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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #31-03: Jaclyn Schmitz representing Liberty Mutual Insurance: Tips for sellers when selling in the winter

December 30, 2017

Welcome to Ready Set Sold. I am your host Bryan Vogt.
Hope everyone that your plans are already in place for the new year new year’s eve. Whether that is sitting in front of the TV and watching the ball come down are maybe going out to me that in the Saint Louis area whatever you’re doing I hope you have a blast and also be safe.
The set that’s important was imagery for retards the last segment about. Making sure you have the right agents they have to have the mindset they have to have the confidence they have to have the knowledge you get your house on the market and giving an SL but top dollar illustrates that top dollar in the winter months so here’s some tips though as a home so that you might want to be aware of.many things are in the book so many things I’ve added. But the number one thing that I want you to be aware of is making sure that you’re using is working properly and that you have at a comfortable level.
We use having a house show.Not tell you how many times buyers walk into a house during the winter months it’s cold outside and the house feels cold. That’s perception versus reality and perception is. Well do you keep you keep that house so cold because you can’t afford the utility bills. Do you keep the house so cold because the heater doesn’t work quite as well. Do you keep it on because maybe it’s on its last legs and they can’t just make it any further.
All the things we’ve heard from buyers everything I just said Byers says that he doesn’t mean your house won’t sell because you don’t have the eating rat but you get the perception liquids that out and we seen that offers that do come in on houses that have that turned down don’t seem as strong as houses that have it at a normal setting.
What they don’t think about is the fact is that you’re probably at work in you got the habit of lowering the thermostat nothing wrong with that but again when you sell your house what’s been those extra few Bucks and make sure they’re comfortable you want them to be staying you don’t want to get them to call have seen that happen the buyers look we leave because the house is too cold you want to make sure it at a good rate maybe a little bit as Greer to hire in which you normally have so it’s comfortable you want to be able to brag but you have a year that works right in your house is going to be a house that they can live in the next five ten fifteen twenty years.
Second set the because of the heating thing we have seen that that rarely happens that we have seen people Emily shepherd blind so it’s dark and gloomy. But they’ve actually put in blankets over the vines okay when they’re trying to sell their house that is not the impression that you want to get out I don’t care what your situation is we can heating system. You’re now telling the person that there is a problem with instillation yes whatever in the glass in the windows aren’t very good all those things perception creates a problem any buyer’s mind and that is when you do that a no sale which is possible. Or if you do this and other than the taking off with that to be put in doubt.In my mind perception is reality when it comes to buying a home.
The next step is helping prepared for if the snow and the ice does come in yes on occasion it does but let’s face it we really don’t usually get those bad old winters that much snow that much ice all those things don’t usually happen if they do the things we tell about our parents attuned to leave we tell our kids and our grand agree it years down the road we usually have pretty mild winters but one make sure that you have been prepared you have ability to have a neighbor child or if you have a business owner it maybe you hire out you get the sidewalk taking care of to get make sure the drive way the snow and ice only for safety reasons but by having that done it just takes one last thing one less work they may have to do begin again along side want the maybe think needs are walking through the snow trudging that oh my gosh I’m on that clean this song reception is reality.
We’ll make sure you have those taken care of and also there’s a safety factor. The next step you want to think about is getting an extra rock. Here’s the good news most buyers and agents are very very very consider when it comes going into your house they want to wipe out their feet they don’t wanna corrections snow or ice or anything that not only the winter months but that’s throughout the entire year but having the extra rug so you may have the first row when you first walk in the door but then have a second look just so they can double white their feet they’ll actually appreciate that again they want to make sure that they’re not doing anything that’s going to create a problem for you is sour.
Potentially their own house members of the house that they made by the Sherman act don’t wanna get dirty. Same thing is the easy going outdoors you might want to make sure that you have another brother to if you’re going out to attack. We talked about site once before in driveways it’s good to have that Jack taken care of most times of it’s snowing originally cold. We’ll go the deck in a kinda look at the outside of the U. we don’t walk around but they might it’s no big deal either way but having had that could occur in opposite is also great to.
And the last thing the last thing that I wanna say is to have the confidence that you’re gonna get your house so in Union agent should have some success are using just those steps I mention to you, you can have some fantastic stuff. With that we’re going to be talking with liberty mutual Jacqueline Schmidt. Talking about insurance so we should be looking for in a agent.

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