the … All those things happen and all of a sudden, there’s the phone call or the text and says, we have a showing today.
I can tell you it’s not unusual, it does happen. I will tell you we recommend it, sellers have had great success. The sellers usually contact us. They tell, this is what happened. We have the buyer and we tell the buyer’s agent, hey, had a bad day, this is what’s going on, get the showing in though. Get the showing in. Sellers are very much rewarded about that.
Look, people get it. Buyers get it too. They just wanna see the house sometimes, and yes, you’d like to have everything done exactly right, and normally you would, but if you don’t, get the showing in. That’s so important because Kelly, you’ve talked about it before, they don’t always come back.
Kelly E.: Right. I’ve had buyers skip a house because they can’t get in it. They’re in town for this weekend and you’ve gone out of town and decide you don’t wanna show your house, well, they’re not coming back. They’re gonna buy their house this weekend.
Bryan Vogt: Right, and it could be that or it could also be a low connection too. We see the same thing. We’ve seen situations where people, this is what the number one house was going to be, and they for whatever reason, couldn’t get into it. Well, they went out and saw four more other houses because, just so you know, as a seller, if you don’t know, average is 10. Buyers are looking at 10, so that’s nine other houses, on average they’re looking at. So yes, your house is special, but it’s special in a sense of where it sits on the land. Meaning is, which unique where it’s located at, but you get competition. If you’re saying no to a potential buyer, guess what, they’re gonna be looking at other houses and you can lose a deal on that.
As much as we talked about getting these things done and normally you can get them done, if you don’t, don’t lose the showing. It’s okay. It happens. That’s important to understand.
Get the book, again, we can’t cover everything that’s in here. Go to, not .com,, not .com. You’re with Bryan Vogt and my team member Kelly Etheridge, and this is Ready Set Sold.

We’ll you in a few.

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