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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #29-03: Keith Caldieraro of Metro-East Home Inspections: What sellers should know about home inspections

December 16, 2017

Welcome back to ready set sold I’m your Host Bryan Vogt and I’m really excited we have a guest today from Metro East I should say I guess now it’s Metro East in Missouri home inspections and I gave the other one yeah I’m here Keith up I wanted to have you on because one of the things that we hear all the time especially from sellers and sometimes buyers is as oh my goodness here comes that home inspector and everything’s going to go badly and nightmare scenarios and the good news at least from our perspective of we found is that rarely happens I mean that’s part of your job right is to find if there is a major problem but the good news that doesn’t always happen that way and so I want to bring you on is to maybe give some comfort to possibly sellers on what to expect when a home inspection happens and if you could give us that information I would appreciate it yeah.
Thank You Bryan we get like it like you said we’re not there to be a roadblock in the whole real estate process you know we’re there to make you an educated buyer we’re there to protect your money you know we’re there to give you some leverage in the real estate transaction a good a home inspector is going to give you positive attributes about the home while he’s there not just tell you the negatives you know there’s good and bad to every home every home has lived in every home is going to have nickel and dime maintenance issues that are going to need to be done to it,
You know there’s a chance we’re going to come in and find some moderate to some larger concerns you know it’s all about how it’s addressed to the client you know to the buyer we’re that we’re not there to scare the buyer a good home inspector is going to give you a non alarmist approach they’re going to explain things to you you know in a simple everyday term, not in a bunch of construction lingo we’re going to explain to you why the conditions happening you know how concerning is it and they maybe suggest you know somebody to contact or a route to take to collect the deficiency in the home.
Like I said a good home inspector is going to give you more information than just the negatives of the home we’re going to we’re going to walk you around the home as we go through we’re going to you maintenance tips we’re going to give you know our positive attribute attributes about the home we’re going to tell you what to watch for in the home are intended basically to make you a good a homeowner you know coming into the home there’s going to be problems with every home.
Like you said Bryan that’s our job is to find the deficiencies the problems with the home and identify those you know we’re not local inspectors you know city or county authorities by any means we don’t have the authority to tell these sellers that they have to fix all these items on the home we’re there to give you a good overview top to bottom of the entire home because you know there’s a lot of counties and cities out there that don’t have a local inspector that don’t provide you know even just the safety check items the carbon dioxide the smoke detectors the you know handrails of staircases GFI type outlets you know there’s counties and cities around here right now that don’t have those guys so we’re kind of the forefront and providing you those safety issues.
Those safety concerns those things are going to hurt you guys and get those in place on top of that we’re going to inspect you know the entire home we’re for hire only home inspectors you know I Malinois state licensed Missouri certified through a Shi which is you know the gold standard in Missouri and know we’re coming in there just to give you guys a good overview of a home to protect your money you know to protect your investment it’s a lot of money to spend you know buyers come to us and they’re just terrified they walk in the house they think we’re going to find something majorly concerning they think there’s going to be a big problem at the home that’s going to kill the whole real estate transaction you know
that that’s not what we’re really there for we’re really there to give you an idea of everything as a whole.
You know to take a step back and to take a whole look at the entire house and say no yes does it have numerous concerns and a lot of nickel-and-dime things going on maybe so you know but the structure of the home the bones of the home are good the HVAC system is new you know the roof has been replaced recently you know we’re there to give you those larger and larger overviews of the home, not just nickel and dime and nitpick everything at the house you know with everybody has a different outlook on what they want to do with the house you know I mean some people can see you know the quality and the vision of a home even though it may be you know a little bit torn down and maintenance not taken care of very well.
We can’t see that home to that buyers I so it’s our job just to give them the goods the bads you know what to expect as they go down the road maybe some tips on some direction to take if they’re going to do some remodeling those kind of things that just answer the questions that they have for us about the home you know everybody comes into a home with you know a hundred questions about you know why things were done a certain way or you know how can they improve upon this or what if they want to do this or want to do that or you know even what are things that they see that they don’t know and it’s our job as professionals.
Professional home inspectors you know to be able to answer those questions to be able to give those folks some direction to be able to kind of make them feel more comfortable with the home reassured with the home that when they when they do go to sign those papers and spend that money you know they have a clear conscience and they’re an educated buyer that that’s kind of what our job is and I love that and I think that’s the thing is what I’m really hearing is you’re looking for that win-win there could be some nickel-and-dime things to be done but that’s ours in a hole shouldn’t be concerned about it and that we’re trying to put something together we’re not trying to break it apart and I think that’s important when you when you understand about the home inspection or home election process and I love what you said they’re just in so many words.
Exactly that it’s just that we’re here to make sure that that buyer has an awareness of the house and also the sellers aware of what they’re doing too because they don’t most always don’t want to be selling something that they feels into anyway and it needs that very seldom happens what’s up I tell you what case we’re running out of time but I I’m gonna probably have you come back very shortly at the tip of the week because there’s something that I think that most sellers could do to kind of eliminate the fear so we will be back of in the next I guess two to three minutes of my journal on commercials last.
We’ll be back shortly and we talking to a painter though professional painters that can help you see the process of selling your home listen.

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