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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #32-03: Advantages of selling in the winter

January 6, 2018

Welcome to Ready Set Sold everyone. My goodness roaring to the first week of the New Year hopefully you make your resolutions saying you’re still staying with those resolutions I saw a study somewhere where it said that. The first two weeks is when most of them go but I saw one of the study were says after three days. They were kind of a women that was suddenly gone back to their habits they didn’t want to be doing the first place so what you’re saying the course you moving forward whatever resolutions those are. The group could be.
I’d be selling your house you know you made a resolution you’ll be selling your house and maybe can be selling in the wintertime images spring or summer whenever that is made decision whatever resolutions are I wish nothing but success with them I’ve made to make the open. I so form on track so I’m happy with that. And this time it will be talking about success stories with selling in the wintertime admission last segment about snow.
Well let’s talk about some really cool things that happen when it snows and this is in all price ranges but in whatever price range you have to be higher and. That it snowed and snowed about four inches and was morally. Know the date. Before they were going to be putting our house on the market so meaning is the snow was there nothing on the house on the market and there was some concern. Well. I don’t know about you but for most buyers and holds true. Snow in the ground maybe some stone the trees if you have what’s behind you don’t.
Again that could be literally a picture postcard. This situation it was in fact it was so much but close guard that the sellers asked us to give them a copy of it so they could claim that. And they moved we did sell the house was sold in a very short time for top dollar and one of the things we found out later was the buyers were just blown away with that picture. Now again being around this area the snow didn’t last very long in fact a time they closed the snow was nonexistent.
Just having an image can create again the perception is that that feel and that’s what buyers are usually buying on the planning on a motion on appeal so having snow can be a very good.
This situation is a great thing for them and we shouldn’t happen in all price ranges not just hiding in homes starter homes. Then there’s something about peace and tranquility the current is is really associated with no. So that’s that’s a great thing you don’t always have to have snow. Again some reveng themselves have told us about is that there was going to some things so long. The one was in bad shape but they wanted me to do some more reading and they wonder you some more fertilizing and what have you you get into top shape spring. Well guess what. You never do that.
Because when they put on the market in January. They got sold within I think three weeks something like that whose name or her work. But the point being it is again that’s not something that most buyers are gonna be focusing on what the grass is is is is kind of what I own in also known only juices and bellowing a lawyer at the or Columbia or whatever is not something that people pay much attention to it again if it is cold it probably trying to get into the house anyway and that’s all you’re too so yeah you can have some advantages up still putting in the wintertime if you think there’s something that you need to be doing to the law. That also can be true tax.
It doesn’t mean that the doctor will look like crap procurement talks about something that. Is the weather’s rotted and and and what have you and. It looks terrible I’m not talking about that in most always know that they wouldn’t that anyway. And so maybe one the things that comes from kind of people virtually do is staying at that nothing wrong with that that’s fantastic opinion. Many times again in the winter months buyers aren’t focusing near as much about on the outside. They don’t normally anyway as much people as much as people think but even where time is even less than that we don’t really focus on if it’s danger not staying here again is a one more leeway on your outside of the of your house so.
So keep that in mind when it comes to filling in the winter time there is some stink the bandages and hopefully your agent is aware of that too. The last thing I think I would talk about is as far as success stories that we seem. Again we got the last segment. But you have we have had a clinic that had more rich deep. Driveway. Well they got out right away which reaches no they went out there right away got taken care of. I had a showing actually the next day one thing’s a buyer’s talked about was they were a little worried about the square in the driveway but my goodness they saw that you know they knew it’s no the next day before and it was easy to get taken care of.
Perception is reality in this business so again perception is is if someone else can do it I can do it too. With that said we will be talking about in excitement more about winter sales and what you can do to your home and have success in the winter. Seem to worry about with race at home seems.

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