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Ready Set sold with Bryan Vogt #26-04: Kelly Etheridge and Kathleen Popovich of the Bryan Vogt Team: Why schools and the weather play little in the sale of a home

November 25, 2017

Bryan: Welcome back to Ready Set Sold. Thank you so much for joining us this four day holiday weekend. Hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday and I hope you’ve had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I know we did. Yes, I know I said we went there, we haven’t had it quite yet. But, actually on our way over here to the radio program, we talked in depth about the foods that we were going to have, right? And we made decisions if we liked that food or not.
Kathy: Now I need lunch, yes.
Bryan: Lunch is good. I think the other part about that too is we had a split vote two to three on that we didn’t want Stove Top stuffing. We’re not getting into that direction who was proposing to have that. But we did agree that that maybe wasn’t the best way to go, but that’s okay if you have it. Hey, whatever you want to have for the holidays. It’s all good because, it’s the food but it’s also family gatherings. And that’s really the.
Kathy: And the fellowship, yeah.
Bryan: Yeah, it’s a fellowship. And that’s really important. So, that’s what I actually love about Thanksgiving is the fact that, they haven’t been able to commercialize it as much as you know, Halloween and Christmas. Not that Christmas and Halloween don’t have their own meanings behind them, more so Christmas. But Thanksgiving, you know, you get turkey sales, I guess. You get cranberry sales. But you don’t really have.
Kathy: The Black Friday sales.
Bryan: Well, Black Friday sales, but that’s after Thanksgiving. I know they’re trying to push that up and they’ve got Cyber Mondays and they’ve got all this other stuff, but that’s usually after the fact. Anyway, what we’ve been talking about is the reasons to be on the market now. And again, the only reason why you don’t want to be on the market, is simply that you haven’t decided to move. And that’s okay. Other than that, we’re giving you the reasons why you should be considering putting your house on the market. Talk to a professional realtor.
Somebody you know I can trust. And see what that would look like, and do a CMA, which is a cost market analysis. Basically, based on your location. And giving you some pricing and get the ball rolling. One of the things we come up with quite a bit is weather. And, it’s one of those situations where, we’ve lived here all of our lives, or I know I’ve lived here all my life. You guys, Kelly and Kathy, have lived here long enough, okay? I mean, 20 plus years. So you know the weather. And, we always were talking in the first segment, we talk about white Christmases that we hardly ever get.
Well, the fact of the matter is, this time of year, we don’t get that bad of weather.
Kathy: No. You never know.
Bryan: You never know. But for the most part, you know, it can be. I have played golf in December. At Clinton Hills. Again, you don’t know. And sometimes you have some inclement weather. But the weather usually isn’t gonna be a factor. And sometimes sellers again, kind of throw that out there, saying, well, they can have this or they can have that, as far as snow storms or getting brutally cold. There’s exceptions with everything. Again, Kathy, I know you’re from Chicago.
Kathy: Right.
Bryan: So we don’t really know what cold is, do we?
Kathy: Absolutely not.
Bryan: So, like I said, everything’s relative. So I think weather should not be a factor. And in most cases we don’t see it to be a weather issue. The other thing too is the schools. Is that, sometimes sellers say, well, my kids are in school. And I can’t move because no one else wants to move their kids and I don’t want to move my kids. And Kelly, I know you’ve had some experience in moving, haven’t you?
Kelly: Yeah, I moved every eight months to 12 months growing up. My father was in a career where he was transferred every eight to 12 months. And, you know, I contribute my love of homes and houses to that moving. I got to see so many. And, you know, I’m not the only kid out there that’s had to do that. It also gave me the ability to talk to anyone and make friends with anyone. So it’s not, you know, it’s not an all bad thing.
Bryan: Well, you made a good point too, and I have seen studies and I think [inaudible 00:04:18]. That number one, depending on price points, for example, if you have a new basically, what we call a new buyer’s home, maybe something in the hundred to low 100, or high 150, 180s or lower. Somewhere in that range. You can be a first time home buyer’s house. But guess what? Many times their kids are very, very small. They may have just started having children, or maybe they don’t have any children at all. So that’s not going to be an issue.
If you’re in the higher brackets, well, high schools are so large. I mean, O’Fallon covers Shiloh, parts of even Fairview. Right, there’s just so much. Bellville East, Edwardsville covers quite a bit. Waterloo is Columbia. All of these things come into play with high schools. That that’s not usually factor either. As you mentioned also, and I have seen studies on this, where it says that it’s not the kids that have the adjustment, it’s usually the parents.
You know, we kind of built into our little things, and we’re maybe not quite as open and kind. Not that we’re mean, but we’re not always as open.
Kelly: Set in your ways.
Bryan: Set in your ways, I love that, Kelly. That’s a good point. And so, that might be a little bit harder for us to make friends and it’s not near this issue with our kids. So, those are two things that actually come up and we hear that a lot. Let me also repeat also, unless you don’t want to move, then this is still a great time to move. For the reasons we talked about already. That is, it is a seller’s market right now. Again, I don’t remember the last time I actually could say seller’s market in November.
It doesn’t mean you couldn’t sell the house, it just wasn’t really that strong of a market. We have that now. We talked about the weather, and that that doesn’t have a factor much to play with it. The schools. Again, doesn’t have the same factors. What you’re getting for your house. Typically, it’s going to be very similar to what the last three months was, so, again. That can be, right now, in November, you’re already into August monies, and those are still going to be top dollar. Depending on every situation, there’s no guarantees you’re going to get everything your way, everyone knows that. But your chances are you still very good.
I think the other part of that, what the stress is, that not only do you have the buyers, but we have the military factor in the Metro East. And the military are constantly moving. And no, they don’t always buy houses if they have a short period of time, eight months or 12 months. But many times they’re coming in in November, in this time of year, and they’re desperate to try and get some housing. And they want to get in there as soon as possible.
So that affects the entire Metro East. Not only O’Fallon, Mascoutah, but there are people that we’ll go to, the military. We’ll go to Edwardsville, they will go to Columbia, they will go to Bellville. All those areas are in play. With that said, I want to let everybody know that there’s different ways you can get a hold of us.
When I say hold of us, listen to the program. You can go to iTunes. You can go to Google Play. You can listen to a segment of it. So if you miss, maybe the first part of this segment, you can go back and check that out. Or maybe you’ve missed part of this segment. So it’s designed to either be listen to the whole show, or you can listen to separate segments that you may have missed. With that said, I’m going to be coming back with the tip of the week. You don’t want to miss it. You’re listening to Ready Set Sold with Brian Bode, and I’ve been talking with Kelly Ethridge and Kathy Popovich. Talk soon.

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