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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #27-05: Tip of week. If you have to reduce your price, make it count

December 2, 2017

Welcome back To Ready Set Sold. Thank you so much going to Saturday having a fantastic Saturday and starting off the holidays on the right note so we’re already in December.
It’s amazing how fast things go what’s kind of recap what we talked about and the first time we talked about is the season isn’t the reason why your house isn’t selling that if you have those things taken care of the updating marketing plan you feel good about then something that you probably need to look at in the location that’s probably a pricing issue the second segment we talked about the importance of keeping carpets clean.
And also very frankly is maybe you need to replace them and making sure you get the expert in there that’s not just going to clean the carpet but it’s going to give you an evaluation of they need to be replaced and that’s important too information so recently talk with Marco Sutter and that was about the horse rescue it can do anything that would be fantastic you know whatever you can give 5 10 15 20 or maybe in a position where you can do 500 or 3,000 to helped out the horse farm because I’ve been out there nothing else volunteer.
I’ve been out there myself it’s a it’s a it’s fantastic facility what they have but they need our help to make maintain it and maintain the horses and then we talked with Mayor her brooch of O’Fallon talking about what’s been going on with the city both Allen and amazing and then the big news in case you missed it was the the Roland act attacks is something I never thought would be possible to 2014 rates and City O’Fallon.
I believe he said to beginning of this year which is amazing I don’t remember the last time I’ve ever heard that happening so that’s that’s good stuff for home sellers so let’s talk about the tip of the week and I think the tip of the week is going to be dealing with what we talked about before is making price reductions the biggest tip I can give you is simply talk with your Realtor every situation is unique and decide what that price needs to be and the reason why I say that is sometimes what we see is $300,000 house and we see a price drop of $100 or $500.
You don’t have to be in real estate to know that probably isn’t going to do the trick so and we see that and then two weeks later we’ll see another price trap of $500 and it came to house still setting a good rule of thumb is any price adjustment usually takes a week to two weeks to know if it worked so you want to make that count because if you don’t have the right price adjustment you can easily burn up a month meaning is singing Oh didn’t work this two weeks we’re gonna have to go back and do another price adjustment and all of a sudden you’re on the month you’re on the market for another month or even longer so the tip is is is make sure that your agent has the confidence have a consultation have a talk what’s it going to take.
You know with with what’s going on with them not only the market it’s the location what’s their professional opinion what it’s going to take to get your house sold and and and move on with bigger and better things so that’s thetip of the week I thank you so much for joining us this Saturday this December 2nd again I can’t get over the fact it’s December and one last time give you an opportunity to go to ready set so or dot-com or ESET soda org that calm and pick up the book it’s absolutely free.
With that said I’m wishing everyone a very happy weekend and a fantastic week until we talk again next week bye bye.

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