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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #29-01: Renee Wittenauer of Cecil Management: How to choose the right leasing company

December 16, 2017

Welcome to Ready Set Sold with your host Bryan Vogt.
Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts good thing you found Ready Set sold and now real estate broker Bryan Vogt.
Good morning everyone. Welcome to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Brian Vogt.
Weekend the Christmas season holiday season is fast approaching we’re looking at next week and it’s going to be the big day so hopefully you either have finished all of your holiday shopping or that your lease started so the one thing that you don’t want to have is naturally is that panic any of you do have that panic you know.
Hopefully, you’ll be able to knock it out before Christmas you can and get those gifts and get those things that you want but I think most people know especially maybe for myself as you get older. It’s more about just the season itself and what is what it brings to people and people in a little bit better mood with that said we’ve got a big show today we’ve got quite a few guests and so I’m going to kind of get into that shortly but first I want to talk about the market.
The market is still going strong the housing market in my tweets whether you have you know Fallon shadow a Brazil Colombia Belleville all the surrounding areas we’ve seen great success for sellers having the house of the market and getting the pricing they’re looking for in the time factor that they that they want briefly I’ve been doing this now for close to seven months but I was going to give people a reminder that this all started when I wrote eight number one best-selling book called Ready Set Sold. Twelve proven steps to get your household the top Tower and a fast sale and that led to the radio program contacting me and doing a weekly program and we’ve had some fantastic success with that a few other ways not only the radio program that you can contact us or listen to the program I should say number one.
Podcast is becoming very big and so all the shows are on podcasts you can go to Google Play or iTunes and you can listen to those you can take a segment so for example our guests if you would catch the show maybe in the middle whatever you can go back and can listen pacifically what you want you can listen to the host show and we’d love to you to like us on Facebook and the last thing before we get started I always want to give the opportunity we’re coming into the new year and that is to get the book.
The book goes to this radio program you can get the book for free go to Ready Set Sold org, not com
and pick up the book because the new season is fast approaching in home sales and you want to get ahead of the game with that said we do have a full show today and my first guest I’m going to be introducing is co-owner of Cecil management her name is Renee Witten.
Hi Renee. How are you? Good Brian how are you done I’m doing fantastic thank you. I brought Renee on here because they do they do a lot of different things in property management but one of the things that they do very well is the leasing department and that’s always a question that we find comes up quite often. Again maybe it’s a military person that’s leaving for a short time they want to come back and retire in O’Fallon but they get orders for two or three years that’s not as uncommon it could be a person that is you know has a job transfer you see that happened not too long ago for a year or two years but they still love the area they want to come back to the Metro East and move back in and the real question comes into is how do you know.
How do you know there’s several of them out there but how do you know what to look for Renee I love you to address that topic you know if you’re in that situation what do you look for when you look for somebody to lease your house out I think the number one question that I love whenever prospective owners ask me is what can I do for them so I want to understand what and owners goals are so if you have a military person where they’re going to be leaving you to know for only two years and then they do want to come back and retire here.
Your property manager has to understand that your goals are to Lisa’s house and have a successful lease and a successful experience but only for two years and then either you want to move back into it or you want to sell it because then your goals and your marketing and your pricing and everything can be helped geared towards meeting your particular needs whether it’s two three-five years down the road so should I really knowing good I don’t say definitely the property manager has to understand. What the end result is for the owner I love what you said there because again and we do see that with other companies.
Sometimes it’s just you know you’re leaving and whatever and we treat you if you’re leaving forever or if you’re leaving for a short period of time so I love that I love that aspect of it of having making sure the property manager asks exactly what your goals are and working together that’s what I’m hearing that becomes a key element of what you’re doing correct absolutely yeah you know and some simple things that you may not think about if the carpet has to be replaced due to a water leak you know what type of you know what type of quality are you wanting to do or if an appliance breaks and you have to replace an appliance so it can be from big to little stuff.
