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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #20-01: Mayor of Belleville Ill, Mark Eckert: Why negotiating a win-win outcome is a great strategy for sellers!

October 7, 2017

Bryan Vogt: Welcome everyone to Ready, Set, Sold. I am your host Bryan Vogt. Happy Saturday. Hope everyone’s having a fantastic weekend and is gearing up for the next week and making that a fantastic week also. If you’ve listened to the show, you know we normally start off with AC/DC and that’s one of the favorite rock groups that I’ve had over the years.
But this time we started with “Going to the Chapel.” The reason for that is that my son got married this Friday to his lovely wife Kathy. Both great people, love them to death. They’re fantastic and they had a fantastic wedding. My granddaughter was involved with it. It went out without a hitch. They got married in the afternoon and the reception was at night. Everyone had a great time.
Also, on Thursday, we went out golfing with the wedding party, the groomsmen shall we say. There was eight of us and we had a great time but I just killed them. I just destroyed them. I wiped them off the face of the Earth. That’s just my abilities. Now if you don’t know this in truth in advertising shall we say, I record this on a Wednesday and it airs on a Saturday.
My first comment about the wedding is all truth. I have no doubt that the wedding went off and is going to go off without a hitch. The golfing thing, that’s kind of my story. Okay? I’m pretty happy with that. Since I’m the one that has the radio program, the people that are golfing probably aren’t going to be able to dispute it very well. Anyway, but again congratulations to Josh and Kathy. So happy for you and looking to have even a richer life than you do now.
With that said, can I take you back a little bit. My gosh, it’s been over now three months, four months, I’m not really sure. Joey’s my producer here. I think it’s been something … We’re on our fourth month, I’ll put it that way, if I remember right from once we started. I think we started the end of May and now we’re into, my goodness, October, the first week of October.
The show and I get this asked all the time and just this week someone said, “Well, how’d you get on radio? How did you start the idea of having a radio program dedicated for sellers to help in them getting their houses sold?” It started really the beginning all the way back in really the end of last year, beginning of this year is when I wrote the book. Literally, I wrote the book, Ready, Set, Sold, 12 Proven Steps to Sell Your House Fast and for top dollar, in the Metro East.
It became a number one best seller. 1260 the answer, or should I say 1260 and 95 one of the answer is contacted me and they said, “Hey, how about doing a weekly radio program about your book and so you can let people know about what it’s going to need, what it’s going to take to get their house sold. They’re only sold. Not just sold, but to get top dollar and a fast sale because that’s by far is what most sellers want.
I’ve been doing this now going on close to two decades. Have a successful team. By the way, we’re always looking for people to add to the team. The market conditions have been fantastic. We haven’t seen market conditions like this for this long of a period of time in years. Let me repeat that: In years. It’s a fantastic time to get into real estate. We train people. We get them up and moving and it can be an exciting, fun time to be out on the team but also to be in real estate.
As I mentioned, the other question I get is not only the radio station but why did I write the book? As I alluded to is that the length of time I’ve been in and we’ve been blessed with some tremendous success of helping sellers getting top dollar and fast sale. I decided to put it all into one book because there is so much information out there and much of it is geared mostly for the East Coast to West Coast. There is probably, I don’t know, 50 how to sell your house shows on cable. They always seem to go on the East Coast, the West Coast and those are different markets. They just simply are for various different reasons, culturally, price points, all kinds of different things.
But there was nothing really geared for the Metro East and the Shiloh and O’Fallon, Belleville, Mascoutah, near Scott Air force Base. All those areas that didn’t have any way to know what to do, the sellers didn’t know what to do. And, so before making some decisions they thought were right because they saw it on a TV program, and finding out it was costing them five, 10, 15, $20,000. Things that they didn’t need to do, upgrades they didn’t have to do. And they weren’t going to be a return investment. And then, the double whammy of things that they needed to do was another cost they had to add on too.
So, it led into some very bad situations. So that’s why I wrote the book to make it very simple, easy to understand that these are proven. Let me repeat this, these proven steps, 12 proven steps that you use and you’re going to have some success that you probably can’t believe. So, one of the things I’m offering here on the radio program is to get the book free. Absolutely no strings attached. Again, this is a fantastic time to be putting your house on the market. The market hasn’t been like this for many years. But if you’re even thinking about maybe down the road. Maybe you have a friend.
