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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #32-01: Importance of having an experienced agent if you are selling in the winter months

January 6, 2018

Welcome to Ready Set sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts. Good thing you found Ready Set sold and now real estate broker Bryan Vogt.
Happy New Year everyone. Welcome to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan Vogt. I hope you had a tremendous holiday season and made some fantastic resolutions for the new year I know I did make some changes as far as what I was going to be doing this year some of changes we talked about like last week but it’s going to be with the show we’re getting some sponsorships we have some limited sponsorships still there well not too many for people wanting to get a part of really getting value and that’s kind of what this show is all about is getting value to people to get their houses sold for top dollar and a fast sale because we talked about real estate and all things involving
real estate.
One of the reasons why I wrote the book Ready Set sold 12 proven steps to get your house sold for top dollar and a fast sale in St. Louis my choice was simply that is I’ve been doing this now for close to two decades in real estate and there’s so many things that we’ve seen that I’ve seen and others are saying that have just cost people so much money and so much pain and aggravation and having their house in the market for three four my goodness maybe six or seven months are longer and it just traditionally doesn’t have to be that way it just doesn’t and that’s one of the reasons I wrote the book to get the information out to sellers that are looking to get tough tower to pass sale what’s selling your biggest asset is a big deal it really is and for most people their house is their biggest asset so Evers out so you want to make sure you have the information that has been proven to work far well again close to two decades so that’s why I’ve made that’s why I wrote the book to get that information out and on the radio program.
We give it away for absolutely free no strings no nothing no trading bait so to speak meaning is we’re not going to trade you some information at the book and then how to beat you into doing something you don’t want to do that’s not what we’re about we really just want to get the information out to you so you can use it to you can have success that many many many countless sellers that we work with have had so to get the book you just go to Ready Set Sold dot org not com and pick up the book. There’s some information you need to put into your address so we can mail it out because this is a physical book so you’re actually gonna get a physical book and many people have taken advantage that already and we’re always looking for more people to again take advantage of this free offer and it’s absolutely free.
With that said it’s a little cold outside and one of the things we’re going to be talking about is the theme of this show is going to be about sewing in the winter months and there’s some things that you need to know and there’s some success stories that we’re going to be talking about and we’re also going to have the tip of the week so that’s important we’re months there’s a lot of myths that go around it we’re going to try to debunk most of those myths a couple of them that come to mind is is the house won’t sell because it is in the winter that actually tends not to be true at all secondly they’re worried about pricing they won’t get the pricing that they would get at a pretty till spring again that doesn’t tend to be true there’s always exceptions to every rule but traditionally that doesn’t play out so we’ll be talking about that in the show also before we get into that want to really focus on podcast because every field that we do is put into a podcast.
And if you go to iTunes or if you go to Google Play you can get it for free and you can listen to this show if you miss first segment or missed any part of it or you can look at any shows in the past and we dealt with because insurance experts on you’ve had lending experts on we’ve had a whole variety of different people that you can go back to and pick out the show listen to the whole show or we segmented out and we’ve labeled it so it’s very easy and very convenient that you can go in and find exactly the information that you want all right I love that because we’re finding more and more people that’s how they’re getting their information so it’s not only you have the radio program that you can listen to a weekly basis but if you can’t it can’t make it that’s Okay.
You get the podcast of course we’re on YouTube you can go there too just so you know I have to do is look for a set so if you put that in will pop up so easy to get to it’s just another way of getting information out to people that can help them get the top dollar and a fast sale for the house and that’s in most cases that’s what I think sellers not only expect but they deserve so with that said let’s kind of go into before I forget Facebook we’re also on Facebook please like us on Facebook ready set sold with Bryan Vogt and like I said try to give information out there and the radio program are these parts of the radio program we’ll be there too we’re also on LinkedIn so what kind of everywhere we’re trying to hit everything and everywhere that people look for information we actually blog it so there’s just different ways that you can confine this information because I really feel it’s important that people once they have the information they can make decision for themselves.
With that said let’s talk about the first topic and that is if you’re selling your house want to make sure that the agent that you’re interviewing are the you’re going to use has sold houses in the wintertime meaning is they’ve had the experience of being able to not only in the wintertime but ideally the springtime summertime fall there is a little bit of difference between selling in the winter then there is maybe in the springtime in the summertime and other parts of the year they’re all just a little bit different but those little bit of differences can make a big difference when it comes to sale of your home and one of the things that we hear far too often is that agents for example just the story that comes to mind an agent took our listing first week of January kind of well that right
Now this was last year and they took the listing but they didn’t tell us ours us but they but they didn’t plan a missing cell until at least March or April.
Now that’s okay if that’s your plan but the sellers didn’t know that and so they were just taking a listing on but they were basically in the in their own head the agent was thinking well this won’t be until spring or even summer but I’ve got the listing well didn’t work out very well again they didn’t seem to and this is naturally after everything was over it wound up taking over seven months to sell the house and the sellers then found out as they talked more and more to the agent that that was kind of that that agents game plan to begin with but everybody was going to sell here and in January or February but it was going to wait till later on the problem that comes into is that that’s number one the direction your agents taking you have to question how hard are they going to be pushing your house that’s number one.
I mean if if they’re waiting for three months one would think they’re not going to be putting as much effort and many times they don’t because they’re waiting for the season quote-unquote to pick up that’s number one the other part though that you have to be considered about what it is that if you take that strategy if you are summer and you think that’s a strategy you want to use that’s okay except that when the spring market hits you’ve got 90 days you’ve been in the market for three months and so when these other houses start popping up perception is reality when it comes to real estate and buyers I think we are going to be questioning why your house is on the market for 90 days if not the agents will be questioning why the house is on there even if the price may be the correct one the 90 days now is going to be hurting you and this is what happened in this situation.
And so what happened was is even though they were priced for location everything else days on market beat them up doesn’t happen every time but it’s not unusual for these type of situations to happen so eventually they did sell it in the seventh month so now not only do you have the cost to maintain the home you got principal and interest you have an HOA in this situation there was one insurance utilities just general maintenance you know Murphy’s Law something goes wrong it’ll go wrong at the worst possible time and many times it seems to happen that way what other does or not it just seems to happen that way in that situation not only did they take the the hit as far as the price what eventually had to sell it because now it’s even on market Eve longer and they got less for their home and they ever thought possible but then you combine all the months that they were making those payments we just talked about but really more importantly it’s just a pain that they went through and that’s what they were really talked about.
The most the pain of the unknown the uncertainty they were in a situation like most people that the house doesn’t sell they can’t move on to their next adventure but what they were trying to do whatever that is the next house in the situation they were moving down the Texas that were retiring seeing the grandkids and unfortunately they did see the grandchildren but basically their experience was horrendous so you want to make sure that you don’t have that situation when you’re talking with the agent so just asking simple questions have you sold number one have you sold in the where months you have a track record of that number two is your intent to sell it in the winter months that’s very important that you’re both on the same game plan.
With that said we’re going to be talking next in the next segment talking about tips that you can do when you’re selling your home during the winter season if there’s inclement weather I’m your host Bryan but we will see you in a few

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