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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #32-05: When selling a vacant house be sure to check with your insurance agent

January 6, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold with your host, Bryan Vogt. We talked a lot about winter months years for selling in the winter months we talked about make sure you have the right agent. How crucial that could be enough that’s crucial at any time of year but we’re much that it seems to be a little bit more important making sure they had that. Background it had success stories selling houses in the winter we talked about tips to what you can do making sure that your driveway there is snow that come down to happen too often if you get two three or four inches really get any snow.
Sure you have the drive way taken care of sidewalks will take care of this soon as possible if you can’t do it maybe have a neighbor of neighbor boy and a girl that is available or make sure you have that. So that again perception is reality so important that they can see that you’ve gotten it done they can do the same thing to. We talked about the dangers of selling the one time that the grass doesn’t have to be green. Does it so that’s a good thing and also the advantages of you even when you have snow of the picture of that we’ve seen. But pictures of houses that have been taken during the winter months when they’re on the market you’d be a really big drawing card for people just again has that peace.
And Sense the sense of com I guess it’s just beautiful pictures which I will be talking about and this is probably one of many sellers may or may not know about if you’re selling your house your house is vacant. I strongly encourage you to make sure you contact your insurance agent make sure that you’re still going to have coverage. The reason I bring that up is not always make you wanna stress is not always but some insurance companies warmer cover you if your house is vacant.
We’ve had that happen top insurance specialist but I’ve heard more from sellers of unfortunately found out the hard way weird situation where there was a slight leak in the roof the roof was actually fairly new but apparently there’s a scene or something. And the house was vacant and it rained for three days. And guess what news leak and went to the kitchen. When they call their insurance company and said what happened insurance company did a little research and said Hey wrapped with bacon we’re going to cover you. For whatever the reasons in. Their argument was as well because we could of wounds of the damage and the model of there and maybe they could not have made it big of payment head out.
So I’m not saying that’s going to happen but just make sure you make that phone call we’ve had situations where when they have called into the record cover many more. Regularly at the unilateralist top coverage and we’ve had situations were later and after a period of time you’re going to triple triple the cost we’re having insurance. So again it could be a situation where nothing happens and nesting testing and that’s what we’re all wishing for. Big tip is to contact your insurance company if your home is going to be they can if you’re not going to be there no one’s going to be there to make sure that you have the coverage you need are.
To make sure there’s no problems down the road with that said. Wishing everyone a happy new year thank you so much for joining a fairly morning. We’ll see you next week bye bye.

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