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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #28-01: Dave Hohe and Deb Rust of New American Home Loans: Great news for home sellers in the Metro East

December 9, 2017

Welcome to Ready Set Sold with your host Brian Vogt.
Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know where it starts good thing you found Ready Set sold and now real estate broker Brian Vogt.
Good morning everyone. Welcome to ready set sold, I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Hope you had a fantastic Saturday. Hope you got that shopping if you’re doing shopping if you’re doing Christmas shopping getting those gifts getting everything taken care of actually all times a year is great but how they season usually tends to have a lot more I guess scholarship friendship amongst others and just enjoying the time that we have together.
With that let’s go into a little bit about the market and the market has been still going strong. We talked last week about getting your house in the market in December. We know houses are coming on the market. We have houses coming on the market. Still yet this month because look if it’s December it means that you can have this a good successor you can have in March or in June are in September or October. So that’s for that is your beginning into the market right now.
Give you a little brief history been doing this now my questions like seven months down on my seventh month that’s unbelievable but I got started because I wrote a book of being claiming them number one best-selling book tow Ready’s have sold 12 proven steps to get your house sold for top dollar and fast sale meant st. Louis and Metro East.
It became a number one bestseller on Amazon and the radio station 1382 the answer they they heard about it contacted me and here we are. one reasons I tell us all the time and what I love actually about being on the radio being able to give the book away for free because it’s just information that can truly help people get top dollar in a fast sale because that’s what most I would want to do.
And it’s loaded with all kinds of information to get you there into twelve step process that sometimes may take a little bit more work but the results are our depth when we report them to the sellers that have used a book. So I’ll make that available to everyone and absolutely free no strings attached you ready set sold. org not .com ready set sold dot org not com pick up a book. I think we well worth it if you’re thinking about moving in the spring time or even a year from now its well worth.
I just heard a story the other day another agent I was talking to it was a first-time sellers home so that can that can always depend on pricing but this one happened to be around 100 hundred twenty-five thousand dollars just kind of give you an idea and they had watched those cable shows on how to sell a house and they’re all based on the East Coast and the west coast and we’re talking about houses it cost three five seven ten times more than housing costs in this market here and so they went ahead and they saw that hardwood floors and granite countertops that’s the way to go and they spent ten fifteen thousand dollars and the agent was telling me that hated it but had to sit there and tell them that.
You know what it you know I can get your money back you might get a fraction of that back and those are the things that really are heartbreaking for me and I know for other agents too and of course naturally for sellers so again one of the reasons I wrote the book was just to give that type of information what should you improve what shouldn’t you improve that can be just as a viable valuable information as what you need to improve so again that’s run with the book I’m passionate about real estate get the book the show really excited that we keep on expanding our reach we have podcasts you can go to Google Play or iTunes and pick up and listen to a segment of a show you can go back weeks you can go back months now and listen to maybe something that you didn’t quite catch who you just want to listen to again or listened to it many times you want you can get from.
PI cast we’re also on YouTube like us on Facebook that’s very sad soul with Brian’s vote and we’re in LinkedIn and we’re again always expanding our reach further and further and further with that said let’s talk about the show today we’ve got some special guest Dave Hawaii and Deb rust from new American funding they’re going to be talking about lending they have programs that are still available one percent down that you can purchase a home a conventional loan which is going to be exciting news we’re also going to be talking about the next segments after that is is that pre-approval pre-qualification.
What’s the difference and how important it is as you as a buyer and for you as a seller to know the difference and how simple how simple it can be to move that needle to get that information where you know you have the funds available to purchase your dream home and have the confidence to move forward and naturally it gives confidence as a seller and everyone else involved if they that we know that the buyers have the money and good news is most times they do but again having that final last I call it the gold standard that’s what you’re really looking at and we’re selling your home you want to buy or have a gold standard blender and a gold standard in getting a pre-approval.
And then an excitement there the importance of sellers getting pre-approved before again with a hot market any market really but in a hot market having situations where a seller sold their home you know a day or two three days later we’re hearing these stories are getting full price offer and a little bit like deer in headlights it’s nothing they don’t have a pretty good idea where they want to go it’s now.
Okay now the funding and what’s that going to look like and get worried about that or maybe you can get quite as much money as you wanted for your home you still got time Tower knowing that you can still pull the trigger and do what you need to do so that’s going to last segments and then of course the tip of the week I want to talk about now in this segment though is good news I went to a mayor’s conference myself and other Realtors and we got to listen to eight of the local mayor‘s and I tell you what it was a breath of fresh air.
And that’s one of the things I wanted to report about today we have so much negative things going on and pick up the newspaper or turn on the TV bad things of war but it was just nice and refreshing to hear what the mayor’s had and what’s coming up in 2018 and he said as I mentioned to you they went from Columbia all the way out to Brees and they were in Belleville in Fairview and there were eight of them and they all gave basically updates of what was going on and this is important information not only for buyers but u.s. sellers you know these things do affect you and being able to know that your community leaders are doing everything they can to make your area your town your city that you live in much more desirable which is going to help you on pricing.
And also the speed of the sale so I’m going to recap some of the things that they said I don’t have time to go through everything but I just want to hit some of the highlights a mayor of Shilo Jim vernier he’s been on the show before talked about the new cancers that are coming in to Shiloh and this is huge this is just huge just on a personal standard most people have or know someone that’s been affected by cancer and before you had to go to st. Louis that’s warder the treatment settlement senators were now great news are coming to Shiloh the rebuilding and travel next to Memorial Hospital.
So those long trips back and forth them again my father had cancer and I hadtaken him to those and coming back after chemo after having treatment is not fun thing so again having it somewhere local they could have much more of an effect that was fantastic news and that was exciting to hear also the fact is that mayor her brooch of O’Fallon again he’s been on the show a few times talked about their plans in 2018 of getting small homes built for veterans and particular homeless veterans to help them there’s if you live in the metro.
If you’re definitely aware of the Skype for space if you live in st. Louis the same thing you you know Stanford the impact it has and I thought it was amazing thing that they’re trying to put something together where homeless veterans they can find them homes give them homes they can live in and keep them off the street I said that was just a really incredible thing little Mike Leopold the Swans he talked about the triple in the commune space in Swansea is coming near meaning parks him and and trails and all kinds of things it’s going to help not only community but also the in the housing market and maybe the last one I just touch on is because they all had great things but the one that really kind of struck with me was the mayor breeze Charlie Hynes and he talked about a story about an individual wouldn’t breeze and they came and someone was stricken with an illness a child and they wanted to build a park and they needed more Park area.
And he figured out that the cost would be four hundred thousand dollars and and as the mayor talks it the city loved it the mayor loved it but they didn’t have the four hundred thousand dollars well this one woman kind of started a crusade and talked to two and three and four and all of a sudden within I think was a little over a year was able to raise almost three hundred fifty thousand dollars and now that that just you know dream is becoming a reality and so the city got behind it the citizens got behind it and it’s going to happen.
Look again those are just some of the great things are happening there’s numerous other things going on in Colombia and Mascoutah and other parts of the area but just know that you know it’s easy to take on the politicians I hear ya but in most cases they really are trying to do the best for us and best for communities which actually not only helps us in the community but also helps your your value of your other houses your most important asset for most people with that we’re going to have Deb Russ and Dave Voight on new American funding in the next segment.
This is Ready Set Sold with your host Bryan Vogt.

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