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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #31-01: Jaclyn Schmitz representing Liberty Mutual Insurance: Why January not March is the beginning of the selling season

December 30, 2017

Welcome to Ready Set sold with your host Bryan Vogt are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts good thing you found Ready Set Sold and now real estate
broker Bryan.
Another year has come upon us and hopefully you had a fantastic year in 2017 and wishing nothing but better things in 2018 I know that we’ve got big plans in the works not only on the business side of it but with the radio program I’d be talking about shortly and just a lot of things happening that we’re really excited about. Hope you had a fantastic Christmas and we had a white Christmas maybe the temperature wasn’t quite exactly what we wanted but we did get our white Christmas and that’s always kind of cool because we don’t always get that if you lived in here for any period of time.
It’s actually kind of unusual that we actually have a white Christmas but we got it so hopefully you’re wrapping up your holidays during this past week and getting ready time for the new year with that said we are also looking at making changes with our radio program and we think all to the positive we’ve been opening up to limited sponsorships to businesses that want to be a part of Ready Set Sold and we’ve been having some fantastic success already but we do have a few opportunities available for businesses that want to get involved with the show and be a sponsor of the show and have the benefits of that on with the show but other packages that we have what we do is to show even after its recorded.
If you’d like more information drop me a quick email that’s brian b ry a n @ brian b ry n vogt B’s in victory o GT com and get some information I will warn you really want to act on this quickly in fact as we’re as we’re recording this we may or may not fill up but there could be some opportunities if not now down the road so please contact us if your business you’re looking for opportunity to become basically the expert in your field and be able to give that information out to the listeners please give us an hour you can also reach out to us on Facebook at Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt and you can also again give us a call six one eight to ten 24:51 so different ways you can contact us but please do please contact us soon and see what’s available.
With that said we’re going to be talking this week about again the changes that we’re having to show we’re trying to make it better and better and better and one of the reasons why I started this whole show begin with was what a book I wrote became a number one bestseller already set sold twelve proven steps to get your home so vast and for top dollar the st. Louis metro East which led to the radio station and so the radio program has been evolving and we’re always trying to give you the best information available to get your house sold for tapped our give you the information you need so it doesn’t cost you again King pings on the East Coast and West Coast from uses a cable or online giving wrong information that just isn’t going to work here in the heartland.
It was very frustrating to me so when I wrote the book I had that in mind and if you’re listening to the program you have an opportunity for absolutely free and that’s going to ready set sold dot org not com without some brief information and we’ll send the book to you no strings attached just we want the information so you can have success as I believe also or should of getting topped our and fast sale for their house after all in most cases it’s your most prized possession it’s your biggest asset that most people will ever sell and you want this to go well and by just the feedback we’ve gotten from the book from sellers that have used it use that information they’ve been having some on the success.
And I want you to have the same opportunity also so we talked about such changes we’re bringing on more and more experts we have some sponsors already in different fields that I think it’s going to really add to the show they’re going to be having a regular occurrence onto the show so we’re really excited about that but let’s also talk about what we’re going to be talking about today and that is the first segment we’re gonna be talking is why January is the start of the new selling season not March in the second segment we’ll be talking about the importance of getting the right realtor especially any time of the year but in the winter months you want to make sure that you have at HS confidence in the third section we’re going to give you some tips and things you probably need to know that are just good reminders you may know already in one way but you just want to make sure you get these things done when you’re selling during the winter months and especially in January February.
The fourth segment we’re going to be talking to a leading expert Jaclyn Smith slippery neutral and she’s going to be talking about insurance and the importance of creating relationships just as you do when you’re creating relationship with just about anybody it has such a important factor rolling you’re in your house and that could be your realtor or any when it comes to your house so those are things that we’ve got coming up and then also the tip of the week and you really don’t want to miss this one this is a thing called coming soon I’ll go into more details about it but you’ve probably seen those signs you’ve driven around coming soon on role estate signs and also in front of houses and I’m going to kind of give you maybe even information about what that actually means I think most people get it.
If you don’t typically could be that and how best to use coming soon it can be a real big advantage to you become selling your house because I said let’s go into what I talked about starting off with us and that is that January not March is the actual new selling season now I understand that you may want to wait till March and that’s fine that’s up to you but understand that January January 1st January is when the new year starts there’s a numerous reasons for that number one a y-you want your house on the market and people have had some great success it is quite frankly you have New Year’s resolutions and people actually would be talking about how they should have bought one a house in 2017.
But the new year is upon us and they want to go out and they want to get out there and then when I got there quickly and find the house they’re looking for also supply and demand unfortunately for whatever reasons there’s not a lot of supply out there especially in January and now with the market being is how does it’s been there’s even less out there and buyers want to see the new stuff coming out sellers can have tremendous success by putting their house getting comped our getting a fast sale by simply just being on the market you’d be amazed by what success stories we’ve been hearing in the past and this was last year when the market wasn’t as strong as it is this year and so right now we’re going with the positive thoughts it’s going to be another strong market and we’ll play it out also simple fact is we don’t know what exactly three months is going to look like.
And that could be in April we really don’t know now we’re expecting good things with markets will change it’s not a matter if they will change in three months time so if you’re in January you know where you’re at you know where the markets at act accordingly get your house on the market get top Tower you may wait till March April that may sound good maybe a good thing to do that’s fine but remember the market will change now if it goes up good for you but if it takes a little dip because we don’t know how many houses are going to be coming on in the spring market and if there’s a flood of houses that can affect the timing of the sale of your house and also the price that you got does it mean that it will okay again.
But it could have that effect so if you’re ready to go move forward get things going and getting your house on the market January can be a fantastic time anything thing is that sometimes there is this perception the market stops the market never stops the market there are people always looking to buy homes and January is again February can be a fantastic time to get that and the biggest factor especially on the Illinois side in the Metro East area is the military the military are coming in a new way the military are coming in and guess what they’re doing they are now looking they know had a good idea they’re coming to scout for space and they are looking for houses and we’ve seen people that when they put their house on the market.
They have the location they’ve done the upgrades as we talked about in the book the updates they’ve got the flooring they’ve got the painting they’ve got the kitchens bathrooms in great shape they’ve got the price for their local area have tremendous success because of the military if possible will actually come in sooner just so they can have an opportunity to get those houses so again there’s vast reasons of why you want to be able to put your house on the market of course it just doesn’t work for you. You want to wait till March and April doesn’t mean that you can’t have success but understand that you can have just as good a success in the winter months as you can during the spring during the summer and during the fall with that said in the next segment we’re going to be talking about the realtor making sure you get the right realtor you always want to get the right realtor at any time of the year.
But they’re one in months give you some things to look for when you’re talking to a realtor deciding if this is the person that you want to sell your biggest asset in the meantime encourage you again the book has been had phenomenal success you already said so lorgnette calm well you said sold org now come pick up the book and during the break hey like us on Facebook everybody said so we’ll try and vote we’ll see you.

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