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Ready Set Sold with Bryan Vogt #33-05: Tip of the Week: Staging

January 13, 2018

Welcome after Ready Set Sold I am your host Bryan Vogt and my goodness again information today just a variety of different things that we hope was helpful our goal here and always has been is to make sure that we’re giving you the best information available so that you can make decisions when it comes to selling your home potentially buying home whatever we’re doing with real estate so that’s really important to us so let’s talk about the tip of the week and that has to do with staging.
Oftentimes staging to be a great thing to do when you come selling a house is if you’ve got my book and hopefully you have but if you haven’t good already set so or not calm already set so organize calm and get the book there’s a whole section whole step talking about staging I think it’s important to understand that what a staging do and what doesn’t it do staging can be a great way to get your house sold quicker and faster again buying a home the buyers are going through an emotional situation it’s emotional it is just something that just feels right and if you have a staged properly home it can be a fantastic thing so staging could be a great way to getting home so quicker however what the staging map been proven to do that is by putting in two thousand and four thousand dollars to get your house staged here to get twenty thousand $40,000 return on investment that just doesn’t happen.
It just doesn’t so what’s the best rule of thumb if you’re going to go with the staging the rule of thumb is figure out what your cost starting and add up all your cost as far as your principal and interest your HOA your utilities your insurance whatever those things may be if that’s 1,500 2,000 3,000 dollars that is a good rule of thumb of how much you want to spend on staging because I mean you have to spend that much but that would be a very good rule of thumb is to say $3,000 because you’re hoping no guarantees but we have seen it happen before that you’re going to get your house so quicker so the idea behind is you’re going to lose a month’s payment and so it’s kind of a win-win situation you made the investment but the goal is to get $3,000 less having to make a payment additional payment that you would for your house so again staging can be a great thing but understand the purpose of staging is to get your house sold quicker and it has good success with that.
We’ve seen that happen however getting 10 20 30 whatever percentage are 10 times or 20 times more from your gusset back sounds great but it just doesn’t happen so with that we’re going to be talking next week and I kind of give you a preview of what we talking about next week we’ll be talking with Rene wouldn’t our and she is part owner Cecil management and their leasing company and she’s going to have some great information that she was gonna be share I’m really excited about that she’s going to be a sponsor of the program her and her company is so we’re really really psyched about that too with that said I want to wish everyone a happy Saturday and a fantastic week we will see you next week.

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