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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #12-01: How to choose a Realtor: How trust is a must in a Realtor

August 12, 2017

Presenter: Welcome to Ready, Set, Sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house, but don’t know where to start? Good thing you’ve found Ready, Set, Sold. And now, real estate broker
Bryan Vogt.
Bryan Vogt: Welcome everyone, this is Bryan Vogt, and you’re listening to Ready, Set, Sold, everything about real estate. The 12 proven steps to get your house sold, top dollar and a fast sale. Thanks so much for joining us. As I mentioned, I wrote a book, and this is what this radio show is actually based on. I wrote a book this year.
Become a number one Amazon best seller. And the goal was, is to get information to the general public, to those people that are looking at selling their home.
And I thought that was very, very critical. That was one of the things that was kind of missing behind the whole thing, and that’s why I wrote the book. And the book kind of covers some of the things that maybe people wish they’d known, quite frankly, maybe after their sale, and getting it upfront, and getting the information out. And the book is free, just so you know. Again, my goal is to get as many people to be looking into the book, reading the book, so they can have the confidence of having a fantastic experience of selling their home. And too many times that falls away.
One of the things to keep in mind with that is, is if you’re just thinking about, or wanting to sell your home … but you know what, you just don’t know where to start …. this is what’s this book is geared for. Again, it’s 12 proven steps. And not theory, and conjecture. These are things that, if the seller uses, other sellers have used before, that we’ve serviced, you’ll have great success. So keep that in mind.
Also is, look, there’s so much information out there on the Internet, that most of it, it’s great if you live on the East Coast or West Coast, but we don’t. We live in the heartland. And that information may work great there, but many times, it does not work here. So’s the book is geared for this area, and this area lone. So, again, get the book. It’s free. No strings. You don’t have to use me. That’s perfectly fine. Just get the book, so you can use that.
Some other things that we’ve found, that are people are concerned about is, is what updates? What they should do, what they shouldn’t do. When they should put their house on the market. Now, right now, is a pretty good time. But, again, maybe you’re looking down in the future. So this would be a great opportunity for you, as a seller, to get that information. And that’s what it’s geared for.
Go to, not dot com, and get the book. Here’s some other things, too, that we’re really excited about. We’re on Facebook now, so please give us a Like. Just go to Ready, Set, Sold with Bryan Vogt, and like I said, we’d greatly appreciate that. We also had giving more and more avenues. You’re trying to get this information out to as many possible people as we possibly can, that are even thinking about selling.
So we have podcasts now. And all you need to do is go to Google Play, or you can go to iTunes, either way, and you can get the entire program. Or you can just get a segment of a program. Maybe get something you just had an interest in, and you wanted to listen to it again. Whatever that situation is, you have the ability to share it, to send it to other people. That’s perfectly fine.
We definitely wanna get this information out, ’cause we know that if you use this information, you could be like our past sellers, and have fantastic experience. With that, a little background about me. I’ve been in real estate for 16-plus years now. I am a realtor/broker in the Metro East. I have lived in Shiloh, Illinois, for over 22 years, but I’m a lifelong resident of the Metro East. And I love the people. I love the St. Louis Cardinals, but I still haven’t gotten ahold of that weather thing. That weather thing just really kind of makes it kind of rough.
But, besides that, everything is good. Everything is great. Wouldn’t change it for the world. With that said, too, this is a little bit of background of where the market’s at right now. And the market is still moving along very, very nicely. There’s always gonna be pockets, and this sometimes is hard to understand, for certain sellers, there are always gonna pockets in any market … any hot spell, or even signs in what would be called a down market … sometimes, down markets are certain places that still stay relatively hot, and still have great success.
It’s the same thing on a hot market. There could be areas in different, even subdivisions, and sometimes, just areas of town, where they’re just not having quite the success. But overall, Edwardsville, [Belmo 00:05:01], Shiloh, Glen Carbon, Waterloo, Freeburg, Mascoutah, anything near [inaudible 00:05:08] Air Force Base, Belvo … it’s doing very, very well. Keep in mind, three months. I say this, because it’s three months. We have seen situations, where in three months’ time, things change, and they change for the bad.
