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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #10-05: The $5000 tip of the week for sellers

July 29, 2017

Bryan Vogt: Welcome back, everyone. Thanks so much for rejoining us. I am Bryan Vogt, the host of Ready, Set, Sold, and what we’re going to do in this segment here, we’re going to recap, and we’re also going to give the tip of the week, and I think you’re going to be really surprised on this one. It’s going to be able to possibly save you thousands and sometimes $10,000. We’ve seen that happen, just doing a simple thing and being aware of it.
Let’s recap what we talked about. One of the things we understand, if you’re in the Metro East, you could be a player for a military buyer. Just because you live in Evansville or you live further out, even further north sometimes and even further south down to Columbia and Waterloo, you can be a player for [inaudible 00:00:44], always gonna be in play, in Belleville, and Swansea and Shiloh and the surrounding areas, around them in a seven mile radius.
Second thing is, is pricing your home correctly, if you’re gonna overprice your home, it’s not gonna go well for you. Chances are, they may look at it. Probably, they won’t, but they may look at it, but it’s not gonna go much further than that. Also remembering the value of houses they are looking at, they are also probably have one, two, and three. They’re rating them.
So if the first house doesn’t go, they’re gonna go to the second house. If the second doesn’t go, they’re going to go to the third house. They’re gonna get a house and they are motivated buyers and they are some of the best people, plus the best buyers you’re ever gonna have to buy your home. They truly are. We’ve been blessed to work with countless buyers, military buyers, and they’re fantastic people.
With that said, now let’s go into the tip of the week. And the tip of the week is something that is so, so simple to fix and by fixing, or by making sure it doesn’t happen, it can save you so much money. Here’s the issue. Seller is moving out of their house and they’re getting things ready, but the house is still on the market. It sometimes happens, not unusual, that they get out the packing boxes. The cardboard boxes. And maybe it’s additional dishes and maybe it’s additional clothes. It’s summertime, so the winter clothes are going in there, and vice versa, if it’s the wintertime. Whatever those things are and they’re marking those boxes. And sometimes, sellers will put them in their bedrooms, and they’ll stack ’em really nice. They’ll put them in different hallways and that, out of the way, but so buyers can walk through.
Do not do that. Do not do that at all. I will tell you right now, that is one of the biggest things. Last week, we talked about the aspect of people knowing that you have to sell. Buyers’ perception is reality. And when they see moving boxes, they presume that you have to move. Now, of course. You’re moving. But they feel you have to, and in that situation, we just had a situation not too long ago. House was $190 thousand dollars in Shiloh, and the buyers walked out and the first thing they said is, “They have to move, we love the house. We’re taking $5000 off, that’s our starting point.” Not 190. They’re starting 185 and will negotiate from there.  It can be $10 thousand dollars. It can be a lot of money left on the table by having those moving boxes out.
Just so you know, what’s a quick fix? Take them to your neighbors. Try to get them out of the house. Don’t try to put ’em in the basement. Don’t try to put ’em in the garage. Get ’em to a neighbor’s house, if push comes to shove, get to a storage unit. They’re usually less than $100 and they’re well worth the time of storing more and more things to give yourself more room. So don’t forget that.
Hey, next week, we’re going to skip a step and go to 12 and that is, are you marketing to the many or the few? Thanks so much for joining us. Have a fantastic Saturday and a fantastic week. Bye bye.

Bye bye.

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