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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #22-01: Mark Kupsky, Mayor of Fairview Heights, IL: Check for the agent’s Facebook page and check to see if they have their own website not just a company website

October 21, 2017

Speaker 1: Welcome to Ready, Set, Sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know where to start? Good thing you’ve found Ready, Set, Sold. And now real estate broker, Brian Vogt.
Byan Vogt: Welcome to Ready, Set, Sold everyone. I am Bryan Vogt. Thanks for tuning in. Hey today I want to talk about a few things. There have been some fantastic changes with not only the station, the Answer but also our time slot. So hopefully you found us. We moved our time slot we think to a better slot, 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM, every Saturday. And also the call numbers have changed to 1380 The Answer. And Joey, it’s 95.1, is that correct?
Joey: We’re going to be 1380 and 105.3, so AM and FM.
Bryan Vogt: 105.3.
Joey: Yeah.
Bryan Vogt: Yeah, that’s fantastic. So, we’re going to get even more coverage to be able to reach out to listeners as they talk about real estate and what it takes to get your house sold in the metro east market. Also before we get into the program, I wanted to kind of talk about what I left people off with about the wedding and also about the golf game. People had asked me about that and we do prerecord these, and I wanted to kind of fill you in that.The wedding of my son Josh and Cathy went fantastic. The wedding ceremony was beautiful.
The reception was fantastic. We had it at Tapawingo, a great facility and everyone had a fantastic time. So thanks for those people that asked me about that. Secondly, we did kick butt in the golf game so if you remember, I mentioned that we played golf that Thursday and my prediction was right on both accounts so letting everybody know, kind of filling you in on what’s been going on in the past couple weeks.
With that said, give you a little background about the radio program. It started out as I wrote a book, Ready, Set, Sold, 12 Proven Steps to Sell Your House Fast and For Top Dollar in St. Louis Metro East. And I wrote the book mainly because of so much confusion that’s going on, whether it be the TV selling shows on cable telling you to do this, doing that. They’re mostly based on the East Coast and West Coast. There’s nothing in this direct area that gives you the information that you need and also I named the book 12 Proven Steps. These are 12 Proven Steps that you can get your house sold for top dollar in a fast sale.
Also the internet as I kind of mentioned, there’s a lot of confusion on there, what you should and shouldn’t do. I wanted to have something where people had a go-to book to where people can really get the information they need to have success. This is compiled over years and years of being in the business, going on two decades of being in the business and having some great success with helping people sell their quite frankly, their most prized asset in most cases. The biggest investment they’re ever going to sell. So that was important also.
From that the radio station, the Answer, contacted me, heard about the book and said, “Hey how about doing a weekly program.” And that’s kind of where we’re at right now. So we’re doing a weekly program and giving you information that can get your house sold for top dollar and a fast sale. We’re always trying to give that information in a timely manner. With that said, also we are expanding. We realize that radio is a great platform but people aren’t always able to tune to catch the shows or they hear part of the segment but they don’t hear the whole segment.
And so we’ve tried to solve that problem and that simply is we’re on podcasts. And you can catch us on Google Play or iTunes. You can go in and find the segments you want. They’re already dissected so if there’s just one segment you want to listen to or listen to again, that’s perfectly fine. We’re also on YouTube. And there’s just different other venues that we’re going to. We moved into LinkedIn so there’s just different ways that we can get the information out to you. You’re the seller who’s looking to sell their house.
We’re also on Facebook. We’d love you if you’d like us on Facebook, Ready Set Sold with Brian Vogt. We’re on there too. So there’s just different ways that we’re trying to reach out with not only with the radio program, but it’s given us enormous presence in being able to get out to more people. Also the radio station is also going through some changes that they’re going to have a compared to some of the biggest radio stations in the area as far as how far their reach is and they’ve moving in that direction. So that’s exciting news too, that we wanted to share with you.
With that said, let’s talk a little bit about the market and the market has been going great. We have not seen this market like this for years and one thing that’s great about it, it has legs. Meaning is that we have seen markets in the metro east and O’Fallon, Collinsville, Belleville, Swansea, Air Force Base Area, even Waterloo, Columbia that had great starts, but they didn’t have the staying power and we’re still seeing that staying power on the market.
