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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #30-03: Kelly Etheridge and Kathy Popovich: Christmas celebrations

December 23, 2017

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Making our Christmas special this week and given that Christmas Eve is tomorrow and Christmas is going to be Monday itself and we have a special guest that can be on the next segment that we were so happy this time of year this the big guy is kind of busy so again if you’ve got small ones you might want to let them know to stay tuned in the next segment but in the meantime we’re going to be talking to my team and we’ve got Kathy Popovich and we got Kelly Etheridge.
There you guys are both on the line aren’t you yes we are Merry Christmas. Merry Christmas to you! Basically I wanted to have them on here just kind of give again talk to them some things that maybe they do during the course of the year um one of the things I do want to bring out to them know that they’re on our team but Kelly just not only as an agent has done a fantastic job this year so blessed to have her with us she is a been amazing with what she’s done for her clients Cathy same thing does a fantastic job with what she does on the team so we’re very blessed.
I’m very blessed to have both of them on there I wonder what people know that how good you are not only as what you do in the work field but you’re also just good people and that’s always a fun thing so I appreciate you guys okay we appreciate you as well. Well I appreciate that so with that said though Kelly gets maybe give me some insight do you have anything maybe a tradition that you guys do or maybe is there just a certain food that you guys have every Christmas well food is always important but more important than that on Christmas Eve as a family we always go to church to church we come home and we’ll open one present and then we just sit around and we talk and we tell stories and it’s just a time to connect with our family.
Oh that is so neat I love that because you’re so right because there are so much hustle and bustle that goes on with the holidays good or bad and we’re trying to get this done we’re getting that done and I love that idea actually that heck I might even steal that one that’s kind of oh that’s a fun one just a idea whether you go to church which is a great thing to just that time of just taking time to connect and that that sounds pretty powerful yeah okay how about you my favorite no I love it.
Well we generally get together on Christmas Eve the whole family you know with the kind of families that extend out through you know divorces or whatever we have a lot of different families to visit so we generally get to get together as Christmas Eve is our traditional time and in our household we also have two Christmases because my husband is a Serbian Orthodox so we also celebrate a second Christmas on January 7th that one doesn’t have all the presents and things but we have foods you know like candles go to church that sort of thing you know I love that too because again sometimes and yes it is traditional Christmas.
And you have that 25th but you also have you have other not only you know cultures but religions whatever that celebrate the course of the entire holiday season I think that’s important to know and glad you brought that up and that’s so cool because we always say it and but we always maybe always need to keep in mind that Christmas is one day because the holiday season can go the whole year and hopefully that that spirit of the holiday season carries on and I think that’s what I love what you said about that was it was so cool one of the things that uh that I’m always kind of curious about and so Kelly did you traditionally celebrate on Christmas morning is that when that is that when most things and our Christmas Eve.
How was it when you were growing up um it was always we you know would celebrate Christmas Eve going by going to church and then Christmas Day you know when the little ones wake up that’s when Santa comes and we get to enjoy watching them open their presents and then we would have breakfast and then later on in the day we would open up the other present so it it’s a boy okay that’s a non ending celebration not anything I love that how about you Kathy we generally did at the Christmas Day Christmas Eve was meant to go to a relative’s house or that sort of thing and then obviously when we were kids you know having open up Christmas morning was like the excitement you know all the kids wanted to you know get to the present as quickly as they could.
So Christmas morning was our time for opening presents oh that’s me I see it’s a we were a little bit I guess different in that I always grew up that we celebrated Christmas Eve was Christmas that’s when we opened up all of our gifts and I personally loved it because basically you could play as late as you wanted to that night so you had, even more, time to play with your things and you didn’t have to rely on my parents waking up in the morning so I could go right to it again this morning I mean that’s you know so I loved it and the guys behind it if you wonder we always went to my grandma’s house and amazingly uh Santa he is a cool dude would always be able to hit our house by the time we got back and so how he did it.
You know he’s an amazing guy I’m going to be talking to him in the next segment but he always able to have the all the Christmas gifts out there and also it was amazing to that buy other grandma always happened to be there to help them we got that felt amazing how that worked I don’t know but it was fun stuff eh the Christmas married any other traditions that you guys are doing this year maybe starting with your families I don’t think anything new we’ve just always been great on decorating Christmas was kind of my special holiday I love Christmas so I’m very much into Christmas lights and decorating the whole house.
So you know the kids get used to as I say here those moms she’s going to be decorating this year so they come over to see and my husband does the outside of the house and now he got called he was doing a
Griswold Christmas this year you should see the outside of our house so yeah we’re really in the light I love it.
Kelly about you I think we’ll drive through the shrine and go see the lights there when we get back from visiting with family I always enjoy seeing the lights there and going through the shrine it always just moves it warms my heart and just really filled me with that crisp Christmas spirit I love that too because I again I think that’s what it’s all about however you celebrate whatever you do I think it is just the holiday season the Presidents are great but especially when you get a few years older I think that just the memories and what we’re trying to do here or making things hopefully better for the world and making the world a little bit better place and that’s you know that’s not never a bad thing is it okay.
Well hey thanks so much for joining us Merry Christmas to both of you happy holidays merry Christmas to everybody yeah sounds great we’ll be back very shortly with the big guy and I do mean the big guy think you guys know by now what we’re talking about we’re gonna have Santa Claus on the line with us so again get those kids ready to listen to the big guy and when he asked her some questions about him we’re back in a few.
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