Just so you know, as I said, there’s no strings attached, there’s nothing you have to do. You sign up with us. If there’s somebody else that you have, that you have a trusted person in real estate, please use them. But use the book as maybe an outline of how you can have even more success. All you need to do is go to, not .com., not .com. Get your free book, put some information in. We will send it directly to your door, once you fill out the information. Also, like us on Facebook, we really appreciate that. We’re on Facebook, Ready, Set, Sold with Bryan Vogt, we really would appreciate that.
And also, really excited. So many times, people don’t get to listen on a Saturday morning. They just have things going on, and I get that. But, if you missed any parts of the program, you can always go back to a podcast, and we have those on iTunes, or Google Play. And you can find us, you can do a very quick search and find out specifically if maybe there’s just one section you missed or, maybe you want to listen to the whole program. Whatever you want to do, it’s just a great way of just getting the information out so people can really have success. I mean, this is your biggest asset for most people, and you want to get this right.
And, this is the information that I’m wanting to get out to people. I’m just passionate about real estate. I love seeing people succeed, and especially sellers. And getting that closing table with a smile on their face, and they got through it. Not only they got through it, but they quite frankly maybe even had an enjoyable time through the process since they kind of knew what to expect. They knew what to do to get things going. With that said, today we’re going to be talking about negotiations and why it’s so important to be in a win-win situation when it comes to selling your home.
In fact, win-wins, no addition and nothing else. Quite frankly, win-lose is … That means somebody’s going to lose and that usually means that this isn’t going to go through the way it should. And what I mean by that is, that when somebody feels that they have the hammer, and this could be the seller, or it could be the buyer, either way.
That hammer comes down and more times than not, you can have not only a very rough, rough 30 days, 45 days that most buyers and sellers don’t want to go through. Or, you have the situation that somebody just not playing along. And, on occasion, buyers just walking away and saying look, I’m not going to buy your home. And, within contract meaning is, they agreed to the agreement, but they said that look, you’re just too difficult to work with.
So, doesn’t happen very often, but it does happen. Here’s the great news. And the great news about negotiating in this win-win strategy, that’s what most people want. I mean with anything, not just with real estate, but just … That’s how people want to be treated. And understanding that a buyer is in many ways, giving you the seller the ultimate compliment. You know, they love what you’ve done. They’ve loved the updating, they love the colors, they love the location, they … The school district. Everything is matching, and they see what you have and they want to put an offer in to try and get what you have.
So again, many times we hear or, I should say, the stories that we usually hear is that when there is more confrontation. Unfortunately, sometimes that will come from a realtor. The realtor sometimes … Dare I say, not always, but sometimes they take on the hats as if they were lawyers for some reason. That we’re having a dispute and, that their client has to win, whether it’s the buyer or whether it’s the seller. And that’s just not the direction that leads to really, a win-win outcome. And that can lead to really, more problems than not. So that’s a direction that really want to go with, the win-win.
Hey, later on in the program, actually the next set I’m going to be talking with the Honorable Mayor, Mark Eckert of the City of Belleville. And you’re … I’m really excited about that. He’s going to have some great information about the city of Belleville, why it’s a great place to live there. But also, just the things it has that maybe that we just don’t know. That’s one of the reasons we’re trying to do a series now, of the Metro East Mayors of getting their input of some fun things that we don’t know. And, just so you know, I learn just as you will learn too. Every time I’ve done this, we’ve done those things in the past with city officials.
I’m always surprised to find out what’s going on, it’s pretty cool stuff. Having said that, don’t forget about the book. Go to, not .com, pick up the book during the break. It’s the easiest thing to do. Hey, I can’t wait to talk to Mayor Mark Eckert in the next segment. Please stay tuned, you’re listening to Ready, Set, Sold with your host, Bryan Vogt.

Please stay tuned, you’re listening to Ready, Set, Sold with your host, Bryan Vogt.
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