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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #12-05: $5000 Tip-of-the-Week

August 12, 2017

Speaker 1: Welcome back, everyone. Happy Saturday, thanks so much for joining us. We’ve kind of gone through the whole scenario of what to look for in an agent. In the book, I’ve got seven different things. So again, it’s the only reason to get the book. You can [inaudible 00:00:20] insight about teams. Sometimes marketing strategies, things of that nature. Why a team could be a better fit than having a single agent. There’s all kinds of other things that you can check out.
That’s why the book not .com, you can get it for free, no strings attached. With that said, here’s the $5,000 dollar tip of the week. You either earn or save seller’s money. It deals directly with realtors.
One of the things you want to be very, very, very, very leery on is if a realtor that argues on the price of your home. This is your house. You bought it, you made the improvements or whatever you’ve done to the home. That can cost you well over $5,000 and it can more than one way. I’ll kind of give you an example and this is a little bit of an extreme example again, but it’s just the idea that if you have an agent that’s willing to work with you or this is the price take it or leave it. If you don’t take it, you’re going to lose everything and life is never going to be the way you want to.
You want to understand from seller’s we talked to that not only if they’re arguing with price, number one, they’re not supporting you and not understanding what you’re trying to do, but number two, that’s probably going to carry on into negotiations and it’s very easy to lose $5,000, $10,000, $15,000 if your agent is not on board with you.
When they start working against you because they don’t like the price that you picked even if they take that price. So, be very, very leery of that. If someone’s arguing about price, time to move on. It’s not going to go well for you and you’re going to either lose money because they’re trying to do too low, which is possible or you’re in a situation where it’s just negotiations. Remember, there is different layers that goes on and they may and they have said, “Well, yes I know you put it on for $175, but I still think it’s $165,” and the offer comes in at $165 and they say, “Hey, you got it take it.”
It’s $10,000 and maybe they’re negotiating with them. Hey, negotiations, you never know what can happen in negotiations sometimes. What I explained to you was a prime example of what happened. They literally, the agent said, “No, this is what you got to take. Take it, take it, take it.” There was $10,000 out there. Could there have been $5,000, well, it wouldn’t have been unusual to be able to negotiate that back in. $5,000 they lost by using an agent that wouldn’t want to work with them and said price was everything, price was everything.
The other part of that, and this is more of an extreme situation, but there was some sellers, they had a house. They thought their house was worth $290. They had an agent come in and said it was $250. That was the most they could possibly get. He said, “That wasn’t good enough.” They went to a second agent, $250 and they said, “No.”
The third agent said, “Hey, let’s give it shot.” Look, it doesn’t always happen. It doesn’t and actually the percentage is usually against you, but it can happen. They had an agent that wanting to at least work with you and see if can work and get behind them and they put it on the market for $290 and in two and a half weeks, they got almost a full price offer.
By then, the only one of the agents that was willing to listen to them, ready to work with them and being able to be flexible. They were able to get close to $40,000 more than what two other agents said. Quote, unquote said the house would sell for. Again, make sure you have an agent. The tip is make you have an agent that’s working with you on price and figuring out ways of how they can make it work.
Hey, next week we’re going to be talking about updates. I love the aspect of updates. Updates can make or break a house, so please, please tune in to that. Get the book. Go to not .com. not .com and get that book today so you can have it for next week. Hey, make it a fantastic Saturday. Make it a fantastic week and thanks so much for joining us. Bye. Bye.

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