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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #23-04: Herb Roach, Mayor of O’Fallon Il: 3 Things to do before you contact an agent for the first time

October 28, 2017

Bryan Vogt : Welcome back everyone to “ready set sold” with your host Bryan Vogt, thanks so much for, uh, staying with us. As you heard the Mayor of O’Fallon talking about the fantastic things going on his city, and I’m truly always amazed but what I learn from the Mayor’s.
What I want to come back to is, what we mentioned in the start of the show about the three things to look for, when you’ve made contact with the agent. And it goes back to, as I said earlier is, is how you do anything is how you do everything. And we talked about in the first segment, to just kind of recap, we talked about the importance of is if you’re calling that agent, how do they respond back to you? Again, there’s nothing wrong with texting, I like texting too, but sometimes its’ nice to hear a voice.
One of the things that kind of highlight that a little bit more, talking to a seller that one of the frustrations that had, was that they hired the agent, and every time they left a message, they responded back … You know this was after the house was on the market and they had questions. They would constantly respond back in text’s and sometimes email.
Again, it’s not a bad thing, but the seller got to be very, very frustrated, in fact, would kind of leave angry messages saying “Hey! I want to talk to someone, I want to talk to a live being!” And quite frankly this is becoming more and more common amongst agents. I’m not saying it’s a good thing or a bad thing, maybe it’s exactly what you want.
But to hear a friendly voice, and hearing some communications is usually pretty big on most sellers plate when they’re selling their biggest assets. So that’s really important, for most sellers, and that’s how they’re communicating now. We also talked about how that’s how they are going to communicated from now on out. Also how fast do they need to respond back. How important that is too, to most sellers. Again, we literally carry our business’s on our phones, our smart phones. Weather that’s email, weather that is a text, maybe you shoot text out to them. Or maybe it’s by phone.
Either way, do you have that quick response, are they happy to talk with you. Are they too busy? You know, again we had a situation where a seller contacted in the morning and at 6 O’clock that night, they finally got back to him, and he was kind of frustrated, because they thought, “Well, if you are really that busy, how much time are you going to have for me?” So do they have a situation where they can block out some time or they can talk to you and answer any questions that you have.
The second thing that you want to be looking at is, and this may sound a little crazy, but I’ve heard many seller’s complain about this. When they come to the appointment do they come on time? I mean do they show up on time? Look, sometimes trains actually do happen, you can get stuck by a train. Many times traffic can be a little congested.
However, it’s seems that some agents always catch that train, and always catch that traffic jam. And, sometimes that can be very frustrating, especially when you’re the seller. It’s kind of, with sellers that talk with us, it’s kind of disrespect, you know they block that time, they want to hear the information. They think the least that someone can do is, is to show up on time. Or at the very least, call and explain what’s going on.
Again not having that type of respect sometimes, can lead to , if you can’t make it on time to the appointment, what other things can’t they get on time. Can they get your house on the market in a timely manner, can they get the information out there in a timely manner. Or is it always just a little bit later? You know maybe you get the house on the market, but they don’t put the pictures on till the next day. It does happen on occasions.
So you know, just to be aware of that type of situation. Having common sense, common curtesy.
And this third this is, is when they come to the door. Does it look like they just, uh, ran a marathon? I mean, out of breath, kind of disorganized, don’t know what’s going on, not sure where they’re at, they’re kind of looking at the time. It kind of says to most sellers that we’ve talked to, is there’s not a lot of prep time. You know they appreciate sometimes the agent can be busy. But let’s face it, this is your biggest asset. I mean don’t you want somebody to be able to, not only be on time, but to also be prepared. And that kind of goes back onto the third thing. That being on time, also not running like your hairs on fire up to the door. But also being prepared. Do, when they meet with you, have that air of confidence.
That’s really important, there’s that 3rd sense, or that 6th sense I should say. That many same sellers have, that they wish they would have gone with, but they didn’t. That the agent came in and had literally seen like nothing going on with the house, they wasn’t even sure what the house had. Bedrooms, bathrooms. They’d done no preliminary work in advance, and it was just catches as catch can. That the seller was having to explain to the agent, what the house had, bedrooms, bathrooms, square footage. And it was kind of frustrating.
If you don’t know this information is readily available, either online agents can get, in the metro east. Or quite frankly having a brief conversation before you meet with the agent. Them asking you questions about what the house has, basements, garages, just the information their going to need to know to be able to, uh, better serve you.
So those are three things that seem to be, uh, I say common sense, but uh, not always on play, and the people that have done that and people have used those agents, doesn’t meant that they don’t have success, but sometimes they get very, very frustrated.
I had one example, that I was actually amazed by, I heard a seller talking about that the only time that they spoke to their agent, the day that they met them. That was the last communications they had verbally, for six months. The house didn’t sell, and the seller was just livid. Constantly emailing and calling and the agent was constantly texting back and emailing back, but never picking up the phone. Now that’s a rare situation, I don’t want to say that that’s every agent by any means, but, they kind of give you a flavor of communications is really the quality that most sellers want.
They want to know that they’re agent is communicating with them. Good sign to say, how you started off with, you know how the communicating from the very beginning is usually their method, and making sure that you as a seller the agent’s aware to how you want to communicate.
So with that said, those are some things to look at. Hope that was helpful, I think it was hopefully some good information you can use when selecting you realtor.
Hey I always want to talk about the book not .com not .com. Get the book it’s absolutely free, no strings attached.

With that said, we’re going to be doing the pick of the week, please stay tuned, you don’t want to miss it.
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