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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #27-03: Margo Sutter: Why Esquus horse rescue needs your help!

December 2, 2017

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold and I wanted to introduce a special care permission in the first segment and that is Margo starter someone I’ve known for years and she has a deep love for horses and he has a rescue that she runs.
Rescue and therapy and all sound alike. Welcome Margo. My brain is take you for having me on your show.Now the problem will love doing it they wanted things we talked about all year was dues especially this time of year enemy could be throughout the year but vertically right now is that.
That would.You were great work unless growing horses from racing horses from all kinds of arches that a can of.Put away to the side.And and you do great work that one of the greatest needs I know you talked about was is just a simple act of feeding the horses and what people can do to help.
Do you know arses again you can go indelibly marked. Absolutely and we rescue her throat retraining actually source close Otto second chance careers.
And and that’s how we originally started out in two thousand and eight going into two thousand and nine almost ten years later now we have expanded that end to it group working with horses that word should directly with water against Evander neglected and loans are not always nine hundred percent thoroughbreds that were there that can help out whenever we can our greatest need of course when we get those types of animal Lynn is the length of time that they’re in at our facility to rehabilitate.
And that includes proper nutrition from day one.And the proper nutrition may include the approximate. Bad faith actual fifteen extra oil.Vitamins minerals.Makeup all qualified for special like alfalfa cubes are soaked in extent as well as the great Hey that we bring an. And those costs are very high.All close to care for each animal per month is right around five hundred dollars a month.
So.That would not incriminate ordinary.You know.Right now it is really.A model of how many horses do you have.Right now our attorney.To.Well okay. Urgent bouncer as Brian will alert you know last year we took turns almost twenty surpluses. Arm and got one of those back out the door into the wonderful home.
The final stages of a stagnation ordinary rehab is I would go down to defeat kinda like human beings you know when you have done almost so your body but for a lot of trauma while you’re here fingernail bubble blasting become a bounce back.
And again hopefully get on so many other courses that we started on last year are renowned in nicely and not getting a lot of failure care with the Midwest barrier circular.
And are.We constantly overseeing them watching their weight. So. And I said well I doctored with proper nutrition feed interns primary for us. They’re coming here. The weather starts to change. It’s not so much on the crown volunteer Nicole they’re produced in the spring or summer or early fall.They need lubricant change whether through more than that five days a year and I know that there’s a lot of charitable organizations are coming here that need help.
And were no different. So if someone. Chooses to help us a monetarily. If they wanna support of course per month is five hundred dollars. If they wanna support a quarter are it.He.Hundred dollars.monthly three thousand dollars annually is six thousand dollars. And that would include feedback tear your care veterinary care. So keep doing taking care of the horses to continue to grow they need to be filed down the **** and a shot. Well there are some of the things that you accomplished what I care are a dagger the you know twenty dollars a pop think he’d. But to be fair with five hundred and fifty dollars a load of Harry and seven hundred dollars.
Now we can see the road ahead and thirteen barrels per week. There’s twenty eight hundred dollars per month but Hey. During a rather embarrassing electric where Ron right about. Eight hundred dollars per month.Three hundred appealing he was great and I hear you loud and clear on that and I think you could that we’re in it if they’re not in a situation and hopefully they are in need units are great because I’ve been out there before it’s it’s amazing what you guys do it Trulia.
And but I but I think if if they can’t make that high of a contribution in a in there have someplace where they can send the money to whether it be five hundred three thousand could they send a hundred dollars or fifty dollars. And sharing with it intensified ballot. Enter every dollar counts and that’s what folks would get her hope that maybe hearing the concert hall we wish we could help we just don’t have that kind of money and it is Christmas time.
One dollar kind twenty people equals one bag of feed.  Four people together five dollars equals a bag feet. It’s amazing how how that can happen so clear about ten thirty two. Columbia Illinois six two two three six in their mailing address for that course where you end therapy we have a website experts rescue dot org where they donate now but there.Folks can go there and click on the donate now button and we’re grateful to everybody and we invite everybody out to come to the farmer goes into.
Margot I thank you so much for your work

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