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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #27-02: Larry McQueen Carpet Care Plus: Why Having A professional clean your carpets make sense

December 2, 2017

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold. I’m your host Bryan Vogt.
As I mentioned in our first segment we have a special guest today and that’s Larry McQueen of Proper Care Plus
How you doing Larry you’re a great Brian are you doing I’m doing fantastic and one of the reasons I really wanted to have Larry on here is yes you know during the season whether you’re selling your house or not it’s always a great time to get your your carpets did getting that fresh smell in there but it’s really when you’re looking to sell your house it’s so so important that you have someone that’s an expert that can come in and get the carpets cleaned and one of the things we talk about a lot.
I put it in the book is that you know three to seven years is a good path and so your carpeting if it’s older than seven years depending on how you created it may be time to go and so you want an expert to be able to tell you that and that could be in the carpet cleaning but also the pet smells we all have you know are our pets and not everybody but cats and dogs and what-have-you.
And many times we can’t as sellers we can’t smell that we don’t know that and just the fact of having you know buyer see the pets they make assumptions that may or may not be true but this business is all about perception versus reality and they perceive there’s something with the carpeting so getting your carpeting clean before you put your house on the market is such a winning idea and Larry I’m sure you’ve got some other so some other things you can talk about that when they’re looking for a carpet cleaners.
They should be and should be where well yes first off you want to make sure there is ERC certified which is means they’re with the Institute of the carpet and rugs Society which is basically headed by the people that make the carpet Mohawk Shaw all the major manufacturers certify us and we go every two years you have to go to a professional training course for that to keep your certifications and add to it no and if they have that that you know that they’ve been trained on that type of five than you have especially when it comes to pet issues.
And I can tell you in my experience you said that carpets are it’s important is because think of it when you sell your car what do you do first you wash it you wax it you make it look nicer with kids see it catches the eye of the buyer when they walk in the door and it’s the same thing with carpets when they walk in your home to buy it and the first thing you see is a bunch of spots or smell the odor of a pet you’re going to turn off 50% of the people right away or like you as you know Brian they’re going to ask for a carpet allowance and so this to me it’s important to get the carpets cleaned because it presents the house and but in the best picture possible and I know that the best thing to do is when you call it a professional is if I see a carpet is past its life cycle.
I’m going to let them know that right up front because we we want to make sure we meet the expectations of the customer and so we ask a lot of questions when we get in there of what type of usage has been on there what type of spills are on the carpet so if we can use the proper enzyme product to remove those spots from it and you know anyway I love about that on the grid or if you say here’s something else that can be done – that’s really new to the industry it’s called carpet it’s called color clean and what that is Brian is that we actually use a separate machine and we add dye back into the carpet to match the current color because every year you lose about 2% to fading on your carpets and what we can do on certain carpets is come in there if they are still have life left in them and put a little color back into them which will bring back to the luster and the shine of the carpet.
Also while I love that because that could be a situation if you’re borderline that maybe you have a situation and being able to save those carpeting which is going to save serious money to a seller and to make the buyers happier and wow I love that again and also what we can do Brian is we can die spot areas so say for instance there’s one bleach spot I know that some of the different detergents out there have a oxidizers in them or maybe your toilet bowl cleaner and they got a little bit spilled in the hallway coming down it we can take those bleach spots out because we have a system to match the carpet color to its current color based on its fading and actually read eye those areas back so you don’t have to do the whole car.
But we can just do spots and therefore it won’t catch the eye of the buyer when they’re coming through the door to see a big bleep spot in the middle of the hallway because you know they’re going to ask for new carpet then and become priced it lately it can run anywhere from three three hundred on up for just one room of carpet so it does pay off like max pop it up and that creates a problem on itself and maybe for another time if you only do one room and other rooms aren’t eventually probably replacing the whole carpeting so that sounds a major problem that you have.
And I love that one thing I did want to go back to that I think is really important that you kind of that you mentioned and that is in the person and we’ve already talked about the reasons you can get a faster sale you get the smell of the fresh carpeting you actually see those look it may sound you know crazy to some sellers but when you see those marks on the carpeting that it’s been cleaned up that they love that the in buyers love that they know things have been taken care of it’s a well-maintained home but going back to what you said that.
I think it’s so important and one of the reasons why when you have on the program they are unfortunately some carpet cleaning companies that will go nameless that that you know come in and they don’t care one iota they’re you know to clean the carpeting and that solve the problem and so you always want to make sure when you’re selecting a carpet cleaner that you know what maybe the carpeting just needs to be clean but maybe needs be replaced and to save you not only time and money but also aggravation that you’re going to have to wind up replacing anyway.
I think that is so key Larry that you mention it because something that people should be aware of yes because the key there like I said is where our first goal is always a customer satisfaction and we treat everybody every home like it’s ours so we come in there and we see that it was a five-year stain resistan carpet and it’s at fifteen or twenty years it’s time to probably replace it if there’s fiber missing or they’re complaining because there’s a big dip in the middle of the carpet that pad has worn away so therefore cleaning the carpet is not going to resolve that issue so we like to do it on a based on the fact that we’re going to look at everybody’s carpet and we’re not trying to upsell my my professional cleaners don’t do that we look at the carpet and we’re not upselling anything.
We’re down selling a lot of times because we’re say don’t reply to clean it replace it and we don’t do that so therefore we’re out of the picture so we don’t get anything out of it other than making sure that customer is happy and the realtor that’s uh the seller and buyer because on both ends they don’t want to be upset about the carpet at the end of the deal absolutely and the time remaining – I think it’s also important there’s what is called a final walkthrough if you sold a house you might be aware of it that’s changed dramatically.
Though is now there’s actually a signature involved meaning is is the buyer either that day of closing or the day or two beforehand literally has to sign something and sign off that the house is in good working order and I know where we talked about again off air but you have some stories of people that didn’t do didn’t make those changes didn’t do the right thing it doesn’t happen often but it does happen and and it’s loving just serious problems timing wise especially oh yes I’ve had calls a bit of a day after during the closing of a house where they decided only to clean five out of the six rooms because they thought one was good and then two the final walkthrough they identified the other initial room so we had to run over there and send a crew over there real quick to take care of that room for them.
So they could close or the other one would be they put a rug and covered up a spot and then when they moved out to the walk through there’s this big spot of the middle of the floor that was covered by rug before and so then for we’ve had to come in and take care of that for people too and just and just what we’re running out of time and that’s such a great thing so trying to hide things and most always don’t do that you know.
I mean these couches stuff like that but if you know you have that problem that’s even more of a reason to be able to get someone like you know Larry covered CarePlus out there to identify and see where you’re at so that at closing because I will tell you a very quick story doesn’t happen often but we’ve had buyers actually walk out and refuse to actually close on the house and that became panic City.
And it finally got resolved but it was days later and a lot of turmoil and a lot of anger and angst that went into that too so if you have even any question all get a carpet cleaner in there a couple of clusters fantastic or you have someone else but get a professional in there to take care of it with that said Larry thank you so much for your expertise I greatly appreciate it we’re about how time it will be going on to the next you

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