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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #28-05: Dave Hohe and Deb Rust of New American Home Loans: Recap and tip of the week: Get my Amazon best selling book for free and use it for a stocking stuffer!!

December 9, 2017

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold. I’m your host Bryan Vogt, hope you’re having a fantastic Saturday while we’ve had a great show today.
We talked to in the first segment talking about all the good news that’s going on in all the communities especially in the Metro East in Belleville Swansea Shiloh Columbia near Scott Air Force Base all these areas that are just doing fantastic and there’s just great things happening which then again builds up so much good news and good news is what people really want to hear when it comes to the housing market so these things have such an effect again.
We talked about the not only economic development but the what is going on with parks and bicycle trails and all kinds of things that are happening in the Metro East coming in 2018 and even further past that so that’s been fantastic we also talked about lending and lending is such a crucial part of the home selling process and buying process of course both sides simple fact is we don’t have the money if there’s an issue with the monies that can create disaster doesn’t happen often it really doesn’t but boy that 5% of the time that does it can really create some heartbreak per for buyers and for sellers and for everybody involved with it we also talked about the importance of sellers getting pre-approved before they put their house on the market.
Having an idea where they stand out so if things don’t go a hundred percent the way they want I still get top dollar but maybe not quite as much they know that they can still move forward and that was one of the things that we talked about was the 1% program and the 1% program is really cool you can put 1% down on a on a house with new American funding with Deb Russ and Dave Hoey does join us and they talked about that also so there’s a lot of great news and we always we need to have that especially the holiday season.
We always want to have some great news with energy to the tip of the week and the tip of the week is going to be information and that is the book my book where he said so 12 prudent steps to get your home sold for top tower and a fast sale on the same goes back please pick up the book go ahead go online get it today the race has so org not calm where he said so lorgnette calm and make it a stocking stuffer again we’ve seen situations where that spouse wants move with their tire talking about the last two years and now need to take some action put that in the stuffing of in the stocking of one of your loved ones that you want to see.
Hey won’t we see about move it get the book or give it to friends whatever it is it’s absolutely free get the book today with that thank you so much for joining us wishing you nothing but a fantastic week we’ll talk to you next Saturday bye-bye

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