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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #30-02: Mary Vogt: Bryan’s Christmas memories with his Mom

December 23, 2017

Welcome back To Ready Set Sold, I’m your host Bryan Vogt.
How old a spectacular day and we are One day away from Christmas Eve in two days away from Christmas so we want to Canada to keep this time. Maybe Christmas memory some of the mines hopefully it will stir some memories and the listeners of what you guys are doing a Christmas past. And so I have on the line with me my mom Mary Vogt. How are you doing mom? And they’re really good Merry Christmas Bryan.
Well, Merry Christmas to you we talked earlier about on them in the first segment with Josh about so yeah maybe my whites when a little bit crazy as far as during the course of the years of celebrating but it was kind of fun especially the outdoor lights. But one thing that can be wanted to bring back with you is kind of our Christmas merry Christmas memories growing up. And what I remember more so and is not only about the tree. But there was a there was a formula that we have the tree lighting me dad had his job and then we had ours right. That you’re right your dad always put the lights on and then we put the arguments on everybody help does that but the last thing to go on was a temple.
And so when we put the tents on wages didn’t take a lot of other than for around a tree that was not that was not allowed at all we had to take one strand is time third on the tree into the tree was full cancel and if he got caught thrown it on is big. Blob of it well your dad made us take it off and put it on right is the one that tree perfect and any though Christmases matches we did and they wanted a perfect tree and so then we got ready to head off we took it off when stranded in time and we had a cardboard date always came a temple and you could great bed or this cardboard and would keep it singly and no tangles around so we kept that every year and never had the bag cancel very often only because of we can get our attention off the end of the Christmas season then that would stay on the tree so we would have to replace the temple once in awhile but we really for the most part.
That happened. Well, I don’t think we all remember that. We never spent a lot of money on pencil and gentle with the cheapest thing you could buy in those days and so it was always so comical and we both back and think about it and how we really kind of enjoyed it in a way but you kids really don’t like to put that to install on the tree.
Well, I yeah as they gotten older and shared the members of the people. I didn’t realize you could throw temple way. Needed in our house is a two hour who was so poor. And it had to be put back in I remember and started shooting on the agent using pencil now but the heated light and who get close to a light it would carry out get hard in trouble up.
But we got right. You should lose could behind a tree so that no one could see it quite as well. Yeah no I right. Through it and if you got things I’m not sure how much it changes now I know a lot of times the man does the lighting and then the armaments and the kids and that was pretty traditional IT people stormed out remember at the time. We would dad issues that at that time near there weren’t the small white. Then there is today and everything was a clip on. And I remember I am spending hours.
Every branch there was and had to go on the inside of the tree and then he would take it to the outside of the tree. Right yeah. And then and then he would lay on the couch. Sure. Putting on the ordinance and making sure where the arm is what. He did his job and the L. here do certain supervise what we did and we better do it right. Yeah, that was that was that was kind of a big thing there that we have that and we had to have certain things you know for the trick which is great because if you know it’s you know that’s what kind of makes the memories and analysts firms out there.
True that they have their memories too because it’s the just tradition use same thing every year and so we would have the box and we would have the right to be seen that with a white sheet and that was just that was Christmas and that was a cool thing. That’s right where you know their Christmas today is so much different than in the fifties and sixties and in those early years because we just didn’t decorate outside very often and your dad was always pleased to decorate the banisters of our little front porch and they also put lights on the evergreen tree in our back porch and he decides that was great nobody else had decorations out and he was so proud of those lines that.
Today that would be nothing because everybody decorates goes all out for Christmas today. Now yes and I probably get that bug it listening to Josh show he was telling me that you maybe I went a little bit solunar and report with my Christmas lights. Yeah. Nines of but I mean like it said and that’s kind of the spirit of Christmas so and so I I love seeing the light that I think my level light came from then only you know dad too that there’s just not a bad look because the string and I have to agree. You know and so however you decorate whether it be real whether it be a natural tree whatever however you decorate on how I redecorate the house always amazed and just a real estate side of it.
And agency in showings during showings in that it really is true I mean I mean your house looks the best at this time of the year so we talked in preview shows about that that you know maintains sewers are concerned about that putting the decorations up and the exact opposite is just you know having those lights up having the tree up having those things up just gives a new sense of new perspective to buyers and it’s a it’s a good thing and it’s a good thing again as we decorate the course of the year no one last thing I just wanted to recreate what is I still I don’t know if I’ve ever asked you this running out time but just briefly where the banana mandates and some problem.
Desert with no my mom had this thing where she would have been as you know peel them, of course, determine mandates that most more like America well input peanuts on like a peanut roll. So I don’t know about the rescue how bad ever get done. Well it was in the Allen family on my mother’s side and when I was a little girl we always had they called him dressed banana and they were kind of popular and so I tried to make them work with our family but it didn’t really go over the fence well but you had to crash the peanuts and you had to roll the banana was the man is an island John it was a man to try to do that but anyway.
It’s all good again should lose out that they have their short lives they have the true yeah matter is to be told as that’s what I’ve just never been a big man-eater. That I would have a totally different perspective on it if I like Ben is the name is my brother Deckard surprised him but I didn’t and the other and Meredith okay. Yeah. Thanks so much mom for spending some time with this I mean. Christmases were fantastic of two years so I think for that and love yeah and wish you a Merry Christmas and we will be seeing each other in the next day to again to celebrate the big get out.
Merry Christmas and Merry Christmas to everybody. All right bye bye. We’ll be back shortly after you.

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