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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #33-01: Deb Rust: How to take advantage of a tax refund when buying a home

January 13, 2018

Welcome to Ready Set Sold with your host Bryan Vogt. Are you wanting or even thinking about selling your house but don’t know what it starts good thing you found Ready Set Sold and now real estate broker Bryan Vogt.
Welcome everyone to Ready Set Sold I’m your host Bryan. Happy New Year! I think you can say happy new year – at least February 1st and maybe a little bit further depending on what the weather’s like so hopefully you still get your resolutions going in shape and with it whether that is getting in shape or whatever you’re looking to do and getting yourself in the right mindset and part of that mindset could very well be about getting your house sold and if you’re going to be selling your house 90-95 percent of time you’re going to have to buy another home and that’s a good thing – so today we’ve got a bunch of people a bunch of experts they’re going to be talking to us about different things in the home selling possibly the home buying process.
The first segment we’re going to have new American funding was Dave Hoi and Deb Rust. Deb is going to be here today Dave had some things he had to do and that was okay. We’ve got the better looking one don’t tell that today Deb how are you doing good how are you exam low I only call in so that I can get flattered you know that right well that’s well as it should be is it should be there’s nothing wrong with that the new year right and conveys that is not listening he’s in a meeting right we’re learning some professional things and then to get too far this is the first segment we’ll be talking with Deb about some really great things especially what to do with the UH.
The tax refund that most people get hopefully if they get in the second segment is going to be Deb again talking about another great program that new American has and it’s a one percent program and I’ll just kind of tease you with that that’s going to be talked about that was going to be filling us in with that some great information the third segment we’re going to be talking to a flooring person a touring expert just talking about different ways as far as carpeting possible replacing carpeting things of that nature we’re selling your house.
The four segments were you talking about a home-improvement person that we’re really excited about having and then the first segment is going to be the typical week having said that let’s get into what we were talking about to start with and that is you’ve got some fantastic information dealing with tax refunds and how maybe buyers should be looking upon them is that corrected yeah you know and it mostly just came to me to talk about it in talking with friends and other peers about you know income tax season you know there’s 20% of the population at 30% population that still fears income tax season or you have people like me you know a single mom homeowner that I love income tax season more than life itself and I’m probably literally
one of the first people to file so I could get my refund.
But what I noticed is towards the end of the year people get a little strapped with you know Christmas and there’s always that you know do I have enough money to close on a home there’s all kinds of expenses that happen moving expenses starting up of utilities all that Previn that can be completely overwhelming and I think what people forget about this time when they get their refund is how to best utilize it so I was talking to a friend of mine who said I can’t wait to get my income tax refund I’m going to pay off all my credit cards you know and this and that and you know the reality is a lot of credit you open over Christmas is twelve months same as cash or or whatever the case may be and and they’re still renting and that that kind of triggered me to think you know to put it out there.
You know use your income tax refund or your down payment or use your income tax refund for the moving expenses or you know just to pad your checking account so that you know maybe it’s that payments a little higher than what you’re paying and rent you know your cushion for a few months so I just really want to urge people that now is the time to start thinking about that and putting that income tax refund to the best the best benefit a lot of people you know go through the process with me of getting pre-approved and you know once they hear the final number of you know this is your downpayment this is your closing cost and they’re thinking too you know I’ve got my last month’s Lynch got whatever their expenses might be going on I’m just happy to sit out a talk with people and allocate it.
You know to a point that it would be beneficial and of course push them in the direction of buying we’ve seen houses inventory you know house inventories come up a little bit in the last couple months and we’ve got a lot of buyer pre-approvals out there and there’s something that’s just not pushing them over the fence so we just we want to push them and if it’s money that’s that’s what it’s for so let’s educate and allocate and get people in yeah I love that because we actually know of some buyers that literally that’s a situation they’re in that they that they started the process they kind of got stopped a little bit but they are using that now as their cushion they
filed early they have an indication of what that’s going to look like and they’re moving forward and I love that idea and I think it’s one of the things that sometimes that you brought up that
buyers just don’t think about that as much as they should.
If I could ask Kent and I don’t know this but I’m just curious you have to have them to refund in your bank or can you use that if if someone knows they’re going to get 2,500 or 3,000 or whatever that amount of money is can you use that as a starting point how does that work yeah you know that’s what I we know it’s coming um obviously they would need to file or at least get it you know close to that point but if we know that checks coming you know middle and a February we can get all the way just make sure we extend the closing far enough out to where they actually get it but definitely that doesn’t stop the process so you know pre qualify them get the loan in process get it moving its appraisal and everything.
So when that income tax check comes we’re ready to roll so yeah I’ve got it several loans in process right now where it’s just and I don’t even think you can file till after the 4th or the 9th of January but I have people that are already expecting a six thousand dollar check or an eight thousand dollar check and I know they’ll get that around you know Valentine they are somewhere in there so definitely we will consider the future payout no I love that because I think that’s that that’s really that’s fantastic information because I don’t think people realize that that you guys that new American funding have that ability to be able to project out and of course we’re expecting the government and the government I know we make jokes about them but they usually look at refunds are pretty.
They’re pretty good about that once they told you then you’re going to give it to you what I love the fact and I think that’s that’s huge that people that are sitting on the fence that they think they have to wait until the check is in hand or it’s actually been dropped in deposited into their bank so I think that is usual ad you plug that up no that’s absolutely true if you when your app applies you’ve got your tax return completed and I know that’s the one you filed it’s as good as money in the bank for me wow I love that I love that and I guess the other aspect of it too is that can give you by knowing that and and in contacting you guys can give buyers and advantage actually step on that maybe because right Bank way I have not really heard that for many lenders and being in this business long as I have about that capability.
So again just having that knowledge on the buying side just for your buyers information can get you into a house sooner than your competition and that market is still very strong that’s a win-win for the buyers is when to the sellers so win-win for everybody that’s exactly how we like to do it absolutely so is there anything special that someone would have to do is it just something they’re just contacting you is that the best way to do it I always think contacting me is the best what probably seven out of ten calls that I get in a day is me consulting them for the future it may be a month it may be two months and maybe six months but I can get you know I think we should take your part of your refund and pay down your car.
We should take part of your refund then do this to bump your score up a little bit no there’s just a lot of different things that I can consult people on and I don’t ever mind doing that I say I’m kind of a cultivator of buyers and that’s perfectly fine with me I work with people for months and months and months even though the contract may only be three weeks and that’s completely fine with me I’d want people to be in a position not only on paper but comfortable when they when they get into the home that they’re affording the payment that they’ve done everything right yeah I love that and we’re running out of time in this segment.
But what I really heard from you was is that you understand that there’s a consultation part that it’s not just getting them some money it’s not just rushing into a house it’s not just this have another and all of a sudden wondering what happened that if somebody needs the time not everybody does you know some people aren’t you know are have maybe more knowledge than others but wherever that person is that I love how you guys take the time making sure that you get it done right and everybody’s in good hands when it comes to buying really their biggest assets that they have so congrats to you guys thank you thank you well just just to remind you Deb is going to be honest to the next segment and we’re gonna be talking about the one percent down payment and this is huge if you don’t know about this it’s been out there for a little bit but they kind of pulled it back and then they brought it back and Deb’s gonna be talking about a 1% down payment you don’t want to miss us it was seeing two.
This is Ready Set Sold, your host Bryan Vogt.

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