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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #33-04: Scott Dunn & Forrest Luhcs: Importance of hiring quality remodelers

January 13, 2018

Welcome back to Ready Set Sold I am your host Bryan Vogt and I’m really excited today that we’ve got a special guest we’ve had so many special guests today we’ve had the lender earlier with Deb rust and Dave Hoyt American funding. we also had Collins & Sons as far as carpeting goes and now I’m really excited we’re going to have Scott Dunn of Luke’s enterprises and they are well you know what Scott instead of me trying to explain everything you do I’m gonna throw it to you and tell me what everything you guys do hi skies are going so well how are you Brian thanks for having us on the show we really appreciate it your wallet Enterprises is the contractor construction service we do handyman work and we span the cabmen as far as offers and opportunities for homeowners to improve renovate or recreate in their home.
Our focus today primarily it’s going to be on how to better understand our offering and why it’s important that were the expert in the business with me as well as for loop for the founder and also a partner in Luke’s enterprises forced to tell you about a little bit about himself I’ve got 15 plus years in mortgage experience plus real estate experience and finance and for some of you yeah I’ve been doing real estate work since I was 8 years old my first job was bit in Belen New Mexico have been two courses and woodshop all the way through school and then got into the Navy for six years and sonar electronics technician got out of the Navy invested in some real estate San Diego for a while and had a look enterprise’s construction in San Diego got into automation and robotics and I’m back here in St. Louis.
These days getting into kicking off my enterprise here really love the area and there’s a lot of opportunity to be happier so it’s good timing a good location to be in the real estate industry here in st. Louis Brian and the point is I think we’ll be initiating the conversations talk about our work and why we’re the expert and in this field in the handyman field and property improvement in general and what we things we talk amongst ourselves when we discuss you know what are we at how do we impact this business and one is our work is good and good enough and the other is relating to that we understand the importance of the finances of our clients because it’s as important to them as it is important to us so fours tell us about you know your experience how that relates to what is our work as good and good enough what does that mean.
Well everybody is trying to raise their kids and put a little money in the bank and have a good life if you’re approaching real estate from the investor standpoint you need to have some profit in your investment so you don’t want the most expensive materials and the most expensive processes put it together for a flip house for instance or for an apartment complex whereas if you’re a homeowner you don’t want to price driven up so far that you can’t afford to buy the home and then go in there and make changes and make the place personalized to your desires so we can work both ends of thinking with that you don’t spend the person’s budget on doing a flip house or flip real estate complex and if a person wants to buy the best materials ever to make their home something that they can live in raise their family and retire in then we can mention like materials with that as well yeah.
So we’re a forever home company handled contracting the services to work forever home work and we’re a temporary service that provides the improvements that are needed in order to put a housing market now what important factors were not the cheapest and there’s a reason for that because people can’t stay in business without understanding importance of quality and cost so what we bring to the table is a value that incorporates quality and cost and leaves a long standing impact on all of our times awesome thanks so much guys for forgiving us at inside and just to kind of wrap up some of the things I heard I think the importance of making sure that anybody’s coming in your house has got the skills and the abilities to make sure that they’re doing a great job that’s number one and number two what I loved about what I heard from you guys is that you take things individually a different situation for different people is their forever house.
Maybe you’re involved with flipping a house whatever that is that you guys have the knowledge expertise to make that work and so for that I thank you so much for your information and on with that we’re going to be moving on to the next segment so guys thanks so much no problem we’ll check us out we’re at Luke’s enterprises calm loose handyman on Facebook so look forward to whoever needs our service awesome thanks so much guys hey the next thing I want to talk about is the book most people now my goodness we’ll be doing this for seven months we’ve got so many people that have Tiffany us up on the offer of getting a free book and this is actually mailed to you at your house there’s no strings attached the book I’m talking about is ready set sold twelve proven steps giving your house sold for top dollar and advance sale as singles in Metro East became a number one Amazon bestseller and by just listening to the show you can take advantage of the offer of absolutely free go to Ready Set soul dot org not
com and get the book.
Maybe now you just seen your neighbor to sell their house in record time we just had a situation where we put a house on Monday within 10 hours we had a full price offer for that seller again the market is very strong it doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to sell your house in 10 hours but it just gives you an indication that the market is still strong and so if you’re thinking like at your house in the market this is a perfect time January is a great time to sell however you can get the book because guess what maybe it’s three months out maybe you have some things that you want to get done one of the things we’re always concerned about is the East Coast West Coast look they mean well but this is a Heartland here and we’ve seen so many people spend so much money I mean we’re not talking a thousand – we’re talking about ten or fifteen thousand dollars. Thirty thousand dollars of getting a finishing basement that they never needed to finish to begin with they’re getting granite countertops in when there was no reason whatsoever to do that either.
So again the book is still with all kinds of great information I just want to make sure that everybody’s taking advantage of it it’s absolutely free no strings attached our mission is to see how many people we can get to have the book to have the information and so they can have a great success when it comes to selling their biggest asset and that’s their house so with that we’re going to be talking the tip of the week and you’ll wanna miss that we’re gonna be talking about staging thanks so much for listening we’ll see you.

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