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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #31-02: Jaclyn Schmitz representing Liberty Mutual Insurance: The importance of selecting a Realtor with experience

December 30, 2017

Hey welcome back to Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt. I am your host again I sure hope you had a fantastic holiday in an effective Christmas or whatever religions or whatever you do for celebrations holiday season is just a good time of the year just much more hopefully relaxed we take taken all of our blessings that we’ve had over the year and moving forward to the new year and I know I am and hopefully you’re also looking for the new year with a lot of hope and prosperity and good things.
We talked in the first segment talking about that the market doesn’t stop the houses can be sold and are sold in the winter months in January and February in particular but one of the things that I would say the biggest issue that sometimes that sellers have they’re ready to go but unfortunately the agent they contact sometimes isn’t not always but sometimes they simply aren’t ready to go and if you contact an agent and yes it could be a good friend it could be a past agent you use in the past it could be a cousin whoever it may be someone that you trust like and know and they tell you that you don’t want to put your house on the market in January.
You want to wait till March you probably need to make a few more phone calls because simply they either don’t have the knowledge they don’t have the expertise they just don’t know how to don’t know the know how as far as getting your house on the market and importance of getting out there first it happens it’s okay but what you’re looking for as you all know is someone that says yes of course we can get your house for top dollar and fast sale as a matter if January it’s August for goodness sakes July and August can be 110 degrees out and in humidity of a hundred degrees out you can still be able to sell houses so the weather shouldn’t be a factor in the time of year shouldn’t have a lot to do with it.
It doesn’t mean that it won’t have anything to do with it just means it shouldn’t be the reason why I shouldn’t be able to get your house sold for top dollar at that sale the second part that you want to make sure of is if they have told you don’t think that they have the you know the time or the dollars you put your house on the market the second thing you want to be aware of is if you contact someone and they tell you well we’ll put it on the market but it probably won’t sell to a March or April that should be a warm bells going off to you as a seller it’s one thing if they say they don’t want to be that they don’t want to do it at least are honest about it that’s fine but if they’re telling you that they’ll put your house on the market.
But don’t expect any results till February to March April May they’ve got the wrong attitude it’s simple as that. That’s not the attitude you looking for that’s not the confidence level that you should be looking for when it comes to selling your biggest asset whatever they’re thinking not a good idea actually the problem you run into we’ve seen sellers have this before you actually can do more harm than good situation that came up that a seller was putting your house in the market and the agent said yeah we’ll put it on there but when I can do open houses now we’ll do some marketing oh we’re going to gear up for the March and April for the spring market.
Number one why are you putting it on the market understanding that with technology today within a week’s time 80 85 percent of all potential buyers are going to be seen your house okay that’s important you’re on the market so in this situation they took the Realtors advice unfortunately and then didn’t worry about having open houses didn’t worry about the marketing other things that you could do to get the house sold march/april comes out new market new houses and new houses were popping up all around them and now new to three or four days they’ve got 60 they’ve got three months worth of days on market perception is reality in this business I cannot stress that enough and buyers perceived rightly or wrongly.
If your house is still on the market it must not be the right price and so in this situation they went past other houses and bought house our houses in this ours neighborhood but compared very well but the days on market perception versus reality in the end it took almost six months to that house to sell six months and they didn’t get the pricing they wanted because of the time the days on market that was at and became much more of a struggle and much more of a pain of just being in limbo month after month day after day worrying about what was going to happen so that’s when I say if an agent is telling you that they’re just going to kind of test the market and see if it works out he had another agent simple that simple as that get another agent talk to see more agents out there.
That’s not what you want that can create a lot of harm a lot of pain a lot of anguish and I just gave you one story would that happen I can tell you there’s numerous stories out there if people have that it’s the same insight when I hear people talking nice and right here you know sometimes agents but so we’re saying well we’ll just throw them in market December just to see what happens well that’s okay if that’s what you want to do but hopefully your agent is thinking totally differently and going out there saying hey you know what let’s also sell this house so that’s what you hired me to do so that can be really important those are two factors that you really want to make sure that you have when you’re talking with an agent the experience.
So they’ve seen this bucket before they’ve sold houses in January and February in March and really all during the year you may not know this but the average agent nationally only sells four house a year the average agent four houses a year so it could very well be the agent you’re talking as I mentioned before they’re a friend or somebody that you know just doesn’t have the experience of selling in a winter market there are a few things that you need to know if you’re the agent and he is a sour and we’re gonna be talking about that the next segment more in-depth but mainly it’s a mindset that you can get your house sold for top dollar in the past sale remember if your house is ready to go.
There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be have a confidence and your agent had the confidence to have successful sale and make things happen in a very short period of time with that said we’re going to be talking more again about the tips that you can do when selling your house during the winter months you want to say stay tuned for that in the meantime the book the book has got this information and much more available to you as far as timing as far as what you need to do to get your house prepped they get it sold whether that be in the winter months or whether that be even in the spring months.
If you so decide to do that has that information all you need to do is go to Ready Set sold org not com. Ready Set sold org not com and pick up the book few pieces of information that you’ll need we’ll send the book right out to you no strings nothing attached to it use the information heck maybe you have a friend that’s thinking about selling or the book for them either way I want to make sure that everyone has the opportunity to get this information so they can have success whether you use me or you don’t that’s not the point the point is that you need this information is to improve them to work for past sellers and have no doubt award for you also so after a few short breaks we’re going to be talking about the tips that you need to know when you’re putting your house in the market in the winter months in January and February we’ll be back after a few sharp messages.

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