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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #32-02: What to do when inclement weather comes

January 6, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold. I’m your host Bryan Vogt. Hopefully everybody is bracing for the potential and if you say it’s potential weather that we’re supposed to be having this actually Sunday it’s supposed to hit so we’ll see what happens but hopefully it won’t be so bad that you can get around and house it can be shown and all good things happen protects our last segment about the importance of understanding the agent that you pick that they have had experience in sewing in the winter months and we’re going to go a little bit more in depth on that here’s some tips that we can talk about that I think will be helpful to keep in mind when you are selling in the winter months especially and especially if the weather changes we don’t get that bad of weather we really don’t and maybe the reason why I say we don’t is is we really talk about a lot if we do since the bad weather I’d grown and raised in the Metro East.
So yes I’ve seen I seen the ice before and I’ve seen you know the 18 inches of snow that we had I think was in the early 80s and remember that and some other bad things but again it’s not usually a rubber occurrence so that’s a good thing but with that said there are some things that you can do if you’re selling in the where most if you do have bad weather hitting you now first let me talk about bad weather and I’m talking about if you have ice if you have tremendous amounts of snow and I mentioned 18 inches or something extreme that is going to have an effect that is going to be a factor but it’s not going to be usually a determining factor of the sale of your home that’s important to understand because summit so many times I’ve heard ages unfortunately again this may be the inexperienced are just lack of knowledge that will blame a cold spell for why your house isn’t being shown or it isn’t being sold that’s typically not the situation there’s something else going on that you and your age you need to have a discussion about.
Look it’s winter time it comes every year and yes it does get cold but guess what buyers still buy homes in the winter time as they do in the springtime in the summer time but one of the things that reasons why they don’t buy as many is quite frankly this is a professional opinion there isn’t many houses on the market so you can’t you can’t buy what’s not on the market so that’s important to understand also if there is inclement weather so let’s kind of go back into that if there’s inclement weather things that you can do first off if you’re selling your home have a neighbor have a plan a simple plan.
If you get three or four inches snow to make sure the sidewalks are taken care of make sure this driveway is cleared off you want to get that done as soon as possible for two reasons number one there’s convenience just convenience because the buyers be able to come in walk through and that’s a good thing just having that having it done having the neighbors you know kind of look at you and envy but the other reason why and there’s a safety factor that comes into play and you don’t want people walking through and possibly slipping but the third reason which is maybe the most important one is it lets the buyers know that this is no big deal that if snow comes that the driveways already taken care of that the sidewalk is already swept off and that if the snow comes is that going to be a big deal for them.
Either perception is reality in this business and the perception is is that guess what if you’ve got it done if I can take them anything to get it done so that’s that’s the first reason why those are the reasons why ice though ice is probably the big one that you have to be a little bit careful with now we’ve not really had any issues with it we’ve had people slip and fall but ice will probably keep fires away it’s just it’s a safety factor and that’s not a bad thing that’s not a bad thing because let’s face it there is some element of risk if somebody does fall and get hurt to my knowledge when I talk with insurance – probably going your your homeowners policy if that would happen it’s extremely rare because usually if there is any bit of ice you’re probably not going to have any showings until that melts anyway so there’s not too much to do about that but again it doesn’t usually stay around we’ve seen situations where yes we’ve had ice but within a day or two it’s gone and the buyers are coming right back in.
So again inclement weather does happen it shouldn’t be the factor of why your house doesn’t sell during the winter months another thing to keep in mind is if you have a traditionally long driveway if you have something maybe you out the country a little more out in the country maybe your local you know phalan chai others ville your Sky Force Base Volv etc in the metro least guess what if you have a longer driveway you really want to make sure that that’s taken care of because again if they’re driving through three or four inches of snow to get to your house there is a factor that every buyer goes through when they’re looking at your house and that is not only look at the value what your house has to offer but they’re always either consciously or subconsciously thinking about what it’s going to cost to maintain.
So if they’re thinking they’re going to have to buy a snow plow I have to get something extra that’s a cost sometimes they will add on to or take off on if they do make an offer and that could be considerable amount of money so one of the ways you can do this and this is the tip that we’ve seen have pretty good success from sellers that have those situations it doesn’t have to be a long dry wood by the way and that is if you have a plow if you have a snow blower and when I say pile usually riding one more is to add that in to the sale we’re talking about the winter months but this is this could be done during any time of the year again remember this is a five year old running lawn mower and the plow that maybe is five years old also fires aren’t taking about buying used lawn mowers when they’re buying their house or tank the thing about spending five or six thousand hours where you have a value may be that lawnmower thousand twelve hundred hours.
But that can add additional value and take away any negatives that may be your house may be perceived to have so we’ve had people have great success by doing that again anytime you can add value to your house it’s a great thing in the buyers mind people love free and so again as I mentioned before we’ve seen people do that and buyers just get tickle paint it’s one less thing they have to worry about when they’re looking to put this at home and tick or your home so kind of recap what we talked about if there is a ice yes ice is definitely going to limited we’re talking about some ice this weekend so actually we shut down some open houses that we were thinking about doing just because of that also is if you do have inclement weather to make sure you have a game plan if there’s snow comes down you get that done very quickly to have it done put the salt down.
Whatever you normally would do it’s a great way then to again get reception and if you can get it done especially quickly again not waiting to is Rita Hays down the road but getting it done quickly you’ll never know when that Shawnee may come up it impresses them that they can do it if you can do it they can do it so keep that in mind just so simple tips can make a big difference when it comes to sign your house and order times if inclement weather comes cold one last real brief thing in cold doesn’t usually have much of a factor that’s saying that yes if it’s you know five below and 20 below wind chill factors that will have some effect but you’d be surprised when you have your house price for location you’ve done the things you needed the updates be surprised how many buyers will come out and they’ll brave it because they’re looking to buy a house with that said in the next segment we’re going to talk to success stories about people that have lists of their home in the wintertime and had great success in getting out power and pastel I mean those.
This is Bryan Vogt will see you.

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