So basic resellers, you price it for your location, who’ve done the updates are having some tremendous success at getting the monies that they want and the speed at which they want to sell it. So that’s great news so if you’re even thinking about putting your house on the market, I would encourage you to really, really consider it. This could be the time to do it. Fall is the second best time to sell a home so we’re in that season right now. I did a show about week or two ago talking specifically about that. So if you’re even thinking about it, now may be the time to make that move.
With that, I’m offering the book on the radio program absolutely free. It’s a free book. All you need to do is go to, not dot com., not dot com, and pick up the book. It’s free, don’t have to use me, that’s not what it’s intended for. It’s really a value situation of giving people the information they need to make the decision to make the home sale an enjoyable one and that’s important. It doesn’t have to be with fear and dread and concern. Pick up the book which many people already have which is fantastic, read the book. Maybe just read chapters of the book that you might have interest in. There’s a lot of great stuff in there that people have gotten some great value with.
With that said, let’s talk about what we’re going to be talking about today and that is the three things that you should do before you contact your realtor. This is before you actually even talk to them, before you either call them, email them or possibly even text them. And these things are important because it’s always a good thing to know as much as you can.
As agents, we’re coming to your house. It may be a situation where they’re already good friends or a family member and that’s all good, so it may or may not be needed. However, many times it might just be the referral source and you don’t know that much about them and I’m going to give you three tips that’s going to possibly change that, that you’re going to get a flavor for and maybe what you should be looking for in your agent. At least it’s going to give you an idea of how your agent maybe is and how they operate.
And the first one is going to be social media, and that’s Facebook. You don’t have to be friends with people, many people may or may not know to look someone up on Facebook. So if you have the name of the agent, you want to go ahead and just see what their profile looks like. Not only their profile but a couple things to look for. Number one, make sure that they do have a Facebook page. The reason why I say that is we’re a people business and I appreciate that there are a few agents that don’t like to be on Facebook or don’t even have a place on Facebook.
But that may be okay but that’s usually going to tell you that they’re pretty well on the business side of it, and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s what you’re looking for. But sometimes they can be a little too much on the business side and maybe not the people characteristics that you’re looking for. As I said this is a people business that we’re in.
What that is, is when you find their post or find their name, make sure what are they posting? I mean it’s a good thing to just scroll through. Learn things, believe it or not, we had a seller talk about this. They found out the agent was actually complaining about their clients. They had a bad experience and they were going off about it. And they didn’t name the client but the seller said, “Well wait a minute, if they’ll do that with one person, they may do that with another person,” and they decided to move on, to get someone else. And that might be a good idea for you.
Second thing you may look at is how many times is it they post. And we’re going to be talking in next week about this a little bit more in depth but the fact of the matter is that they have 10 or 15, 20 posts. Kind of like, what are they doing for the day? I bring this up because a seller contacted an agent and during that course of the time, they actually looked them up on Facebook and they saw that they had like 10 posts in the last three hours but had never returned their phone call. So that became a problem of where their priorities are at.
And the third thing is do they have a Facebook business page where they can help promote your house? And making sure do they have multiple Facebook pages could even be better. So those are the things that you can do up front and you get a feel for the person. What are they posting? Are they highly political, left or right? Are they highly religious? Whether that’s good or bad, maybe that’s a great thing.
Maybe that’s exactly what you’re looking for but sometimes that can be a distraction and can be a problem for sellers for the agent voicing such strong opinions one way or the other. Ideally hopefully they have some likes that people are following them. It again tells you that they’re a people person and that people like them and that’s a good thing, because let’s face it, when you’ll be dealing with somebody for the next 30, 60, 90 days or whatever, you definitely want to like them.
So number one is Facebook, I would definitely look them up that way. And the next segment or down the road, we’re going tobe talking about two others you can do and that is their website and the third thing talks about blogs and podcasts and how you can check them out, too. With that said, I am really excited. We’re going to have the Mayor of Fairview Height, Mayor Mark Kupsky is going to be on the next two segments talking about the great city of Fairview Heights so please stay tuned. I’m sure you’re going to learn some great information just like me about the city of Fairview Heights.

You’re listening to Ready, Set, Sold with your host Brian Vogt. See you soon.
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