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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #29-04: Jim Beaty of Certa Pro: Importance of having a pro when it comes to painting your biggest asset

December 16, 2017

Welcome back to Ready Set sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Thanks so much for staying with us and we’ve been talking a lot of things already in the program. We’ve talked about the inspections, we’ve talked about leasing options title work and now we’re going to talk about something that I think is probably you know from a real estate point-of-view somewhat misunderstood and what I mean misunderstood that is bringing in a professional painting company and sometimes it’s simply you know who to get who what questions should you ask oftentimes what we find is that people take a long time much longer time when they try to do it themselves.
There’s nothing wrong with that but there’s a lot of headaches and there’s a lot of things of moving furniture and doing the taping and making sure nothing drips and look when you’re looking to sell your house there’s a lot of other things that are going on plus just your life and so that’s why I wanted to have Jim beauty as a franchise owner a certaPro of Belleville talk about that Jim you with us yes I am Jim thanks so much for joining us and that’s really kind of an issue sometimes it comes into play you probably hear that and there’s concern of what which cleaner to use or how to get moving forward and I’ve loved you go into that more detail thanks, Brian really appreciate it.
We’ve been a business for 10 years we find that our customers when they come to us there they’ve got loads of questions and one of the things that we do point out is that we do carry full general liability insurance and if you select somebody that doesn’t have any insurance basically the property owner you know runs the liability of something’s damage could be just parking the car and they run into your car little things like that you know we also carry workers comp most homeowners don’t have workers comp insurance but anybody they hire from the outside even as Joe down the street out of a job if he gets falls and gets hurt injures his back they could end up with another house payment.
So we do recommend that you do check to make sure there’s insurance by anybody that you choose out there we take a lot of pride in getting communicating with the customer proper documentation the paperwork what exactly is being painted what prep work we have to do any repairs what type of paints going to be used when homeowners buy a new home typically the Builder says what color of paint do you want and that’s all they get to choose they end up with a flat paint that’s not washable we make sure we fit the needs of the customer if they want to stay there a long time or they’re just getting ready to sell.
There’s different you have customers that are buying foams and you have customers they’re selling homes part of the reason why most people choose us is they don’t have enough time to do the project we can get in and get out fairly quickly usually like two bedrooms we can do probably in about a half a day of work and we can paint a house in two to three days depending on what’s being painted what’s being repaired yeah that’s awesome and I think something  that I love that you brought up and it’s one of those things that people don’t think about with fish when you’re hiring anybody into your house.
I think it’s a good rule of thumb and you brought it out because there is a potential liability now it’s not saying that something bad is going to happen of course but having that workers comp having that safety and you know what it may be maybe it’s a few hours more for that service or whoever it is whether it be a painter or anyone else but that’s money most hours we find is well spent not only do a great job but also if something would go wrong because you made a good point it could get serious money that you’re not making one house payment you’re making two house payments so make sure that you have that protection as a home seller.
I think is fantastic and I love what you said about the timing of a to Jim but I think the big thing about it is we’re coming up to the holidays and the one thing that that I want to put it out there I don’t know the answer this there’s still time for people to get their house painted for everybody coming over and enjoying a great Christmas dinner in there yes there is yeah we’re taking orders right today that we can do next week so it’s not impossible and it’s just a matter of getting the estimate agreeing on the upon what’s going to be done and moving forward you know we take several methods of payment take checks we take credit cards and if somebody’s selling one of the features we do offer is at 12 months same as cash they could actually get the painting done and use that money from the bank to basically get their house ready and then pay for out of the closing which is I think ideal.
I love that because again so you solve a lot of problems sometimes if if the seller is potentially financially strapped or maybe you know sometimes sellers do have a lot of equity into their houses so that’s a that’s a very easy way to do the process I love that idea and I love what you’re talking about too again the ability to you know not just having the painting which great work there but it’s all the other things that get tied into it sometimes we as sellers don’t know they don’t think about is that you know where is this all going to end up at so you have the protection things can get done quickly and that you also have flexibility in payments and you’re not going to get that and I’m not knocking this I actually know a few people but from that neighborhood pink eye it doesn’t mean he doesn’t do a good job but again when it really comes down to it the protection that a professional like yourself Jim offers is something that sellers really need to be aware of.
And I’ll speak on the real estate side a little bit the time factor we just had a situation we heard about where a seller was gonna put the house on the market they knew they needed to get to that their house painted they need the living room in the dining room in those areas need to be done and the plan was they were going to be weekend warriors yeah I love them but guess what a month and a half later they still hadn’t quite gotten it done and guess what they brought in a professional knock it out similar to you Jim in a half a day and they kind of laughed at themselves if they wish you started with the professional begins west.
And we’re running out of time I just want to mention I’ve been talking with Jim BD franchise owner of certaPro has some great information and again if you’re thinking about selling or maybe sole holiday season there’s time to get those rooms painted so with that we will be back with the tip of the week again

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