Now, we don’t want that, believe me! We don’t want that. We want the exact opposite. We want that to be, keep on moving up. And it could also be that situation, too, in three months’ time, that market may be stronger. But understanding there’s outside influences that happen, too. And again, the world as we know it. North Korea, what’s going on with there? Some of the things … we’re living in a global world, and perception and confidence, when it comes to buyers, is so, so important. And if they think things are going bad somewhere else, unfortunately, there’s the news. And people, whether you like the news, or you don’t, you watch the news, and you don’t always get a good, warm, fuzzy feeling. So understand that, too.
So, three months is pretty good. Two months is 50-50, it’ll change, can go either way, and 30 days, it’s less likely, but it can change in 30 days. So keep that in mind. With that said, I wanna talk also what we’re gonna be talking about today, and that’s how to choose a realtor. And that’s in Step Two. I kind of jumped a step, because Step One was to, deciding when to sell. I think right now, I think most people know already, this is a fantastic time to sell.
So if you’re even thinking about it, you might wanna check with the realtor, talk to your realtor, and hopefully, you have someone that you have someone that you’ve trusted and used before. And they’re a good resource to go back to. So that’s the first thing.
But what we’re gonna be talking about in Step Two is how to choose a realtor, and give ’em some different insights from what we talked about the last time we had this segment. And so, we’ve had it broken down to four areas. And that is, number one, what we’re gonna talk about in this segment, still, is trust. The other thing is, in this second segment, talking about asking questions, or listening. The third segment, which sometimes happens more times than what people think is, should you hire that cousin, that friend, that family member, to sell the biggest asset of, for most people, in their entire lives? Maybe. And also, do they have a track to run on?
And the last segment, what we’re gonna be talking about is … Well, I shouldn’t say the last segment, but the second to last segment, we’re gonna be talking about, do they have they have a track to run on? Meaning, do they have experience, and how important that is. And then, the Tip of the Month. So it’ll be a $5,000 Tip of the Month, you’ll want to stay tuned to, I think you’re really gonna be enjoying it. Just so you understand, the $5,000 tip will either save you or earn you more money as a seller.
With that, let’s go into that sections we were talking about of choosing a realtor. And I think the number one thing that most people, at least they should, and I think they do, when you’re hiring a realtor is, is … do you trust them? I mean, as simple as that. There are some people that have made the decision with a realtor, and many times, we hear from the sellers that it didn’t work out very well, or maybe they did sell the house, but the experience was horrible.
And it always came back down to, really, the big, big item. And that was, “You know, I didn’t trust that agent when we hired him. But I went ahead and did it, anyway.”
And again, they may have sold the house, but the experience and maybe how the sellers retreated, and did they get top dollar, and how fast it was. And did they get the intention they, the attention they needed, to their house? All those things come into play. So, even though you can have a sale, many of those people said they would never use that agent again, just because, the fact is, what they told us upfront wasn’t what was delivered in the other end.
So, how do you know? Well, I don’t know. Sometimes, I think it’s just a gut reaction. There is that true story. Are they saying what you want to hear? Are they giving you prices, or are they giving you a rainbow situation? And maybe it’s true. I mean, I mean, I’m not saying it’s not true. But maybe, just, it gets … just more money than you could ever imagine, in the shortest period of time … and they’re just making claims, and all kinds of outrageous things that, even in the back of your head, you know, maybe it’s not true. But what if it is?
Again, I think the best rule of thumb on that is, trust your gut. And that’s with anything. That’s what we do. I mean, we’re humans, and whether it’s a doctor or a lawyer, or anything like that, if something doesn’t sound right, if something isn’t correct, well, guess what? Maybe it’s time to move on.
So trust is a big thing. Again, what you hear sometimes is, having too many comebacks. It’s also maybe being too “salesy,” too many cute lines. Back in the ’80s, that was kind of cool, but you know what? You’re hiring not only a marketing person, but a consultant to give you information, and that’s so, so important, also.
With that said, we’re gonna talk in the next segment, which is probably maybe the most underlooked thing that sometimes sellers forget about, is, is the agent asking questions? And are they listening? Hey, we’ll be back with that. During the break, hey, do yourself a favor. Go get the book. It’s absolutely free. Go to readysetsold,org, not dot com,, not dot com. Go get the book. No strings attached. Give it to a friend if you need to.
Either way. Give it to your [inaudible 00:10:38] that you’re gonna hire. I don’t care. But, again, that information is so critical, and important, I want you to have it. You’re listening to Bryan Vogt, the host of Ready, Set, Sold.

We’ll see you in a few.

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