The decision-making process with your property managers involved indefinitely you have to know the bigger picture whenever you’re making those key decisions for them and I’m sure that it does have an occasion you need to have somebody’s making that decision which is great but hopefully, it doesn’t
happen too often right I mean hopefully that most leasing opportunities and it could be longer than two years or they could be five or whatever you have probably much more success stories and I’m sure that
might be something critical that a potential person would love to know why there be a question they want to know is how do you operate what kind of success stories are you having correct yeah definitely.
And you know, unfortunately, everybody has those four horror stories of being a landlord but in almost 14 years I’ve been doing it I have thousands of success stories and its success stories that work well for the homeowner whether it’s a homeowner that doesn’t want to be a landlord you know there’s a lot out there where if they can’t sell their house for whatever reason or if the military does take them away but they want to end up back where they may not necessarily want to be a landlord but the goal with a good property manager.
Especially one of my biggest goals is I want those owners to someday go back and say wow that was a success in that work and we do that and it’s fun to do that and it’s fun to see a tenant be able to make memories and have a great Tennessee you know for however long they do it but also for the owner to say I just built up more equity in my house my house is one good condition and it’s a win-win for everybody so a lot of success stories in that end.
And that that’s a really really fun part of my job is getting to make that happen and see through the entire process of that happens right and I think that that’s really critical and I love what you said there because the one part that really caught is that you just listening to you and I’ve known you for years it’s always great to work with someone who has some passion for what they do and you tend to get the best of the best and that’s important so when you’re talking to somebody and again I don’t know I’ve just heard the stories you’ve heard more of them where it’s just filling the dots.
I do this give me some money and then we’ll go check out your house that may not be the direction you want to take correct right you yes and it’s definitely not a one size fits all you know that somebody a property management company can say this is our plan this is what we do for every property because what works for one may not work for the other of course you want to have the general guidelines that I do have my general guidelines but you know particular stuff may come up you know say for instance walkthroughs I recommend we get into a property at least once a year.
But there are some owners because of different situations or you know they approve a pet and they don’t want to I get into that maybe six months maybe quarterly so there’s definitely customization that you want to make sure your property management company can do for you again just so they can meet your needs and so again it’s not a situation where you sign the thing and then somebody comes in if that’s what you’re hearing from any property manager they probably have the wrong one.
If it’s just you know where we’re going to put some marketing up and we’ll get that person in and you know pricing and all those things well what if it works it works that that there’s a lot more involved with it and you should be expecting a lot more from your property manager because this is your biggest asset correct absolutely I mean how I love whenever clients have high expectations for me I love the challenge of it I love to meet their expectations and what I tell my team members is hey we have our policies in place but always be willing to think outside the box always be willing to go the extra mile to make it happen.
You know we want to be that trusted one-stop-shop source to take care of their property and it can be you know we’ve been able to get insurance quotes for people to say I want to change my insurance company over do you have anybody you recommend and so that’s not in our normal property management you know tap that we do but being able to help homeowners in that sense is it’s fun too so yeah absolutely you want a property management company that’s not just going to do the ABCs of property management but they’re going to be able to go the extra mile and then communicate that with people as well.
Communication is so easy and if you have a property management company that is not communicating with you whether that emails or if you can’t remember the last time that you talked to them on the phone if you don’t have an online portal where you can see the live transparent information those would be concerned so those are good questions that you want to come in there and ask as well that’s awesome that’s awesome thank you so much for sending some time to this and some great tips and I think it again tells us you know that we a few more questions finding out not signing on the dotted line asking a few probing questions how are you really going to communicate to me.
What I’m hearing from you Vinay’s it should be a system there should be ways of being able to make this all work and I think that’s fantastic well. We’ll tell you what we’re running out of time in this segment but you’ve been listening to Rene wit now partner or Cecil Management Group she’s giving some great tips we’ll be back soon with marked out bill of

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