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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #30-01: Josh Vogt: Celebrating Christmas with family

December 23, 2017

Welcome to Ready Set sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts good thing you found ready set souls and now real estate broker, Bryan Vogt.
Welcome, everyone to Ready Set Sold I am your host Bryan Vogt. Merry Christmas! Oh my goodness I mean we’re one day away from Christmas Eve two days away from Christmas and it’s funny I talked with people and I find myself the same way the data on the counter doesn’t change the boy just seems like it gets quicker and quicker as I get a little bit older I know when I was a child growing up those days seemed to drag on forever and ever and ever before the big day came so hopefully you’ve gotten everything is taken care of you’ve gotten your gifts if that’s what you’re doing or whatever tradition that you are celebrating whether it be whatever religion are no religion is just the holiday season itself it’s just a great time of the year.
So hopefully things are going well for that and so this week because of the holiday season because of Christmas we’re doing something a totally different we’re going to be talking to my family we have a special guest on that you do not want to miss you do not want to miss I will give you a hint he has a not only wears read a little overweight some people say and he’s going to be joining us later on so we’re really excited about that we didn’t know if that was going to be possible given that his big day and night is coming but I think we’ve secured that and so if you’ve got younger children you might want to let them know that I’ll just say the big guy the big guy is going to be on the show and we’re really excited about that so that’s going to be some fun ready set sold normally we talked to begin about role estate this time with the Christmas coming up where would you did deviating that a little bit so with that being said I wanted to bring on to my family and my son Josh Vogt.
He’s on the line with me. He is a fantastic guy. Yes I’m prejudiced but you know what I’m not the only one that ever says that he’s a fantastic guy and Josh are you there yes I am how you doing son good how you doing that I’m doing pretty well I’m doing pretty well one of the things I wanted to kind of bring on is kind of talk about some of those traditions that maybe we’ve had other people on our team had my mom gonna be joining us shortly so just to kind of give a player for the holiday season and maybe some of those things that you guys do now or maybe the good some memories back from your past because I know memories are really big thing when it comes to Christmas at least for me I’m sure for you too and the listeners and Josh
I always I always tell people this story that I have another child also Danielle and YouTube growing up or like polar opposites when it came to Christmas time and one of the things I always tell people was is underneath the tree that Christmas morning um you would just tear into those toys I mean you would just unwrap those things as fast as you possibly could and move on to the next one and that was always cool your sister seemed like she was rewrapping the guests that’s how slow she was about unwrapping him and she would make sure the paper was right it was all good but it was just kind of uh maybe a little frustrating on my part and I remember a few times you would be sitting there you know you’re done move on to the next thing.
What do you remember most about Christmas mornings uh I would say that’s quite a good point I noticed uh as I got older I would try to pace myself I try to openly maybe a couple and watch her open her presents just because I didn’t want to feel left out and stuff like that but ya know I thought it was always a fun waking up and seeing all the presents and getting really exciting and then trying to wait for you guys to wake up was a very hard and hasn’t paid yeah I don’t think that we were always the easiest to wake up but I know the one that was and yes you can’t decide I know you weren’t the easiest to wake up no I was well you know.
You’re right I mean in hindsight I probably looked upon that that you would be waiting sitting in a chair usually and then the other problem was after you got me up was your sister mmm-hmm yes she was uh yeah she wasn’t big about waking up but eventually she always did and again I talk about that because one of the things that growing up and the listeners out there I think oftentimes Christmas morning is traditional but as you’ll hear from my mom oh but later on growing up we always celebrated on Christmas Eve.
We always did it that night and that was our that was our Christmas so that was a kind of a cool thing and so I know son you’ve got a coal and you’re married now to Kathy and I know you’re talking about that there’s other traditions that you’re looking at doing and one of them maybe has to do with the outside yeah this year kind of got away from us just being busy but planning on making sure we do outside lights because I always remember you doing start and outside lights like the weekend before Thanksgiving or on Thanksgiving Day for sure but no Christmas lights so probably plan on doing that sorry next Christmas and continuing that
Cool yeah I mean like I said the Christmas lights I will have to admit I probably got if it’s possible I maybe got a little carried away I mean I look at it very direct I do I do remember uh you know what was that the Chevy Chase movie now Christmas aggregation yeah and I guess in hindsight I did cannot look at that out of how I approached the wedding system and you is sometimes my sidekick was uh what was fun but again I think I think that’s it that’s it that’s the cool thing that’s a fun thing and then you know I guess the other part that I’m always thinking about was maybe was their special gifts that you ever got I don’t know I don’t think I’ve ever asked you what you’re anything special that just really always stood out with
you probably when I got a BB gun.
I’ve been one net for in a couple years and then finally got it and I was pretty excited I think I opened it right away and then I think went outside and shot a couple times because I was so excited and then I came back and finished open presents but I know that was a for sure probably the most exciting one I gotten whenever I opened it Wow I you know I try Frank why I never knew that it was kind of funny reminds really I guess it plays every year the Christmas story I left the nerdwriter BB gun that’s pretty much I went down how excited I was because I know mom was always against guns like that you know paintball guns BB guns things of things of that nature you remember how you were oh I think by then I was at in like sixth or seventh grade but I was just uh I’ve been like Wonder for so long that I was I couldn’t help myself I was so happy when I got it I love that I love that no I didn’t know that.
The other part of that too is uh I know you’re still believe in Santa Claus correct of course of course because I remember I remember I get some bad information when you I guess I’ve been around nine or ten years old and some people was telling me that they you know they didn’t believe you know the Santa Claus wasn’t real some crazies talk like that and I took it and I can tell you that year was the first year I got underwear underneath the Christmas tree so yeah I mean you know you know just worked out that way so once I realized that I am a true believer again and at least I didn’t get quite as much of that underneath the Christmas tree so any other things that maybe jump out at you at the Christmas time or maybe you and Kathy and Cole got lined up I mean Christmas morning and I’m sure it’s gonna be a special time for you guys to um.
I’d like to revisit one topic whenever you said you were getting carried away maybe a little bit at the outside lights that a little carried away I think means that you had about ten to twelve deer in the yard lights and all the Christmas trees and then you had I don’t know all the bushes lighted up which I don’t know looking back on it maybe that was 30 40 bushes and then lights on the roof and then with mom with the Reese and candles in the window so yeah it was a pretty intense Christmas party no right it’s fine it’s cool oh yes yeah I had very good memory said yeah good well yeah I said I think that’s what Christmas is a lot of memories we did have a few planes buzz bias it seemed like they got confused as a landing strip but that’s okay that’s okay right.
Well hey thanks so much for sharing assurance memories things to time with yeah I love you of course and we will be seeing each other Wow I think later on today and during the Christmas holidays so I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and I will see you soon yeah let’s having me on that love you I love you with that we’re going to take a short break and we’re gonna have some more guests and I believe my mom is gonna be joining us and kind of talking about your Christmas traditions and that’s kind of what we’re doing this segment this Saturday. Stay tuned.
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