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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #30-04: Chad Doyle: The Big Man Himself! Santa!

December 23, 2017

Welcome back everyone to Ready Set Sold. Thank you so much for staying with us and as I said as I promised earlier in the show we were able to pull some strings and we get the big guy we got no one else better right now this time of year and that is Santa Claus Santa Claus are you Harold oh I’m here Bryan how are you in that nightie and thanks for asking me to come on your show well I do appreciate it said I know this has got to be the busiest I mean that the busiest day is coming up to it with Christmas Eve being tomorrow I mean how do you do it how do you keep the reindeer in shape what do they do.
Bryan, I’ll tell you what you know they have they enjoy themselves after Christmas we have a big after Christmas party and after that party they sleep for a good long time for at least a week or two because of everything and all the preparation that we take all up and up to Christmas and make it all of our toys and they are just hard at work and love every minute of it but I’ll tell you what we all like our downtime as you know that Bryan oh so after the holidays we just relax but we are in full swing right now and all the elves and the reindeer are just having a grand old time but I’ll tell you something they like to do we like to run some five K’s together we do the gingerbread 5k downtown Belleville we do we’ve done some things over in st. Louis oh you have to watch out for us next year because we’re incognito because nobody can see who we are.
But we stay in tip-top shape on the off season awesome I love that I love that and that’s a good point you’re basically everywhere during the course of the year I love that saying one of the things that actually is just always you know I’ve always wonder because sometimes you’re in the St. Louis metro East area we don’t always get snow how does it how do you pull it off how do you get that how do you get those sleds moving well Bryan you know how the sled moves it’s from Christmas spirit oh we don’t need snow in order to deliver our gifts Christmas spirit and Christmas cheer is what keeps our sleds going but in case there’s a little downtime on that Christmas spirit I do have a hyper 3000 turbo jet engine inside of that sleigh just in case oh I love that Santa for I tell you what it sounds like you have set up with the times.
We sure have we’re constantly working on the sled that’s another thing that my reindeers do we’re doing different maneuvers through the air up there at the North Pole and working on different maneuvers because when we’re up there we got to stay under the radar so sometimes we’re having to bob and weave around some of those planes and jets up in the air so we’re always trying to tweak our sled and coming up with that turbo engine it’s really helped out a lot and then who knows next year what we’ll have underneath the underneath the hood of that sleigh yeah I love that setting you know the one thing that is always amazement I talked about earlier in the program of how you have the ability to know when that.
When the children are asleep because if they’re not asleep you don’t show when you just wait it out oh no that’s amazing yes it is we get in and we get out but we make sure and through the year to are always watching that naughty and nice list sometimes the reindeer and I take a little loop through the area just to see if any of those kids are being naughty and nice so they may need to make sure that they’re nice all year round not just the week prior to Christmas frightened oh that was you know a young man and I think they need to learn that just a week prior to Christmas but you’ve learned through percentage here that you have to be all year round a good boy and you’re a true example of that Bryan.
Well I think you saying I thank you there have been a few times maybe you mind I missed a few things but that’s okay that I love that you know you know the other thing too is and I’m just I’ve again I just can’t believe I had this opportunity thank you so much for spending some time I know how busy you are but I have to ask you is there once and for all a favorite cookie are should they are should they be bringing out steak and lobster for you. Bryan, I am on a cookie diet all year round nothing but high carbs for this big guy could you imagine if I ate healthy during the rest of the year and then ate nothing but high carb on through Christmas I would be half asleep.
I like to eat cookies all year round except when Mrs. Claus and I take a little hiatus down to down to Cancun I like to eat a little steak and lobster while I’m down there but otherwise I’m back on my strip strict high carb cookie diet but I specifically like the sugar cookies with the icing and sprinkles Brian if you’re asking oh I love that I love that finally got it out there so hopefully everybody wrote that down I do appreciate it I love the fact that you take some downtime too because that’s really important and that as you mentioned before the people really don’t you know you’re kind of a different you don’t have the red you don’t have all that stuff around the area the whole time I love that it’s nice that you take some time off too for all the great things that you do for the boys and girls and even for the big kids we really appreciate your work Santa.
Oh well I appreciate it Brian I’ll tell you what I consider everybody family and everybody should take time with their family I do and I like to spend time around with everybody around the world on my off time whether you know it or not when you’re talking to somebody it may be you may not know it but you’ll feel it it’s Santa Claus oh I love that Santa and I tell you what that’s a good thing you remember for whatever age we are the treating people nice and doing the right thing is always a great thing whether it’s the Christmas time our whether it’s in the middle of July I love that cinema thank you so much for that indeed
All right Santa I know you are swamped I know you’ve got so many things going on one just quick the question though what’s the weather like up at the North Pole is it as cool as they say what do you know what Bryan, you never know it’s just like the Midwest if it’s cold today just stick around a tomorrow it might be 50 degrees and they say that it’s going to be pretty cool around the area which is going to be great and possibly snow always helps out when it makes me feel like Christmas time just like everybody else up here at the North Pole it’s clear it’s about a clean 12 below right now which is a little chilly for me in the club miss Claus but I do have a hot tub up here we have some great amenities so we’re enjoying ourselves during this cold time getting in preparation for the big night Brian.
Oh, I’m on my way, Bryan. laws is calling me and I’ve got to get back to she’s baking some cookies and she’s got to feed the reindeer so thank you very much for allowing me to talk to everybody Brian and I look forward to coming down your chimney this year Bryan oh I’ll bet you well thank you so much Santa bye-bye.

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