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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #15-01: Scott Miles of BarCom Security and Joanna Theismann of Delmar Financial: Why more sellers should get their house pre-inspected before selling

September 2, 2017

Speaker 1: Welcome everyone to Ready Set Soul. I am your host Bryan Vogt. Thank you so much for joining us. Happy Saturday. I hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend. As you may heard if you heard the very first part of the show, I had the show God Bless Texas, unless you’re under a rock or haven’t been paying attention to anything, you know what’s going on in Houston, and that surrounding area Corpus Christi, and what have you, but especially with Houston, and it’s just …
Boy you thank your lucky stars. So, wishing naturally of course, our thoughts and our prayers to everyone in Texas, and especially with the Houston area. I was talking to another realtor in San Antonio, because I was just looking at the map trying to see, and they said, “No, they’re fine.” They were kind of concerned about that, but the devastation is really real. I know that, I still remember the ’93 flood, and I bring my kids to the arch and the Mississippi river was steps away from that, if your familiar with the arch at arch at all, there’s 20, 30, 50 steps. I know they’re making some changes, so I hope that’s still there, but anyway it was just amazing, and they called it the 100 year flood, and now in Texas it seems like it’s even bigger than that. It’s biblical.
So, I want to make sure that hopefully you’ve gone to your favorite charity. I’ve gone to Red Cross, made a donation with love for everyone here. We’ll send you the program to make a charity. It could from $10, 25, 75. I know some people even in this area that are actually driving down to Houston and trying to see what they can do for support. So, they really, really need our help, and again I go back to ’93 and devastation that had, and the support and help that we got from family and neighbors, and also from the government was tremendous, and I think the need is even that much greater in Houston.
One of the other things too on the real estate side of it, not to bring business into it, but I had a friend that was looking at the devastation and talking about that too, it also shows the greatness of America, of why we do live in a great country, because of the volunteers literally risking their lives in more than a few cases, and saving people’s lives from the water and the devastation is really incredible. It’s really incredible. So, it just makes you proud to not only be an American, but then that Texas spirit. It’s just a really cool thing.
But on the real estate side as I mentioned, what typically happens if you’re selling your house, and maybe you’re getting ready to close on your house mean you sell it, typically along all those areas, any coastal areas, especially in Texas, New Orleans, Florida, parts of Alabama parts of that reaches down there too. What they do is, they actually put a freeze on all closings. You can’t close on the house. So, once a warning or once a hurricane is spotted, they typically shut down everything.
So, if you had a house that was going to be selling that Friday before the storm, well that wasn’t going to happen. It’s to protect both sides. The buyer, naturally and also the seller if the situation, God forbid, something as bad as this happened. So that typically what goes on and then there’s a certain period of time afterwards that then they would lift, and then they would get to close again, making sure that the house is in good working order, and in good shape.
So, anyway that’s just a little bit of a real estate side, again I had one friend ask me, then another friend asked me. So, I thought I would address it, just more for curiosity. We’re not in the Houston area, but that is typically what would happen. Anything along the borders there when a hurricane is even to be known to be coming into the area.
With that said, let’s kind of switch gears, and we’ve got a great show today. We have some great guests that are going to be coming on. One is Scott Miles. He’s going to be talking about what you need to do if you have a security system. He’s from Barcom, and also Joy Ann Theismann from Delmar Financial, and talking again about how easy it is to get a pre-approval for buyers, and the importance to you as a seller, what you need to know. That’s going to be in segments three and four, but what we’re going to be talking about now, just briefly is getting your house pre-inspected. Taking the offensive, when you’re getting ready to sell your home, and that’s what we’re going to talk about in that section.
The section number two following this, it’s going to be the top three reasons to get your house pre-inspected, and I’ll go into a little bit more detail about that. A little bit more about me, this program has been on now for over three months, but just to kind of fill in the blanks, I am a professional realtor. I have been doing this for over 16 years. I have a highly successful team of agents that work underneath me.
We work mainly in the Metro East. North [islands 00:05:44], Shiloh, Mascoutah, Swansea, Glen Carbon, Waterloo. So, it’s a pretty big area that we work in, and what I did was is this year I wrote a book called Ready, Set, Sold 12 Proven Steps to Sell Your House, and Fast for Top Dollar in the St. Louis Metro East, and I always say it’s 12 proven steps. This is not theory. This is not conjecture. These are things that we’ve been able to use, and I’ve been able to use over all those years to get top dollar and a fast sale for home sellers, and it’s geared for this area here.
One of the reasons why I wrote the book was the confusion that goes on with all of TV shows, the list and sell shows, them always based in the East Coast and West Coast, and those are totally different markets. They’re just totally different markets than here locally, and we see too many times that sellers would watch those shows, and we understand why, and pick up some information and spend literally tens of thousands of dollars on improvements that weren’t going to make them the money they thought they would, and making it worse actually going back and having to put other thousands of dollars on things that will get their homes sold.
So, it’s easy to get. I’m offering it free. My passion is real estate. I would love for you to go to, not dot com. not dot com, and get the book. It will be sent to you by mail. Tons of people have already ordered the book, and we’re so, so happy with that. Again, this is your biggest asset. This is your biggest investment for most people. This is not the time to do a guessing game. You want to have this information, and that’s what this is. It’s solid information with proven results.
You go through it. It’s an easy read. I hear that from everybody that reads it, and use that information, and whether or not you use us, our team, that’s okay. Go with an agent you know I can trust, and at least you have the information that you can share with them, or your both on the same path.
Oh, before I forget, we are on podcasts. I mentioned that I think a couple of weeks ago, but we have podcasts. If you didn’t catch all the show, you can go to Google Play or iTunes and catch this, or on YouTube. You can like us on Facebook, Ready Set Sold, and also we have some other things coming down the road that you’ll have even more opportunities to listen to us. In 1260 Easy Answer has an app that’s easily loaded on your phone.
So, if you can’t listen to us to us through the radio, through your car or your house, do what most people are doing now, is using everything for their phone. So, let’s go into inspections, and understanding that the home inspection. When a seller sells their home 99% of the time, a buyer is going to have a home inspection which consists of three things. It consists of the home inspection itself. It takes anywhere from two hours to three hours. They go from top to bottom. I mean literally, from the crawl space or the basement all the way to the chimney, and they go through that house.
Secondly, there’s going to be a Radon test, and that’s a 48 hour test, and there is a termite and pest test. All those things are almost always going to happen, and the problem happens with sellers is that they’re kind of feeling like they’re on the defensive number one. I listened to a seller the other saying that, “You’re on pins and needles. You don’t know what they’re going to find. You think you have a great house. You’re pretty sure you have a great house,” and here’s the good news, most sellers do.
So, I don’t make it sound like this home inspection is going to be the death of you. It’s not, but just knowing that there could be something wrong can make it very difficult. Talking to a seller who was talking about what they did was they just had their inspections beforehand, and that is had the home inspector come in. They had a reputable Radon and a termite inspection done, and the seller said it was the best $500 peace of mind they ever spent.
Now, $500 is probably on the high side for the Metro East is probably usually lower, but on the high side $500 for peace of mind of knowing that your house is in good shape, that you don’t have any bad things hopefully coming your way when the inspection happens from the buyer. In the next segment what we’re going to be talking about is the three top reasons to get your house pre-inspected. Not only what I mentioned there, but I’m going to give you some examples of why it’s so important to get that done, and to have that confidence when selling your house.
Hey, you’re listening to Ready, Set, Sold with your host Brian Vote. Hey, during the break, go get the book. not dot com. Go to not dot com and get the book.

See you in a few.

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