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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #32-04: Even more advantages of selling in the winter months

January 6, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend that you are bundled up or you’re not bundled up in your house maybe by the fireplace that’s cool or maybe you’re out returning some Christmas gifts that maybe either you received or someone else received you’re taking back or maybe you’re just going on shopping take advantage as the sales are going out there all right you know what maybe you just out having some fun whatever that is thank you so much for being with us.
You appreciate it just another reminder everything we do is put onto a podcast and you can find it I go into iTunes or Google Play and they are there they’re actually set exactly what his segment is going to be you can listen to a whole show or you can do it in segments is there something that you may have missed it’s not that we don’t want you here every Saturday morning between 10:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. but life does happen sometimes you miss something so this is a way that you can go back and get the information you need you can tell others to please I hope you do but maybe they don’t get a chance to listen to the radio but tell others where they can get the information but also you have the advantage of also getting the book you’re letting people know about that.
And the book I wrote was a number one bestseller called reset soul tall protein substitute your home sold for top dollar at that sale in st. Louis but released so that’s absolutely free so I hopefully people are taking advantage a lot of people have so we thank you for that we hope it’s uh it’s worked out well for them and if you have it even if you’re not selling in the wintertime maybe we’re thinking about the spring in the summertime or maybe this time next year whatever it is it’s information you can use now or later if you need B to get basically to have a smooth transaction to make it easy have confidence that’s what we hear mostly from our sellers I’ve gotten the book if they feel more comfortable they kind of understand the steps are going to need to know many things um are things that sellers kind of know anyway but none of the things they don’t know and those are things that can create problems for sellers.
We’ve seen that in the past too so we want that to happen to you with that said we’re going to be talking again more about the winter months as far as selling in the winter months I think the thing that you really want to keep that I can’t stress enough is this business is supply and demand we talked about it a little earlier in the show but just kind of emphasize it more supply and demand that is rural State in a nutshell so if simple numbers if you have one house and you have ten buyers guess what your house none is going to be selling fast but it’s gonna be selling for definitely top Tower on the same token if you have ten houses and one buyer well that’s going to have a dramatic effect also.
So that’s why when I talk about the winter months it can be such a strong indicator as far as getting success in the winter months of getting your household for top dollar in that sale is knowing what’s going on and hopefully that is going to be your agent what is currently on the market or what more importantly has sold in the last three months white upper comes into play is we’ve had sellers that have put their house and they were the only house in their whole subdivision this doesn’t have to be a very long as a large subdivision in O’Fallon well guess what since they were the only one and it was a very desirable location and they price it for that location.
Of course they had the updates done there with the painting with the carpeting and make sure the kitchens bathrooms were all in good shape and they had tremendous success and I do mean tremendous success I got actually in this situation they got exactly what you’re asking for they got in a very short period of time so again you can have that same success – if that’s the direction you want to go and maybe it’s not and that’s okay but let’s talk about some of the other things we mentioned before about the pricing that comes into play that people are very concerned about it doesn’t mean that it never happens pricing doesn’t isn’t a little bit lower but again many times that can happen in any market in any of the seasons it just isn’t just the winter time.
So when you have an experienced agent hopefully they can’t explain that to you those things can happen any time for various reasons but even if it does even if it does many sellers we were just talking to some sellers I was talking to that move back this was actually maybe two years ago now and when it was all said and done when they moved they were thinking about waiting to the spring and actually considering the summer but even though it wasn’t quite go still top dollar but wasn’t quite as much as they wanted when they start putting the numbers together in the date as far as a monthly expense so you now you have a situation where it could be up to $2,000 $1,500 a month that you are you are paying for your taxes and your insurance and your HOAs and you and and list of other things just maintenance items just day-to-day things we don’t even think
about that they were far far far better as far as pricing of waiting that six months when you combine that $12,000 roughly.
And not only were they happy as far as when it comes down to the monies they actually did actually make versus waiting but my gosh they were they were done it sold the house it’s a little really excited about that so again it doesn’t mean that January or February all that is guaranteed you’ll always get a price as you’re looking for but it’s important to understand has sellers that can happen in any season any class week we talked about this season it’s not the reason why your house isn’t selling you’re not having that success again if you’re not have any success that you think you should be having you have any conversation with your agent and kind of going a little bit deeper what’s going on what you need to do what the agent.
You may feel needs to do whatever someone needs to do to get this house moving and getting people in there and ultimately getting in a successful a contract in a successful offer to get you where you want to go with that said we’re going to be talking in the tip of the of the week is gonna be the next segment something you really want to stay tuned to I think it’s something that most most hours don’t know about as if you do but I don’t think most hours know about and you want to stay tuned for the tip of the week with that I will see you in the shark you are your host Bryan Vogt. You’re listening to Ready Set Sold.

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